DPMS .308...are these good?

Discussion in 'MBR Club' started by WEATHERBY460, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. I am thinking about ordering a 24" DPMS .308 for $1150. It will take a long time to get, but I can wait. Are these any good, and with good factory ammo, will they do under 1"?

    Thanks for any info...I would like to use it as a 600 yard target gun.

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  4. My .308 SASS is an AMAZING piece or art in my eyes. It's super accurate and I've had NO problems with it what so ever.

  5. Waffentomas

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    I've had an AP4 for 5 years and tried to break it (high round count sessions with no cleaning) a few times without success. I'm sure there are some DPMS haters, but for a so called 'affordable' AR platform, it has handled everything I could dish out.
  6. what size bullet is best for these type of guns
  7. Waffentomas

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    I generally stick to the more standard weights...147gr - 175gr, though other weights work just fine. I have fired 130gr FMJ, a round nosed M1 carbine bullet through this (and my M1A) with no problems, 115gr and 125gr Hornady loads, as well as 200 gr Nosler Partitions.

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