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  1. Okay, I've read on the board about how good the Double Tap is, so I went ahead and bought boxes of various grains. Here's what I bought.....

    (50) 155 gr. Bonded Defense JHP / 1475 fps
    (50) 180 gr. Bonded Defense JHP / 1305 fps
    (50) 200 gr. Controlled Expansion / 1250 fps
    (100) 180 gr. Full Metal Jacket Match / 1250 fps (I bought this for range ammo)

    Of the choices, which do you think would serve best for:

    1. Self Defense
    2. Home Defense
    3. Hunting Sidearm

    Lastly, what would be a cheaper brand "range only" ammo to purchase and not give me headaches at the range?

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  2. I'm interested too. I just got my Glock 20SF today and I've also been trying to figure out which double tap ammo to get.

  3. Make that 3 of us. Got my 20SF today also.
  4. For home, self-defense, I went with Double Taps 165gr Golden Saber rounds. Listed on Double Tap's website as 10mm 165gr. Brass Jacketed. I also have Double Tap's 10mm 155gr. Barnes TAC-XP for self-home defense.

    I'm not a hunter, so I can't offer an opinion about hunting rounds.
  5. When I walk in the woods with my G29SF, I carry DT 200 gr. WFNGC Hardcast Flat Nose @ 1300fps for protection from creatures w/4 legs.
  6. The best round for defense against 4 legged creatures will not likely be the best round for 2 legged. For hunting you want penetration more than anything else. I really like the hot 165's for the 10mm or .40 for protection against 2 legged threats.
  7. I have little that is good to say about DT ammunition. My testing has shown that their velocity numbers are skewed, and performance is erratic at best. I have fired rounds from the same box which have showed signs of over pressure as well as squibs.

    Hornady's 200gr. XTP will exceed all of your expectations for all three of your requirements. CorBon's 155 DPX will provide all the performance you will ever need for your first two scenarios.
  8. dt 200 grain xtp for both 2 and 4 legged problems!
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    I will leave the two legged critter choices out of this response, but I do a lot of handgun hunting with several calibers, unfortunately 10mm is not one of them. But I highly suggest a heavy for caliber cast lead wide noise flat point bullet, which DT loads several of them for 10mm. They punch excellent wound channels through deer. If you really had to have a jacketed hollow point for hunting, I prefer any loading with Hornady XTP bullets. They should be heavy for the caliber also, penetration is the key to successful handgun hunting.
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    I like the DT 180gr Gold Dot load in my G20 and G29.
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    No sense going broke buying more ammuntion. From what you bought, use the 180s for all personal defense contingencies, and use the 200gr load for the woods. Try Georgia Arms for more affordable range ammo. If you have a spot in the house or apt., even if you think you'll never want to do it, (like I did), start making preparations to reload. First step is to start saving all your brass - you can always sell it on gunbroker. If $$ is an issue, go slowly, and just buy a piece here, a piece there.
  14. For hunting go with the 200 grain XTP load. For self defense or home protection pick either the 155 or 180 grain bonded. Go with the one that you can control the best. Another thought is to go with the 180 grain for everything. Practice with the fmj and carry the bonded.
  15. I use the 135 grain nosler and 155 grain x bullet for my carry ammo, and the 200 grain hardcast for woods.

    But be wary of using the 180 grain-200 grain rounds for carry, they'll penetrate like hell.

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    I have shot thousands of rounds of DoubleTap Ammo without any issues whatsoever. I choose the 165g Bonded Defense (Gold Dot) for my carry ammo with my G20, and the 155g Bonded Defense for my G29. I think it is quality ammo loaded up the way the 10mm was intended for.
  18. so, what do you use?:dunno:
  19. Thanks for the info fella's.

  20. Another negative post with no data:yawn:

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