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Double Tap 200 grain 40 sw

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by KoalKing, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. KoalKing


    Aug 28, 2012
    I see where the DT ammo company is loading a 200 grain bullet (40 sw). Any thoughts on using this heavy bullet for SD? Is DT the only company loading a 200 grain bullet?
  2. M 7

    M 7

    May 22, 2012

  3. Danny Reid

    Danny Reid

    Sep 11, 2005
    I have to wonder if that's really safe. It seems like a 200 grainer@1050fps in a 40 S&W would be borderline pushing your luck for the shooter and gun.
  4. SPIN2010

    SPIN2010 Searching ...

    Mar 14, 2010
    On the move ... again!
    I would have to second that statement. 10mm, yes ... forty S&W I don't like the odds.
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  5. str8 shot

    str8 shot

    Feb 17, 2012
    odessa texas
    Does anyone have a chronograph and would like to test the 40 cal. double tap 200 gr. out of a 4.5 in barrel. If so e-mail me at and I'll send a few rounds of the ammo in FMJ. Also if it checks out I'll send some hollow points of same gr. if you want to video or take photos of expanded rounds after you test in ballistic gel. If you have a glock model 22 I would be interested in what shell casings looked like after firing ( if any deformation )
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  6. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    200gr is fine for the .40. Many competition shooters use 200's and the .40 can shoot them just fine. Yes the DT 200gr XTP does expand, I've shot several into media and it expands nicely and still penetrates pretty deep, as would be expected. XTP's don't expand as much as other JHP's, but they do mushroom nicely (even the 200gr from the .40) and are consistent and offer deep penetration.

    I loaded up some 200gr Nosler JHP's (the only other 200gr JHP that I'm aware of besides the Hornady XTP) and with VV 3N38 was averaging 975 fps...out of a 3" Kahr CM40. And yes, it expands well too, even at that speed.