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double tap 15% discount

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by meatloaf samwich, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. meatloaf samwich

    meatloaf samwich

    Aug 29, 2012
    I don't know if this is the right thread as this is my first post. Got an email from doubletap, " To celebrate 10yrs and to celebrate you, the customers who got us there, we are offering a 15% discount on all items until September 17th, 2012.
    Just type in the promo code box: DT10YEAR".

    Do as you will.
  2. Iceman cHucK

    Iceman cHucK

    Jun 23, 2008
    WA state
    I'm one of those customers who helped get him there, but no more! After years trying to find out why his velocities are 100-150fps below what he advertised for my 10mm and 45ACP purchases, I can only conclude he does it intentionally, and has not responded to my questions on this subject. No more DT for me. :steamed:

  3. bac1023


    Sep 26, 2004
    Yeah, the numbers he posts are notoriously inaccurate.
  4. AKRover

    AKRover 10MM Fanatic

    Jun 22, 2012
    Kenai, Alaska
    I have used DoubleTap in the past but no more. I don't know if it's ignorance of federal laws or a conscious decision to ignore the law but it turned me off from giving them my money.

    I ordered about 500 rounds of ammo which can be shipped legally by ground without any hazardous material declarations. Since I am in Alaska, even ground service is moved by air, which requires all hazardous materials to be declared. (If you wonder why it's important to declare hazmat on an aircraft look at ValuJet crash in Florida. The crash was caused by undeclared hazmat.). When I received the package I was talking to the UPS driver wondering about hazmat paperwork because I didn't see any. After we realized that no paperwork existed, and UPS loaded in California unaware that it was hazmat, I called DoubleTap to bring the issue to their attention. It was so long ago that I don't remember who I spoke to at DT but they argued with me that ammunition wasn't hazmat, it was ORM-D (other regulated material - domestic).

    As I said, I don't know if it was just ignorance or a conscious choice to ignore the law but it turned me off to DT. And the price doesn't help either.

    Ive dealt with hazmat for most of the past 14 years, including doing hazmat acceptance for an airline and hauling hazmat over the road in case anyone wonders about my qualifications.
  5. unit1069


    Oct 10, 2007
    So. Central US
    So with a 15% discount I have to pay $35+ shipping for a 50-round box of ammo when Speer Gold Dot, Federal HST, and Remington Golden Saber are selling for a few dollars (or more) less?

    I haven't bought any of the latest boutique ammo but Underwood seems to be a far better bet than this "discount".
  6. Beretta92guy


    Nov 15, 2011
    I stopped buying DoubleCRAP ammo years ago after chrono'ing their 9mm loads which were WAY below what they advertised.....

    no more $$$ for that fraud!!!
  7. ABNAK


    Apr 22, 2005
    Wonder why his 357Sig Sierra 125gr load chrono'd 1452fps average? Granted, it had an extreme spread of 154fps :wow: but that 1452 was the average of 10 rounds. It's what I carry in my Glock 23 with Storm Lake drop-in barrel for CCW.

    His 150gr Nosler .40 load averaged 1167fps from a 3.2" barrel (supposed to do 1275 from a 4" tube). That likely isn't too far off from advertised given the short barrel I chrono'd it from.

    I've heard about the WAY low velocities of some of his other loads, especially 10mm. That is kind of ironic as that's where he made his name.

    I'd buy the 357Sig load again, just wish the ES was a little tighter. I *guess* I'd buy the .40 round again too.

    ETA---there's another poster here (PghJim?) who has had good chrono results with DT 357Sig also. Actually about what mine were.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2012
  8. Ak.Hiker


    Feb 8, 2005
    Homer Alaska
    My last shipment was marked as hazmat on the outside of the package. I tested out his 200 grain hardcast 357 load out of my 2 3/4 inch Security Six. Very happy with the load. Not underpowered for sure. A very good load if you need deep penetration in a 357 Magnum. Same thing with the 158 grain DT Nosler JHP as well as their 158 grain Gold Dot load. Three very good 357 loads in my opinion. In fact I am carrying the 158 grain Nosler as a SD load in the Security Six. However I do prefer the Federal 125 grain JHP in my SP 101. Another load I really like in my 45 Colt Blackhawk is the 255 grain Keith. I like the fact that they are loading Keith style hardcasts in several loads as well as several top notch 158 grain JHP loads in the 357 for the old school crowd.