Double Barrel 1911

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    I dont know if anyone has posted this before, and frankly dont care. This is too awesome not to share!!!:wow: Check out the link above...

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  3. Some ideas should be left on the drawing board.

  4. Novel...But I'll take the same or greater capacity in a single barrel model 9mm.

    If I where rich I might pick one up.
  5. ....Did you see the video where the DEA agent shoots himself with a Glock 40?:whistling:
  6. NeverMore1701

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    Dear god not again :crying:
  7. *ASH*

  8. aircarver

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    Yeah.... But an impressive demonstration of the machinist's art....

    I'd like to have seen where they hit .....

    & ....I'd like to know what happens if one side jams & the other doen't .....:wow:

  9. Cool...a 1911 that's twice as unreliable. :tongueout:
  10. If I had one of those....I would so put on some leather chaps and get one of these hats for the range:

  11. Long time ago I saw photos of a shotgun made out of a left and right handed Remington 1100 shotguns I think the barrels were 26" with full length mag tubes under. The brag was about how much buckshot you could put downrange in a short time span.

    I wonder if that was where the idea for the 45 came from.
  12. No kidding.

    One barrel jams, and the whole gun is down.
  13. took the words right out of my mouth ;)
  14. DonD

    Yawn, the .45 ACP is, of course, a fine defensive cartridge but shooting two rounds at once doesn't change its role in life.

    Now you have something that is bulkier than a .500 S&W and even shooting twice at a time, far less powerful and the .500 is NOT a good ccw firearm in my opinion (I have two of them).

    Truly an answer to a question that no one should have asked and if asked, should have been ignored.

    Wish moderators would kill subsequent threads on this albatross. Don
  15. Yeah, it might be down to Gen 4 Glock levels. :whistling:
  16. I now remember why I dont come on here as much as i used too.. Too many of you have sticks shoved so far UP your you know whats you cant even imagine having a little fun or not being so damn serious about everything. There isnt a single one of you that at the range wouldnt grab that and shoot it if someone handed it to you. Pull the stick out and lighten up a little!!! too much of this:crying: and not enough:rofl: makes you a whiny bastard!!!
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    [ame=""]RickRoll'D - YouTube[/ame]
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    If we could gather 50 signatures, we could set up a Jambog forum.

  19. Looks cool, and it might be a fun range toy. I'll sure as hell never get one.

    This would be a machine gun right? From watching the video it certainly looks like you get 2 bullets for one trigger pull
  20. NewWaveGuy

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