Door-to-door searches during manhunt

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by tarpleyg, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Although I too have nothing to hide I wonder about the wisdom of answering the knock. I notice the officers put many holes in the boat the fellow was in although he was not shooting back or had a gun. Also there are increasing reports of SWAT teams shooting innocent people, wrong addresses, etc. So what can we do to avoid being the victim of a trigger happy coffee overdosed hypertensive recruit?

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  2. Welcome to the party.

    Anothe expert slinging mud...what is it you do for a living?

    "Increasing reports of swat teams shooting innocent people"- with the exception of the few incidents discussed at length please advise on the increase.

    Sounds to me more like a quick bash and run, I await your response.

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  3. No one has been proven innocent yet

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  4. So, tell me how you, in your expert opinion after years of experience, think should have been done when they had a person cornered who had participated in a religiously inspired bombing, of the type carried out by suicidal fanatics, had chucked bombs out of a car and who had participated in the murder of a campus cop ?

    Given the fact that it would not have been unthinkable that he had another explosive device or a suicide vest or might have had a gun, I guess the proper thing would have been to find some putz to walk up to the boat and ask him "How's it hanging Dude" ?

    "fellow" you call him a "fellow" ? pull your head out of the sand (or wherever)The poor little baby did everything he could to bring a world of &(*% down on his head and that is exactly what he got. I'll bet he isn't surprised that there are MMQB's with kind hearts and good thoughts, and a latent desire to bash LE, who think they know how it should have been handled and that they could have done better.

    The fact that you can look at the damage and the horror your "Hardy Boys" inflicted on your fellow Americans and even give his fate a passing thought is sign that America may well be coming to the point where it deserves what it is going to get in the future if they keep coddling these bombing monsters.

    The fact that you try to spin the situation to indict the law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line and try and make them the villains instead of the twisted SOB that killed and maimed so many innocent people, tells me that you would harbor no ill will if one of your family were killed or had their legs blown off.

    You have entirely too much sympathy for your enemies. The sad part is that it is almost a guarantee that your genes are in the pool because your ancestors weren't so soft in the head.
  5. RussP


    I did not introduce "the notion" into the discussion. I believe 4949 and others did that. I expounded on the topic.
    It's long been held that the courts are the final arbitrators of such issues.
    Who really gets to make that determination?

    You can post that they were wrong all over the internet. It means nothing.

    All the cops on here can post the actions were 100% right. It means nothing.

    The citizens of Watertown, Cambridge, Boston, Massachusetts, they are the ones whose voices carry the weight, right? They can say... well, so far they are saying nothing. That is bothering a lot of people. A damaged person must come forward, say they were wrong and challenge the actions.


    In the courts.
  6. RussP


    Of course...
    That is why they were asking residents to vacate while they searched. If they found the 2nd suspect, the resident would be out of harm's way.
    If he were one of the 260,000 people in Mass who have a permit to own a firearm, yes.
  7. RussP


    As I said, "I do not believe the government should usurp the Rights of the People."
  8. G19G20

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    All of yall need to get a life.
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    Gosh, I wish I'd thought of that in the...naw, I'd have to report myself if I went further.:rofl:
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    I'm retired...I get to choose what I do. Today, I think maybe, maybe I'll go work on my sailboat before it rains later this afternoon, or maybe not. :supergrin:
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    I forked up retirement the first time...... I'm still working.

    Retired from the military. Still serving veterans. I can sleep easy at night knowing I am doing good work.
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  13. RussP


    Has anyone found any information about planned lawsuits against law enforcement, local elected government, state government, or federal agencies over the searches related to the Boston bombings?


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