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Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by RMTactical, Nov 10, 2012.

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    They have complete episodes on youtube right now for those of you who havent seen them or don't have cable TV. It's a TV show, I don't take it too seriously. Interesting nonetheless.

    [ame=""]Bullets, Lots of Bullets - YouTube[/ame]

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  2. Strange that they have a full episode from season two online already.

    Also, about a week ago they ran the season premier of season two on TV.

    Don't know if it was a programming mistake or what.

  3. Bolster

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    Looks like DP season two is available for FREE download at itunes?
  4. The only one I watched this year just made them out to look crazy. Even worse than they made people look last year.
  5. What I find funny is how these folks talk about their secret bunkers and caches, don't they realize they are on TV???...Dumb!
  6. TBO

    TBO Why so serious?

    Did the heavy set guy ever get his guns back?

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  7. The people on Doomsday ARE crazy. It is part of the Nat Geo "Fringe" series, which includes a number of shows about people that are "out there"

    The fact is, most of these people are on Doomsday are either soooo focussed on one specific thing, oblivious to some obvious issues, or this IS their life - meanbing if the end never comes they will have wasted their entire lives doing this.

    No doubt there is some interesting, informative, and useful stuff. And of course, the reason I watch it: Pure hilariousness.
  8. Exactly my point....

    No sense, most of them. Probably homeschooled or home schooling.

    My favorite is still Pandemic lady. She'll die in the first 48 hours...
  9. No doubt she will Aceman.
  10. They won't be hard to find and did themselves a real bad service on disclosing so much detail.

    The lady you mentioned was is already a germophobe and this is just an added layer for her phobia.
    Although I would not mind to have gotten one of those buckets she was handing out :whistling:

    I also wished I had anywhere near the money some of them have to work with.
    I too would have a huge bunker with all the supplies if I could.
  11. ...inbred, or inbreeding...

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  12. Have you seen the kids in school these days? I'm debating homeschooling my kids just so they dont pick up the crap these other kids are doing.
  13. Good for a few ideas, but yeah, they do a fine job of making them look like raving loons...of course, some of them actually are.

    There have been a couple of solid guys that seem pretty normal.
  14. Agreed and I have learned a few things I did not know too.
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    We kind of covered all this when those shows first ran. These recent ones are reruns. When they first came out I did some research and it turns out that most of those people shown have related businesses. The so called "pandemic lady" sells pandemic kits which is why she is so well stocked. She makes money doing this which is why she practices what she preaches. Same thing with the seed guy, the food lady, the underground bunker guy, etc, etc.

    Second, editing can make anyone look like a nut. It is kind of the slant they are trying to give it to look interesting and dramatic for TV. I am surprised so many of you buy into that. Note how they showed the "pandemic lady" cleaning over and over and over again. It is the same video clip. They made her look obsessive/compulsive by showing it over and over.

    Almost every show is like that. They show the same clips over and over which adds a kind of manic touch to what these people are doing and saying. Many of the things they are training, and practicing are staged just for the cameras to add dramatic effect.

    Some of the blogs of the people on the show wrote that they prep for a lot of different things but the producers wanted them to pick one thing, or gave them one thing to talk about. "If you talk about this and do this, you'll get on the show. If not, we'll find someone else." If you do what they want in the limited context of what they show you are going to look foolish. In full context of what isn't shown, you probably wouldn't look so silly.

    Point is, read between the lines of what is being shown and try to put it in the proper context of what isn't being shown.

    I am not a "doomsday prepper" like the people shown nor do I know any of them. I have no reason to defend them. I wish I had half of their stuff or were as well prepared as some of them.
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  16. Because of this show, I have given up trying to talk to people about preparedness. Even the basic stuff is considered crazy by everyone I try to talk to.

    The ostrich effect is strong.
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    More fodder for the cannons.'08.
  18. I agree with you in a sense and have said so too.
    I also understand that they have various motives ranging from genuinely wanting to bring the issue of prepping to the forefront and some for self edification to forum glory.
    It is sometimes hard to pin this down and I'm sure that prepping to some is nothing more then a hobby or expensive past time with added benefits.
    How big that segment is I'm not sure of.

    On a personal level I would never go onto such a show any more then I would go onto Jerry Springer's show.
    There are plenty more ways to make a fool of one self :supergrin:

    But if one or two people got motivated to prepare them self due to the show then I say great job.
    I generally do not talk about prepping much to others often and even with family as they all have their own views, plus the less people know what I have the less I will have to worry about them showing up in a time of SHTF, none family that is.

    But sometimes I make a exception like the other day when I got my Water Bob in, I showed it to a couple people around me as this is something most people here concern themselves with in case of a Hurricane and is usually well received.
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  19. Wait - you mean reality shows are not real?:shocked:
  20. The Southwick guy described some of his collection as "semi-automatic assault rifles" and "sniper rifle"....nice job knucklehead. Way to perpetuate the stigma nonsense.

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