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Dominant Eye

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by michiganGLOCK, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. michiganGLOCK


    Jun 11, 2009
    I have been shooting for about a year with my Glock 26. I recently went to the range and I had a lesson with the instructor stating that it is important to understand which eye is your dominant eye. I found out that my right eye is my dominant eye; which is very uncommon for a left handed shooter. I think that this is very important for new shooters to realize because from then on I was placing shots exactly where I wanted them. The only downside to realizing this is that I will have to start using rifles and shotguns as a right handed person would. Hey, it's a challenge, and I'm looking forward to mastering it:)
  2. RLLangley


    Jun 17, 2008
    I'm a righty with a dominant left eye. I still shoot right eyed. I just had to learn how to deal with it. When using NOD's and optical sights on my M4 it can be interesting but you just have to learn how to adjust.

  3. michiganGLOCK


    Jun 11, 2009
    How do you adjust? I am very interested in using your technique for future rifles that I will be shooting.
  4. Hold your gun out at arms length. Look at the sights with both eyes open.
    See two guns?
    Look at the one that is showing simply the back of the gun as if you were directly behind it.
    See the one next to it that is also showing a side view also?
    The one that is only showing the back view is being seen by the dominant eye.
    Learn to ignore the other one. It just takes some practice and the brain will cooperate.
  5. Street Fighter

    Street Fighter Texas A&M '07

    Aug 7, 2008
    Portland, TX
    I shoot right handed but my left eye is far more dominant, the only time I have any problems with the combo is using a scoped rifle but I just learned to deal with my right eye on those. It never fails that every class I have ever been in the instructor tries to force me to shoot "normal" with my right eye since I am right handed....not gonna happen.
  6. joe_jitsu


    Apr 27, 2008
    central TX
    Cross dominant is simple with a pistol, just use your strong hand and use your strong eye to look through the sights.

    The "right" thing to do with a rifle would be to learn to shoot with the corresponding side of your dominant eye. I always suggest this. On the oter hand, a few men whom I highly respect have forced themselves to use their weak eye with their strong hand. They have done this for so long, and have become so good at it, there is no need for them to re-learn.
  7. dosei


    Mar 22, 2005
    Upstate SC
    I am mildly cross-dominant. I say mildly because for the first 42 years of my life I didn't know that I was. Since I was right handed I shot with my right eye (left eye closed) since I first started shooting (30+ years ago). As a result, my weak eye is not very "weak" anymore. So now, if I'm shooting right-handed I shoot with my right eye...and if I'm shooting left handed I shoot with my left eye. Using iron sights with both eyes open, however, is impossible for me...since my eyes are constantly vying for dominance. Oddly enough though, I do not have any problem shooting with both eyes open if I'm using a red-dot style sight. But I've only used red-dots on rifles, where they are mounted fairly close to the shooters eye, unlike red-dots on handguns.
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  8. W4CNG


    Sep 19, 2002
    In the Gun Room
    Go get the 1990 movie "Firebirds" with Nick Gage, Tommy Lee Jones and Sean Young. Nick had a Dominant Eye issue and as I saw the movie it was taken care of in a practical sense. Do not get distracted with Sean Young in the movie cause it is all really nice, and Yes I will fly the helicopter back home with her in the second seat. The end title and theme song by Phil Collins rates up there in the +Stars.
  9. dosei


    Mar 22, 2005
    Upstate SC
    If operating a motor vehicle in a fashion any LEO would deem reckless & illegal fits within your standards for "practical"...
  10. shotgunred

    shotgunred local trouble maker

    Mar 1, 2008
    Washington (the state)
    with a pistol simply put your dominate eyes foot six inches in front of the other foot and then your hands will line up with that eye.
  11. Scott 40S&W

    Scott 40S&W

    Oct 4, 2005
    Marietta. GA
    Shooting with the non dominant eye is easy just close the dominant eye. With optics when they are lined up with your eye you can only see the reticule with one eye. The red dots are different they work off the Bidon principle which means you shoot both eyes open and the dominant eye will place the red dot on the target. More info is available on the Trijicon web site. I bet you guys with cross dominance have a hard time with a shotgun and clay birds. The answer is to close the eye you are not shooting with.

    Also for contact wearers and people with lasik or lens implants; Drs will set them at 2 different distances; this is terrible for shooters. It works for everyday things but can screw up shooters. Here is why; your eye must focus on the front sight to be accurate. If your dominate eye lense is set to focus at a distance farther than your front sight then the front sight will always be blurred and this will effect accuracy. This is easy to check by looking at the front sight and focusing on the top edge; is it clear and in a sharp focus. If not switch eyes and see if it sharpens up.

    Of course eye problems don't matter if you jerk the trigger. You also don't need a good sharp focus on the front sight if the attacker is close and threatening bodily harm. In that case you won't even look at the sights.
  12. user

    user VaLegalDefense

    Feb 15, 2008
    Va. and West Va.

    I agree except for the part about ignoring the nondominant eye's information. I superimpose the sights I'm seeing with the dominant eye over the target which I'm looking at with the nondominant eye. Except with rifles, since I shoot right-handed rifles and am left-eye dominant.
  13. GellyNose


    Mar 30, 2010
    Interesting. I am right handed but left-eye dominate. I shoot pretty well both rifle RH and Pistol RH. Just a matter of practice I suppose.
  14. threefeathers

    threefeathers Scouts Out

    Oct 23, 2008
    My son is the same way and in every class I've taught the past 2 years I have at least one student who is the same.
    Use Mas Ayoob's technique and then get to work
    Simply Cant the gun about 30 degrees and you dominant eye will automatically pick up the sight. It is fast, muscle efficient, and you don't have to change any other dynamic when you wear IBA.

    That said, i make all of my students in the militay shoot enough that they can MIRROR left and right hand technique. I understand that next week the Post M P's will do their entire qual using the non-dominant hand. That means that 90% of them will be using the Cant technique.
  15. Batesmotel


    Apr 5, 2007
    Big +1

    I am cross dominant and shoot handgun cross dominant. Once I learned to shoot rifles and shotgun with the proper eye it was easy to learn to become ambidextrous with long arms.

    Handgun: Go ahead and shoot cross dominant, just pull your head a little farther over to see the sights.

    Long gun: Learn to shoot with the dominant eye and corresponding hand then work on the opposite hand/eye later. It will be easier than you think.
  16. GRR


    Dec 29, 2004
    Bessemer, AL
    I'm left handed and right eye dominant. I DO NOT cant when firing a handgun. It is not necessary, nor more efficient. I can see where if you are NOT cross-dominant and shooting with your non-dominant hand, canting the gun may be more effiecient.
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