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"Dogs and sailors keep OFF the grass"

Discussion in 'US Navy Forum' started by The Pontificator, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    Never saw any of those signs during my 5 years in the Nav...and according to neither did anyone else:

    this urban legend is only rivaled by the "square needle in the left nut" rumor circulated in boot camp (Great Lakes). :)
  2. mitchshrader

    mitchshrader Deceased

    Jun 14, 2005
    ahh, i dunno either but it sounds familiar.. i do recall some vague rumor about signs during the irish immigration (presumably at hotels or restaurants) 'No Dogs Or Irishmen'..

    and i'd suggest that was BOTH quite possible and somewhat of an urban MYTH .. ie, exaggerated and repeated many times. . and adapted to various groups at various times.. but still with a grain of truth at the root of it.

    The Navy thing just sounds like a variation to me..

  3. squidville_1975


    Mar 18, 2007
    Nope, this is not urband legend. This actually happened in the Tidewater (Norfolk) area in the 70's.
  4. And I'm fairly sure they had them in Coranado, CA as well.
  5. J.Kill


    Oct 27, 2005
    +1, seen one for myself when I was stationed there before going to Yoko. Japan.

    KIDCOP Rifle Master Millennium Member

    Yes in Norfork in the 70's.
  7. VAshooter

    VAshooter CLM

    Feb 28, 2005
    Richmond, VA
    I was stationed on a ship homeported in Norfolk, VA from 1970 to 1973 and at Norfolk Naval Air Station from 1974 to 1977. Then I was transferred to the precommissioning detail on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN69 but still lived in Ocean View, a suburb of Norfolk. I left Norfolk in December 1979 and during the ten years that I lived there I never saw such a sign. I traveled throughout the Tidewater area and never heard of anyone posting such a sign.
    Back then the entire town was Navy. It was populated by sailors and retired sailors and ex sailors. The people who wern't in the Navy worked for the Navy as civilians or worked in the shipyards building ships for the Navy. I suspect that nothing has changed except that there are more sailors there now than there were in the 70's.
    I never saw it and don't believe it.
  8. Joined the Navy in 1954--retired in 1986 in and out of Norfolk throughout my 32 years of active duty and NEVER saw the sign in question. During those years Norfolk, Portsmouth, Ocean View and Virginia Beach depended heavily on Navy money. Sailors were treated with respect if they acted respecfully, if they made an ass of themselves they felt the rath of some pretty huge local Police and permanent Shore Patrol. I was one of those seamen who thought he'd died and found heaven on East Main Street back in the 50's. But most of you youngsters never had a 200 pound East Main Queen con you out of your money. Used to try to walk up one side of the street and down the other side stopping for a beer in each beer joint--it couldn't be done, too many beer joints. Got the crap beat out of me by the biggest cop I ever saw in my life for pissin' on the Confederate War Memorial. Anybody else do that? Dam they were the good old days.
    Regards, JW MCPO USN RET---:patriot:
  9. hhb


    Oct 19, 2005
    Ozark Foothills
    I spent 1958 to 1960 on a destroyer at the D&S piers. Never did see one of the signs, but do remember there was a White Armed Forces YMCA and a Black Armed Forces YMCA. I hated Norfolk for reasons already explained. From 1960 to 1964, I was on destroyers on the West Coast homeported at
    32nd Street & Hwy 101. Once you passed through the gates, you were out of the Navy unless you went to lower Broadway, 5th Street area. In Norfolk, you couldn't get away from it. San Diego was great!!!!! Still is!