Does Everyone that Shoots now Wear GLOVES??

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Nalapombu, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. Nalapombu

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    My GOD, every time I click on a video of a firearm test whether it be a hunting rifle, a 22 handgun or an over/under clay target shotgun, the guy doing the "test" is wearing gloves. Not just any gloves.....oh no way, they are the special "TACTICAL GLOVES."
    Does everyone now have to wear gloves when shooting a firearm? I can understand the troops wearing them, they are in a hostile environment, but guys at home on the range wearing them, give me a break.

    When did this lunacy start? It looks absolutely ridiculous. What is the purpose of wearing them, really? Do they just want to look cool or THINK they look cool?

    Sometimes when I watch these videos I can totally understand why the antis make fun of gun owners so much. We give them such HUGE targets how could they not?

    Hey guys, STOP with the TACTICAL GLOVES already and just shoot your guns with your bare hands. You look like GEKO45 when you wear them.


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  2. IGotIt

    IGotIt No Demlibtards

    Handguards on AR's get uncomfortably hot after firing many rounds, other guns might too. Some might like gloves because it makes gripping the gun more comfortable, some might wear them to keep there hands free of lead residue.

    To each their own.

  3. I don't, not every time.

    But apparently the sky is falling!
  4. MadMonkey

    MadMonkey Spershul Furces

    I use gloves quite often when I shoot. Didn't realize that made me a mall ninja.

    What really gets me are the people who wear SHOES when they shoot. If John Moses Browning had wanted us to wear those useless things he would have said so.
  5. I think it depends on the application.

    If you are in fact a paper puncher shooting at static targets on a static range it is ridiculous unless you are shooting a snubbie .50 AE.

    If on the other hand you do actually train and shoot in a tactical environment, wearing gloves in not only appropriate and smart, but really important to do.

    FWIW. I've seen folks looking really stupid wearing them AND not wearing them.:dunno:

  6. I shoot with gloves all the time for two simple reasons.
    1- I wear gloves at work and shoot with them at work.
    2- I rather like not burning or cutting my hands apart when I'm running a weapon hard.
  7. :goodpost:
  8. Yep, I, too thought about posting something along those lines but maybe the OP has never burned his hands on a hot weapon or torn them up clearing stovepipes.
    Maybe he honestly just doesn't run his weapons that hard...
  9. Not me.

    Always eyes and ears, but never gloves. :dunno:
  10. Saw the thread title and instantly thought you meant those blue latex cleaning gloves

    Two by two with hands of blue.

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  11. I use the blue rubber gloves while reloading, does that make me a reloading ninja :tongueout:
  12. When training hard for work. Clearing buildings and so forth. In corrections we were puncture proof gloves a lot. If I'm gonna wear them if the S hits the fan I should train with them.
    However, if I'm just target practicing on the range, then no. Unless its really cold. Then it's jersey gloves.
  13. I wear gloves in the winter because I am often shooting in 20 degree weather... guess that makes me a mall ninja...
  14. I often use a pair of black golf gloves. Nice and thin with some ventilation.
  15. Gloves outdoors when shooting? Yep.

    Tacticool? Nope.

    Don't like sunburned paws or hot barrel interaction.

  16. Nah, I don't think I'm gonna have time to put them on in a SHTF situation.:whistling:
  17. Why is it a big deal, either way?
  18. Tacti cool look it's an epidemic disease!
    Be careful you can get infected too!
  19. Depends. in the winter(under 40 degrees) I will when my hands get cold...normally start with none but end up by end with them on...and time weather is above 40 never UNLESS in shooting the AK...I wear them with that if in doing any kind of "training"(realistic scenerio,tactical type training) that in gonna have that safety on and off a lot..those ones like on my AK(kinda harder to get on and off) will tear up your hands if your trying to do stuff quick with just for "plinking" with the no gloves.

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