Does anyone store gun oil in their MIAD grip?

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by frogger42, Jan 6, 2010.

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    I currently have the AA battery core for my MIAD grip, but I will be switching to an ACS stock soon so I can store the batteries in the stock and won't need to keep them in the grip. I was thinking I'd switch back to the original 3 round core, remove the rubber insert and store a small bottle of gun oil in the grip instead. I planned to try to find a small bottle (like an eye drop bottle) and clean it out and fill it with oil. Then, close the bottle in a zip-loc bag in case of a leak. So, my questions are...

    1. If you are doing this, what size bottle are you using and where did you find it?
    2. Have you ever had an issue with leaks?
    3. Have you ever had an issue with heat causing a problem like melting the ziploc bag?
  2. This might interest you:


    Machine Gunners Lube 3 ML "Battle Bottle". They give you one free 3 ML bottle with your order.

  3. I wonder if that bottle would fit in the battery tubes of the ACS. I might have to go home and dig up my little bottle and try that
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    I've been thinking:
    Batteries in ACS tubes
    Ear plugs and spare lower parts (cam pin, cotter pin, etc) in ACS compartment
    Bolt and firing pin in MOE grip
    Oil in TD VFG.

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