Does anyone carry a Red Dot for CCW?

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by Stuntman22, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. I agree... I would like to hear this one.

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  2. This is probably not the place (I think there is no correct place) to start a "Lets bash various suppliers of sighting systems based on whatever internet stuff we can Google up." discussion.

  3. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    I agree, but your reference quote wasn't starting the "let's bash", it was asking for rationale behind the already existing bash.
  4. Ok, you are correct, but nothing in this sort of more technically oriented thread (I haven't read every post from day one though).

    But I don't think that there is a rationale in general.
  5. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    I basically agree with you Mark, I just was pointing out the poster you quoted certainly didn't start the "derail" if you will. I would much rather learn about the OP topic as well.

  6. I see the value of the milled slide with red dot. Since I work my gear hard, I need a rugged sight. The RMR seems to fit that task. I'll be sending in my slide within the next few weeks for the service. I do quite a bit of point shooting, and I look forward to running the RDS equipped slide.
  7. Officer's Match

    Officer's Match S.R.D. v

    I'm sure I'd be speaking for others too in saying I'd love to hear your feedback once you're up and running.
  8. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Tex Grebner does.
  9. Wow! (Gee, I'd do an installation for half that. Oh, If my price wasn't about 10% of that! )
  10. gator378

    gator378 Gator378

    +1 just change once a year.
  11. Spiffums

    Spiffums I.C.P.

    I am still waiting on my G34 to get finished. I think they were late getting a shipment of the 6.5 moa RMRs. I wish the supplier would hurry..... threads like these get me itching for mine! :supergrin:
  12. Yes, the 6.5 MOA RMR's seem to be in short supply. I've been waiting for them with no ETA for a while now. ;-(
  13. Just got a G30 back from Bowie Tactical.

    Sweet shooter!
  14. I've been running a RMR on my G19 for over a year (EDC). All I can say is, you've GOT to try it to really get it. Like an Eotec, Aimpoint, etc on an AR-15, the question becomes, why did it take me so long?

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