Do you think this a good deal?

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  1. Seems fair ....

  2. could buy the exact same rifle from Classic Arms and pay $54.11 LESS for it.

    Oh, and for the record, I just today took possession of this exact same rifle only in converted format. Bought it from Classic, and it was sent coast to coast in nine days.
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  3. What Ironbar said. Classic arms and centerfire systems have them cheaper.
  4. Mine has a canted front and rear site. It really pissed my off because I bought one to hopefully avoid that problem, that way I would have a quality rifle after my conversion. I literally just walked in the door from dropping it off at the gun shop so they can send it back. The front site was almost at the 1oclock postion. They said it will go back to the importer and they will make the decision what to do. I would not buy one without seeing it in person. I really like these rifles but I wish I would have just bought an Aresenal. If the importer does not fix it then I am just going to send it to rifle dynamics.
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