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Do you think Barack Obama has the necessary qualities to be President?

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by jnojr, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. OneGlock19


    Sep 14, 2008
    fair enough..
  2. Misty02


    Aug 25, 2008
    Just because 38M watched does not mean they will be voting for him. You should always know what both sides say.

  3. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    Mar 12, 2006
    Fort Knox, KY
    I agree. I think he will be elected and I dont think he or his administration is going to hurt our abilities/rights to own our glocks. The right to carry is a state right anyways. I think this nation is ready for a change from the past 8 years. It is because of this pervasive notion that I think that he will win. And Palin???Are you kidding me? :faint:
  4. Lady Glock

    Lady Glock

    May 4, 2008
    That could change if a bill is approved by the Senate and signed by the President. If the President is democrat and the house is majority democrats, they could change it from states rights to a federal issue
    The type of CHANGE Obama is capable of isn't what this country needs. He hasn't truly outlined any PLAN except he's going to lower taxes and increase do you think he's going to accomplish that? He can't do both so which one do you think he is most likely to concentrate on?
    What are your issues against Gov. Palin? She's the one person on the ticket that actually has some experience with economic issues.
  5. 17z


    Oct 3, 2006
    Obama said that if he is president,he will pass all gunlaws to be at the state legislatures thing. I myself have told his campaign workers that I will hold him accountable to that wording. Otherwise,,,,,,,,, I will be voting for MCAIN/PALIN ticket in November. I just do not trust Obama?Biden ticket as of when this soap oprea story started. I believe in life,liberty,and the pursuit to have the 2nd Admendment not ever to be infringed as signed by our founding fathers and the Supreme Court. 17z,Omaha,Ne.
  6. flynjump


    Apr 6, 2007
    There you go playing the race card.... Race has nothing to do with my decision. I would vote for Colin Powell or Condi Rice in a heartbeat, (would rather have either one of them than McCain), but Obama is the most liberal of all members of congress ever, and also the most anti-gun politician ever. I could go on and on, but those two reasons are enough for me to vote against him.
  7. SigPro2022


    May 15, 2007
    +1 I would gladly vote for anyone who supports my 2nd Amendment rights, regardless of race, creed, or color. The media in this country (and people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) are largely responsible for keeping the race card a viable option in a minority candidates arsenal. Let's judge people on who they are, not their color.
  8. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Watcher. Silver Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Acme proving grounds.
  9. BondGirl


    Sep 14, 2008
    NO, I do however think that he is a smooth talker and will say what he thinks people want to hear. But take a close look at his past record and you'll see for yourself.
  10. :steamed:You had better take a look at his long time friends, Ayers, Rev. Wright. etc. Ayers has bombed federal buildings, Rev. Wright, hates America. Look at the attitude of his associates towards the United States. This will tell you a lot about his attitude, about this country. Also, he has gotten very large contributions from the ousted heads of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Also his attitude toward our injured veterans, whan he was in Gemany, speaks volumes about him. His record in the Illinois senate also speaks volumes. TAX TAX TAX. He wants nothing more than to turn the United States into a socialist country, so th government can tell you what you can and cannot do. This man is not qualified to be President of the USA.
  11. flynjump


    Apr 6, 2007
    A big Plus 1 here!
  12. backbore


    Mar 6, 2003
    To answer the poll question. Yes he does, without a dought. What's troubling is the bitter and ignorant comments that I've read on these 6 pages and you know which ones I'm speaking of. May God bless us all, whichever candidate wins, we and he will need it.
  13. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Watcher. Silver Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Acme proving grounds.
    I would love ta see what you consider his list of qualifications are.'08.
  14. Lady Glock

    Lady Glock

    May 4, 2008
    Ditto! He doesn't have any qualifications. He's got less than Palin and she isn't even running for the top spot.
  15. backbore


    Mar 6, 2003
    I've read the pages preceding this one and can see that what ever answer I give you is attacked and dismissed by your ilk. I answered the question of the poll and left a comment like others. Not interested in being personally attacked here. If you'd like to contact me offline and have a meaningful exchange, I'd be delighted.
  16. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Watcher. Silver Member

    Jun 4, 2007
    Acme proving grounds.

    Dude that was NOT a/n attack.It was a/n response ta a post.I DO NOT ATTACK PEOPLE.My posts are there,go look.I have disagreed with folk,but there are far worse 'round here.

    I'm here ta learn and exchange ideas.'08.
  17. backbore


    Mar 6, 2003
    I didn't say yours was an attack and if that was the implication I apologize as it wasn't my intent. My point is that after reading the other posts here I see that as a group, this isn't a very open one. Apparently you're an acception. In these situations I don't see a benefit in getting critiqued by numerous folk when I can only respond to one at a time meaninfully. All the "+1" and pile on's just don't make for anything but an electronic shout down. I've cast my vote (I think) made a comment and now will retire to the more pleasant areas like the classifieds. I'm just passing through here, thought I'd cast my vote utter a few words with my vote and move on.
  18. meshmdz

    meshmdz OBAMA 2012

    Mar 12, 2006
    Fort Knox, KY
    You asked. Here are a few of his qualifications. :wavey:

    Opposed the Iraq war from the start.
    Voted to end the war in Iraq.
    Supports capturing and killing Osama Bin Laden.
    Favors a $1000 tax cut for every working American family.
    Will implement tax form simplification to reduce filing time.
    Provide tax credit for all middle class homeowners.
    Provide a tax cut for all families making less than $75,000 a year.
    Amend NAFTA to protect American workers.
    Amend NAFTA to strengthen environmental protections.
    Providing Flex Ed training accounts for workers.
    Extending Trade Adjustment assistance to service workers.
    Supported Patriot Employer Act of 2007 that gives tax credits to large companies that keep workers here in America.
    Double funds for basic federal research.
    Implement a long term research and development tax credit.
    Invest in green technologies.
    Reduce carbon emission gases.
    Tackle the challenges of global warming.
    Create an energy focused youth jobs program.
    Create Federal Renewable Portfolio Standard.
    Extend the Production Tax Credit.
    Expand Broadband into every community.
    Keep the Internet tax free.
    Expand high speed internet access in rural areas.
    Fight for passage of Employee Free Choice Act.
    Ensure freedom to unionize.
    Would overturn "Kentucky River" classifications of Bush's NLRB
    Protect rights of striking workers.
    Increase the mininum wage to index it to inflation.
    Crack down on predatory lenders.
    Provide a universal mortgage tax credit for homeowners who don't itemize.
    Sign the Stop Fraud Act to prevent lending fraud.
    Mandate accurate loan disclosure.
    Create a fund to protect people from foreclosures.
    Close the bankruptcy loophole for mortgage companies.
    Establish a credit card rating to improve disclosure.
    Ban utilateral credit card charges.
    Apply interest rate only to future debt.
    Prohibit credit card interest on fees.
    Prohibit Universal defaults.
    Require prompt and fair crediting of cardholder payments.
    Protect working people from unfair bankruptcy laws.
    Ban executive bonuses for bankruptcy companies.
    Require disclosure of pension investments.
    Cap outlandish interest rates on payday loans.
    Implement legislation to drive unscrupulous lenders out of business
    Create a bankruptcy exemption for people that went broke because of medical bills.
    Double funding for after school programs.
    Extend Family and Medical Leave Act.
    Encourage states to adopt Paid leave.
    Expand the Child Care Tax Credit
    Supports ratification of UN Convention Rights of Persons With Disabilities.
    Supports independent, community based living for people with disabilities.
    Expand educational opportunities for people with disabilities.
    Expand job opportunities for people with disabilities.
    Strengthen civil rights enforcement.
    Sign into law the Fair Pay Act.
    Sign law reversing recent SCOTUS rulings that permitted discrimination against women.
    Sign law reversing recent SCOTUS rulings that permitted discrimination against racial minorities.
    Strengthen federal hate crimes legislation.
    Eliminate the sentence disparities regarding crack cocaines.
    Establish drug courts for first time, non violent offenders.
    Create a prison to work incentive for those transitioning back into society.
    Passed a law to prohibit the practice of racial profiling.
    Supported reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act.
    Opposes all discriminatory barriers to voting.
    Helped reform death penalty system in Illinois to protect innocent people on death row.
    Voted to ban cluster bombs.
    Provide high quality affordable child care to families.
    Will quadruple Early Head Start funding.
    Will increase Head Start funding.
    Creates early learning challenge grants.
    Abolish overly rigid teach to the test curriculum in schools.
    Improve accountability in public schools.
    Invest in intervention strategies to reduce dropout rates in schools.
    Increase funding for afterschool programs.
    Supports Step Up program to increase summer learning opportunities.
    Support English language learner programs.
    Expand college outreach programs.
    Create teacher service scholarships.
    Requires all public schools to be accredited.
    Create teacher residency programs.
    Create the American Opportunity Tax Credit for higher education.
    Streamline financial aid application.
    Introduced legislation to increase Pell Grant to $5,100.
    Reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.
    Confront deforestation.
    Promote carbon sequestration.
    Accelerate commercialization of plug in hybrids.
    Promote development of commercial scale renewable energy.
    Invest in low emission coal plants.
    Transition to new electric digit grid.
    Double science funding for clean energy products.
    Create Green Jobs Corps.
    Invest in programs to help manufacturers make transition to green products.
    Create clean technologies venture capital fund.
    Deploy cellulosic ethanol.
    Expand locally owned biofuel refineries.
    Increase renewable fuel standards.
    Establish national low carbon fuel standard.
    Increase fuel economy standards.
    Invest in solar energy.
    Invest in wind energy.
    Establish a centralized database to track lobbyist activities.
    Appoint an independent watchdog group to oversee congressional ethic violations.
    Favors campaign finance reform.
    Sunshine on legislation proposal.
    End abuse of no bid contracts.
    Release presidential records in a more timely fashion.
    Prevent political appointees from working as lobbyists within two years after employment has ended.
    Reform political appointment process.
    Sign ethics legislation that he proposed as a Senator with Russ Feingold.
    Obama sponsored a bi-partisan bill allowing regular people to track federal grants.
    Take leadership in the global fight against AIDS.
    Provide tax cuts to small businesses.
    Provide income tax cuts for all senior citizens making $50,000 a year or less.
    Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit.
    Protect workers from caregiver discrimination.
    Increase mentoring programs for beginner teachers.
    Provide universal health care for all Americans within 4 years.
    Combat fraudulent subprime loans.
    Expand Nurse Family Partnership.
    Provide automatic workplace pensions for workers.
    Expand savings credit for retirement accounts.
    Reinstate pay as you go budget rules.
    Repeal Bush tax cuts for top 1% which led to lower middle class standard of living.
    Slash earmarks to pre 2001 levels.
    Abolish obsolete wasteful government programs.
    Voted against raising the minimum debt in 2006.
    Supports wiping out Al Qaeda wherever they may be.
    Opposed Kyl Lieberman.
    Supports tough attempts at diplomacy with Iran to protect America's interests.
    Will work to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
    Restrengthen NATO.
    Passed a bipartisan law with Senator Lugar to prevent smuggling of WMDs.
    Introduced a bill with Senator Hagel to reduce nuclear arsenals around the globe.
    Supports securing loose nuke arsenals from the former Soviet Union and elsewhere.
    Strengthen Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.
    Expand size of Army by 65,000.
    Expand size of Marines by 27,000.
    Provide our troops with new equipment and the tools they need.
    Provide National Service troops with adequate leave time.
    Will insulate the Director of National Intelligence from partisan politics.
    Guarantee that health care can never be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
    Introduce a health care plan similar to the one members of Congress have and give all Americans access to this plan.
    Simplify the paperwork in health care costs.
    Make premiums and co pays affordable.
    Require mandatory coverage of all children for health care.
    Expand SCHIP.
    Expand Medicaid.
    Reduce costs of catastrophic illnesses for employers and employees.
    Support disease management programs.
    Require hospitals and providers to have full transparency over costs.
    Promote patient safety by requiring providers to report medical errors.
    Establish an independent institute to guide reviews + research on comparative effectiveness in health care.
    Strengthen anti trust laws to prevent insurance companies from gouging medical providers.
    Lower medical costs by having electronic health info systems.
    Increase competition in prescription drug markets.
    Advance biomedical research field.
    Improve mental care coverage.
    Reduce mercury deposits to help prevent miscarriages.
    Increase funding for autism research.
    Cosponsored Healthy Kids Act of 2007.
    Cosponsored reauthorization of SCHIP in 2007.
    Obama introduced legislation to establish guidelines to monitor fuels from nuclear power plants.
    Sponsored a bill with Senator Lautenberg to protect chemical plants from possible terrorist attacks.
    Introduced legislation to upgrade monitoring of water supplies.
    Introduced legislation to protect localities from radioactive leaks.
    Create secure borders with additional personnel and infrastructure.
    Remove incentives for people to enter this country illegally.
    Crack down on employers who hire illegal immigrants.
    Invest in transitional jobs.
    Improve transportation access to jobs.
    Fully fund community block grants.
    Create an affordable housing trust fund.
    Establish a program called 20 Promise Neighborhoods.
    Invest in rural areas, especially small businesses, schools, and doctors.
    Implement a payment limitation program to help small farmers.
    Protect family farms from anti-competitive monopolies.
    Implement tough fines for CAFO violations.
    Establish country of origin labeling for all products.
    Support regional food systems.
    Encourage organic farming.
    Provide tax credits for young farmers.
    Increase capital for small farmers.
    Modify FCC so all rural residents have access to modern communications.
    Upgrade rural infrastructure.
    Supported legislation to reverse 2 billion dollars of agriculture cuts under Bush.
    Cosponsored Emergency Farm Relief
  19. Lady Glock

    Lady Glock

    May 4, 2008
    Sounds like he wants the Federal government to be involved in many places where they don't belong.

    How does he plan to cut taxes and yet fund all the special programs and entitlements he plans to institute? Not doable!

    I don't want the government to tell me I don't qualify for medical treatment because I am overweight or because I have diabetes or because I have some other disqualification that keeps me from deserving treatment. I don't want to die waiting to see a doctor who is telling me I have to wait my turn (months) before I can get in.