Do you think Barack Obama has the necessary qualities to be President?

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by jnojr, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. bryceban

    bryceban NRA Life Member

    I'll tell you over and over where the hell I think you belong because I can. Of course it doesn't matter because it is what I think. The opinion of mine and many, many others on these types of forums is that Barack is the enemy. 2nd ammendment aside, he does not stand for what most decent, hard working Americans have worked hard for. Maybe he is the man for you, but not for most of us here. I personally would never be able to get along with a BHO supporter, call me anything you want and I will probably agree, it is what it is.

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  2. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    That photograph has been printed in magazines all over the world.

    As for "propoganda," you may want to take the time to follow the links to the facts. Or perhaps read his books.

    B. Hussein Obama visited fifty-seven states:

  3. Well, I guess you decide who belongs and who doesn't doesn't because you say you do. Since you are in charge and all...:rofl:
    By the way, why don't you just say you're not subject to income tax. Just say it and it will be so. That way you'll never have to pay taxes again. While you're at it, say that you get free health care and that everybody has to pay you $10 on Thursday. Because you can say it, and that makes it so...:rofl:
    You can say it, so it is true. Just say you are God. It's true because you can say are the decider, after all:notworthy:
  4. I still think he is qualified to be our President but John Mccain is better qualified
  5. bryceban

    bryceban NRA Life Member

    I pay plenty of income tax, with BHO I might have to pay more so others can have free health care and free food etc..........I work hard and have a good job so that I may have health care. I do not want to have to carry the weight of other non contributing waste of space members of society. (<----which BTW are usually BHO supporting liberal Dems):wavey:
  6. Also they are both smart people who will probably do a good job as president. Personally I would vote for Mccain but I know a lot of gun owners that would vote for Obama. If Obama had more experience and or Sarah Palin as his running mate I would vote for Obama.
  7. All i can say that anyone that votes for BHO better hope some of those retired police officers that can still carry are willing to do private security .

    If you think with a dem congress he cant get a nation wide ban on concealed carry (which he has said he wants) you are crazier than i first thought.

    I remember just before the awb everyone saying there is no way they can pass and enforce a 10 rnd magazine ban and see where that thinking got us.
  8. Since some like to see it in writing here is proof straight from the horses mouth about my above post.
    By David Mendell
    Chicago Tribune staff reporter
    February 20, 2004

    This story contains corrected material, published Feb. 21, 2004.

    Leading Democrats seeking their party's nomination to the U.S. Senate generally agree that laws governing capital punishment, drugs and guns should be overhauled, although they differ about how that should be accomplished and the role of the federal government in that process.

    Responding to a Tribune questionnaire, former securities trader Blair Hull was the only Democrat who said that the death penalty should be abolished altogether.

    "I am opposed to the death penalty based on the Illinois experience, which highlights racial and prosecutorial biases," Hull said.

    Three candidates--state Sen. Barack Obama, Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas and former Chicago school board chief Gery Chico--said they favor the death penalty for only the most heinous of murders, such as serial killing. But Obama qualified his stance, saying that his support eroded further when looking at how the death penalty "is currently administered in this country."

    Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes, meanwhile, said he endorsed the death penalty in the "most egregious cases," but he did not specify what those were.

    Hynes and Pappas were the only candidates who did not support a federal moratorium on capital punishment.

    "There is no evidence that the death penalty has been applied in a discriminatory way by the federal courts, nor is there evidence that federal trials have wrongfully convicted individuals and then sentenced them to death," Hynes said.

    Obama noted that he sponsored successful death-penalty-reform legislation as a lawmaker in Springfield. That legislation, among other things, required the videotaping of homicide interrogations, and he promised to advocate for similar reforms on a national scale.

    All of the candidates endorsed stricter gun-control measures, but each said tougher enforcement of existing gun-control laws should be a priority over the introduction of new laws.

    Each candidate supported closing loopholes that allow gun shows to sell weapons to unauthorized buyers. Each also advocated the renewal of a federal ban on the sale of assault weapons, which expires in September.

    Obama, however, called for a host of new gun-control measures: strengthening the assault-weapons ban to include high-capacity clips made prior to 1994; holding parents criminally responsible for children who injure someone with a gun found in the home; placing trigger locks on all guns; and allowing gun buyers to purchase only one weapon per month.

    Hynes advocated increasing penalties for crimes committed with a gun, and Hull would increase funding to update technology that provides instant background checks on gun buyers.

    All of the candidates, except Hynes, said they opposed allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons. Hynes and Chico said states, not the federal government, should regulate the matter.

    "I consider this an issue for the states to decide, not the federal government," Chico said.

    Obama disagreed. He backed federal legislation that would ban citizens from carrying weapons, except for law enforcement. He cited Texas as an example of a place where a law allowing people to carry weapons has "malfunctioned" because hundreds of people granted licenses had prior convictions.

    "National legislation will prevent other states' flawed concealed-weapons laws from threatening the safety of Illinois residents," Obama said.

    On the drug war, several of the candidates said more emphasis should be placed on rehabilitating drug users.

    When asked to name what federal law should be abolished, all of the candidates, except for Hull, said mandatory sentencing laws should be overturned to give judges more discretion and provide more equitable treatment for minorities.

    "It's a dark cloud hanging over our society," Pappas said of racial disparities in criminal sentencing (this sentence as published has been corrected in this text).

    Hull said the USA Patriot Act is the federal law that he would abolish, although he supports some elements of the anti-terrorism measure.

    The candidates are vying to replace incumbent Republican Sen. Peter Fitzgerald, who is not seeking re-election.

    Copyright © 2004, Chicago Tribune
  9. I have not checked the validity of this story, but it sounds legitimate.
    This is a fine reason to critisize Obama. Its based on policy. I don't have a problem with it. FWIW, I don't think 2ndAm issues (pro or con) are high on his list right now and I don't think they will become high on his list. But I could very well be wrong and I don't blame someone for voting against him based on this issue.
  10. bryceban

    bryceban NRA Life Member

    I also don't think gun control is high in his priorities, it simply will not get pro gun votes for him and would hurt his appeal to jump on the pro gun wagon. He will leave that subject alone for sure, unless he gets elected. Then it is up in air and no telling what could happen.
  11. NO. He may however make a fine dictator (warlord) in a third world country.
  12. Forget the fact that he is the most left-wing liberal in the senate, running with another left wing radical, Biden.
    Forget the fact that his "uncle"/"mentor" is a white hating hate speech monger, who is only equaled by the Neo-Nazi groups in spreading hate, in the name of God.
    Forget the fact that all he has accomplished in his two years of his senate seat, was to sign to bills, which were actually authored by the senior senator in IL, so he'd have at least something on his "resume".
    Forget the fact that his wife blatantly has great disdain for her "country".
    Forget the fact that he consorts with known "american" terrorists, who have bombed the White House, and killed others, and is unapologetic about it.
    Forget the fact that he's the most arrogan horses ass, I've ever listened too.

    Let's get to the one basic fact, his qualifications.
    Obama being elected to POTUS, is equivelent to a 16 year old, after two weeks of working the fry cooker at McDonald's, being promoted to CEO.
    Geez, I really just don't understand his backers. I try, but there is nothing but illogical rehetoric to a "celebrity" in an empty suit.

    God help us if he's elected.
  13. Well, I think if he is elected, it won't be a priority unless he does really well for a year or two and gets good results on priorities of his. Then, and only then, could I see him expend the political capital it would take to affect gun laws.
    Whether you like Obama's policies or not, he has run his campaign extremely well, and very pragmatically. I just can't see him sabatoging his economic and health care agendas for gun control. Most voters don't care about gun control pro or con. It doesn't occur to them. But they do care about the economy, taxes, health care, and Iraq.
    Obama has surely learned the lesson of the Clintons, who got off to a rocky start by making gays in the military a priority issue immediately after WJC was sworn in. Its just not in Obama's interest to let a "fringe issue" get in the way of his larger agenda.
    Which is why I'll vote for the guy despite our divergence on gun laws. I don't think his stance on guns matters to him the way the economy, health care, and Iraq do. And on those larger issues, I agree with him.
  14. compare his qualifications to Abraham Lincoln at the time Lincoln was elected.
    Are you upset about Lincoln's election since he was so unqualified when compared to Obama?
  15. slewfoot

    slewfoot Random Mayhem

    What makes you believe Obama will be calling the shots?

    Obama's only function in the democrat party is to rubber stamp anything coming out of the democratic controlled congress.

    How important has the economy been to the democrats since they took control of the Congress?

    What have they done except talk themselves into the lowest approval rating in history?

    You probably put more thought in what color toothbrush to buy than you have about your vote.
  16. keith56

    keith56 BAD KARMA

    No he is not even close to being presidential material although someone did mention some thing a little closer to his speed , a fry cook at McDonald's.
  17. Cross-X


    A thinly experienced Senator, never been an executive in government, and fond of giving airy, vapid speeches.

    There is no way he is qualified to be Commander in Chief of the USA.
  18. You are not paying attention. The democratic controlled congress was for HRC....but the people, through a grass roots movement, put BHO in front. Over 2 million people have given money to his campaign.
    As for thought into my vote vs. my toothbrush:
    Seriously? You think just because someone disagrees with you they are stupid? Really?
    This is what I know. The average American gained income every year under Clinton. Then lost money every year under Bush.
    The richest 1% did very well under Clinton...but did even better under Bush.
    Taxes will go down for everyone under BHO, unless they make over $250K a year.
    So I guess you either make over $250K a year (congratulations, good for you, I don't blame you for voting against Obama). Or you have not thought this whole thing through...
  19. By the way, how do y'all feel about how McCain votes against vets and their benefits (actually calls them "ground noise" and "static" when vets call him out on it) and basically has abandoned vets, while Obama supports vets?
    Does McCain expect all vets to cheat on their wives and marry an heiress so they'll have good health care like he did? Is that the new McCain vets health care plan?
    What do you think is McCain's motivation to disown our new vets now that he's rich? Does he simply want to cut taxes for the richest 1% again at our veterans expense? Why does he hate them so much?

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