Do you think Barack Obama has the necessary qualities to be President?

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by jnojr, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. There has never been any one person succeeded in destroying this USA as much as Obama.

    He is the model for all OsamaB fanatics: destroy America by getting elected first, then you can do your things, and many of " them" Americans will still bow down before you.

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  2. board goin full doofus on this one...

  3. He is absolutely not good for this country.
  4. If Jon Huntsman is the nominee, I'll vote for him. If it's any of the others, I'll stick with the devil I know.
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  5. janice6

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    No. He hasn't done anything that would give him any experience at any job.
  6. He attended Columbia and Harvard, and graduated with a law degree. He was editor of the Harvard law review. He was a senior lecturer and taught constitutional law at University of Chicago for many years. He was a lawyer and US Senator. Those are some pretty difficult things to accomplish, and even his most fervent haters can't argue against that success. If you think you can do the same, try it. He is the most inclusive president in recent history. Often times there are bills that get voted down that were written with bi-partisan input and support.
    The danger in the second term for us who believe in 2A is appointments to the SCOTUS. That is where our rights to keep and bear arms can be eroded over time with case law, since historically the justices have voted in line with their parties views consistently. He has shown that even with the overwhelming dissent about his attempt at health care law, he has no problem shoving that down our throats. When there is nothing to lose in a second term, we will see more extreme actions and the "I know what's best for you" mentality. But if all the GOP has to offer is a senile old POW with severe mental problems who "graduated" at the very bottom of his class and can't even string an intelligent sentence together, expect the same.
  7. I went back and read a few pages from this thread. It is amazing to me that the R in back of your name buys so much credibility. Before Barack, W was BY FAR the most expensive administration in the history of the nation. But the republican fanboys overlook that because he is from west Texas. Ronald Reagan clearly was the father of huge deficit spending, yet he is described and remembered as "that good old Ronald Reagan".
  8. And Obama has put us how much in debt?
  9. SouthpawShooter

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    President of the ACLU.
    President of the Communist party.
    President of the Fidel Castro fan club.

    Oh wait, you meant of the United States?
    No Effing Way!!!! :rofl:
  10. SouthpawShooter

    SouthpawShooter Rocker Glocker

    How much do you want to bet Barry got into Columbia & Harvard due to "affirmative action"? He's a quota filler.

    Guess what, GW went to Yale, and was Gov. of Texas. So what. What school some guy went to doesn't impress me. I've personally met several people who went to prestigious schools who were retards. Who cares?

    I got news for you, comrade; go take a look at Barry Soetoro's Il state senate district (13th). It's a crap hole! He can't even bring a neighborhood into prosperity, why should we think he can do it for the whole country?

    Funny they call him a "community organizer". Yeah, that community looks real organized. :upeyes:
  11. Barry soetoro from what I've read is unable to prove any accomplishments. I know he wrote about using drugs. He's effectively proven to most that he's an educated do nothing. Of course that seems to be the status qoue. I'm a die hard Ron Paul guy myself, he's stands for the constitution. I guess soetoro fans are pretty die hard too, cause I guess they like the socialism. Anyway my answer is No. The guy is shady. I believe he is the biggest practical joke ever played on civilization. I mean seriously barrak huessein obama? We had 911 and we seriously elected a guy with that name? And to boot I've read that that name isn't even registered as a real name( no ssn) . I could rant all day and night about the president, but I won't. It's up to us to get our government in line, our fault for letting it get this bad.
  12. MrGlock21

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    For what country, for what entity?

    For the European Union? Yes, absolutely. For a blah-blah paper pusher president position at the UNO? Probably.

    For the USA? Not in a million years.
  13. You mean more than the guy who took us into two unpaid for wars while giving tax cuts, and not able to get Osama? The guy who ran us off the fiscal cliff and leaving a train wreck for Obama? More than that guy? Yes I think Obama has done very well considering a republican congress that has only his defeat a heart. I think people like Mit that does not know what a callous is, or the several idiots like Joe Walsh who said that women's lives are never in danger with child birth among several other stupid statements or Akin who said that if women are really raped they can't get pregnant because the body shuts down, or the idiot from Ohio is it, that said that if a women get pregnant from rape its part of gods plan. LMAO I never knew god used rape, well I have read the bible and nothing would I put past that sadistic crap hole god of the old and new testament. LOL. The Republican party had better start getting rid of the far right evangelical idiots who think the Earth is 6k yo and that Evolution is only a "theory" and they have no idea what a theory means. Stupid people following other stupid people.
  14. You mean if Obama should get reelected heaven forbid. He will have 4 more years to put us more trillions in debt. More unemployment. 4 more years of blaming Bush. Have we forgotten that he had a Demarcate control of the house and Senate for his first two years? That they could cut off the funding for the two wars. And could do whatever they wanted. Obama has done nothing but help destroying the United States economy. He is the only U.S. president that has bowed to other foreign country leaders.
    When will the left wing ever learn that a president has nothing he can do or can change anything to do with abortion?
    I guess if you tell a lie’s long enough. The ill-informed will start believing them.
    Yep a community organizer really knows how to run this country. Not.
    Yes you can blame Bush for his first two years. But after that it’s all on Obama.
  15. Well it looks like Obama is going to get it. We beat most of the crazy rape is gods will idiots. EW in Mass has kicked browns ass. Looks good. Romney has to be sweating bullets.
  16. Just called New Hampshire for Obama.. If Ohio falls to the big O its all over for the Ayn Rand twins.
  17. Well the far right was soundly defeated. Walsh,Akin,Murdock,Brown and West were all sent packing. This country has rejected the far right religious nuts. The GOP has to now take a good hard look about kicking in the crotch Hispanics,Blacks,Women,Gays to name a few.

    This country was built by Deists not Christians, and based on freedom of religion, if you want to believe in Satan, or Buddha or Jesus or Muhammad its your choice just do not force it on me who believes in no god. I don't want to take god away from anyone, but don't tell a woman what she can and can not do with her own body, don't believe in abortion don't get one, but don't tell someone else they can not.
  18. The "President" of the USA's name is Barack Obama... that alone is funny to me.
  19. Unlike Mitt?LOL

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