Do you think Barack Obama has the necessary qualities to be President?

Discussion in 'GT Voting Booth' started by jnojr, Aug 28, 2008.

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    I spent too much time in combat in jungles and on mountains fighting enemies of this country to even give this Islamic socialist who isn't even eligible to be President the time of day. (I was going to say to give him something else but I'm trying to keep this post clean.)

    My weapons sergeant on my A team in Vietnam won the Medal of Honor posthumously doing even more than I could do for America so even the thought of BHO in the White House makes me sick especially when he bows to some of the scum of the earth rulers who hate America and then also apologizes for it.

    Yeah, I'm bitter and clinging to my Glock, shotguns, rifles and a Bible. Yes, Janet Nepolitano, I guess that along with my 22 years in the Army makes me a right wing terrorist. But just show me the birth certificate rather than spending a million dollars keeping it hidden.


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  2. At best he is incompetent, at worse, a form of Manchurian candidate sent to destroy our nation.

  3. 2nd post - FOLLOWUP

    till a BIG NO...nothing has changed except he is proving more and more that he is not capable or able to do the job. OBAMA=FAIL for the USA.
  4. Howdy meshmdz,

    Originally Posted by meshmdz
    Im too poor to vote Republican. I voted for President Obama


    Gee aren't you glad McCain/Palin didn't get elected?

    Just think, if McCain would have had a heart attack Palin would have taken over as POTUS and before she even got moved into the WH she would have quit and then Pelosi would be POTUS.:shocked:

  5. :rofl:

    That incompetent fool is just barely qualified enough to clean my cat's litter box and that's only if he can read the instructions from his teleprompter. :rofl:
  6. He needs to back to what ever his country is, and continue his community organizing.
  7. hes an idiot
  8. If Obama's an idiot, I'd hate to see what your opinion of GW Bush is.

    If GW was qualified for it, ANYONE is qualified for it.
    (you just can't fix stupid, no matter how much money you have, or how willing daddy is to fix it for you)
  9. haha my opinion of him was higher than my opinion of braaaack and lower than reagan and big bush
  10. Everyone differs in their opinions of all our Presidents.

    After all, we vote for the president of the USA, and he was elected.
    make no bones about it, there are good things and bad things alike in every administration,
    Face it, EVERY politician lies to get elected.
    He's in office, give him a chance. Let him try to make his changes, and if he succeeds, everyone wins, if he fails he wont be re elected.
    I'm not fighting the Democrat vs Republican stance, thats just a waste of time.
    Let whoever the people elect have a chance and see what happens. Republican, Democrat and everyone between.
  11. trajan07

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  12. haha i wish that him, pelosi reid etc all fell out of a plane before the elections
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  13. Only in a perfect world.....:supergrin:
  14. Sorry, but I do not care too live under a socialist society. When he said help me change the greats country in the world. What do you think what he meant. Change. Did people who voted for him know what change meant?
    I know I lost my job because of him.
  15. The qualifications are
    35 years old- yep
    Natural Born citizen- Jury still out on that one IMO. but officially yes.
    Received the necessary votes from the electoral college- yep

    Those are the only official qualifications, and he has them.

    There are many people who are qualified for the job they have yet suck at it. :tongueout:
  16. :rofl: agreed
  17. He is not qualified , I've been hanging around here for only a few days and have come to the conclusion that some of the people here could do a better job !
  18. I voted NO also, but some of you people seem to FORGET about the past 8-yrs before Obama was elected. He didn't cause our huge debt problem(s).....but hell, no GOOD republican will EVER admit who really ****ed things up......
  19. Amen..........

    and to think ole Jeb Bush could be in the running for 2012 is scary too.

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