Do you keep spare parts for your Glock?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by flw, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Another G19, another G17, and a G34. All Gen4. :supergrin:

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  2. HKLovingIT

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    I have enough to rebuild every 9mm model except frame and slide, and then lots of extra springs. Oh yeah and spring cups lol. Always have some extra spring cups if you tear your pistol down all the way down. These parts have been useful to me for maintenance as well as trouble shooting a couple of issues.

    I have had a couple parts break on me. Slide release on a Gen 2 17 and a slide lock lever. Now when I buy a used one I just strip it, replace everything except those good old machined extractors. :cool:

    For most of my other brands I usually just keep springs and RSA.

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  3. Only 3 spares? A Glock 23, a Glock 20 and a Glock 21. :tongueout:
  4. Oh boy, do I have parts!

    I got my first Glock (a second generation G21) in 1994, just before the federal assault weapons ban went into effect. As a freshly minted Certified Glock Armorer I ordered what I thought would be enough parts to keep that G21 going for the next 20 years. I ordered firing pins, extractors, ejectors and all springs (including 10 spare magazine springs to keep those evil 13 round magazines going!). I must have chosen well, it has been 18 years and I have not needed any of those parts to keep the G21 going. I have used my parts to fix two customers guns, but I have never needed any for my own gun.

    Anybody need any obsolescent 1994 vintage G21 parts?

    I am the on staff Glock Armorer at the largest gun shop here in Anchorage. As far as I know I am the only Armorer available to the non-law enforcement shooters of this area. I keep in stock all firing pins, extractors, sights, recoil springs, slide lock springs, all pins, slide stops and most other small parts. The only things I do not keep on hand are slides, barrels (except the 6” G20 barrel) or magazine parts.

    But for the average Glock owner I would recommend a spare firing pin, extractor and trigger spring. I do not find the slide lock spring to be a high breakage part (except on early G19/23’s, and after those early springs are replaced they generally do not break). A spare slide stop and a recoil spring would be good additions.
  5. I've thought about picking that Glock spare parts kit in the Glock Shop online. I think it was $45(?). Does anyone think that's a good idea for a casual shooter like me?
  6. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 Grumpy Old Guy

    Yes but the only parts I have used were RSA and extra mags. :supergrin:
  7. Yup. I have several sets of spare everything except the receiver and slide.
  8. Trigger spring, slide lock spring, extractor claw.
  9. Ditto
  10. I keep a lot of spare stuff, but as a police Glock armorer since 1989 and our departments range master, you never know when you'll need a connector spring or something like that. And, in all those years, ive replace two of those springs, and one recoil spring assembly...that's it!
  11. Personal stash (not work related) includes RSA, springs, spring cups, pins, extractor, firing pin, EDP, connector and a slide stop lever. With the exception of replacing an RSA when needed I have never needed ANY of my own spare parts.
  12. extra glocks and extra parts for complete rebuilds
  13. Tango 1Zero

    Millennium Member

    I only keep spare recoil springs.
  14. Nope, I keep spare glocks
  15. 22rtf2

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    I'm lucky. If there's an issue, I go there. And you can't beat night sites installed for $57

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  16. with the list Zman provided, i forgot to mention, i have a similar list of stuff, but 99% of the problem is parts being lost, not broken.
  17. flw


    I just ordered from the Survival Parts Kit for Glock for $59.00. The kit is model and gen specific. It includes

    Firing Pin Safety Plunger
    Firing Pin Safety Plunger Spring
    Recoil Spring
    Firing Pin Spring
    Firing Pin Spacer Sleeve
    Firing Pin Channel Liner
    Spring Cups
    Magazine Release
    Locking Block Pin
    Trigger Pin
    Trigger Housing Pin
    Trigger Spring
    Glock Disassembly Tool
  18. Recoil Spring Assembly, I do replace mine every 5,000 rounds. I've had one go bad on me and replaced another at 5,000 rounds. So I always keep one around. The one that went bad I could tell visually when shooting it that the slide was slow returning to battery.
  19. SCC

    SCC Member Me

    Me to but they are not open 24/7 to go have it fixed

  20. This, this, and this.

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