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Do you Crate your pet while driving

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by SouthernGal, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. SouthernGal

    SouthernGal What's Up Dox?

    Jun 18, 2004
    NW MS
    A few weeks ago I took a trip to Mountain View AR to stay at my parent's second home.

    This is about a 3 and 1/2 hour drive from where I live. Since I took the dachsie, I let her out about 30 minutes before we left and when we went to go, I put her in her crate and put the crate on the back seat directly behind me.

    My parents absolutely give me hell about doing this. My reasoning is that I have both driver and passenger side airbags (which could easily kill her if they go off in a wreck) and I don't need her running all over the car while I'm driving. I feel like she's safer in the backseat in her crate than she'd ever be loose in the car. Do you guys crate your pet (cats or dogs) for long car trips?
  2. Spen84107


    Feb 17, 2003
    SLC, UT
    I think it depends on the dog. My GSD/Malamute mix is obedient enough that I don't have to worry. He stays in the back seat. If he does have the urge to come up front, he knows not to stand and obstruct my vision; he crawls up front. ;f I have the ability to turn my passenger side airbag off.

    Granted, it took a lot of training. Occasionally some trial and error runs while driving, which probably wasn't the safest thing to do. ;)

    As for my other dog, malamute/Husky mix, she isn't allowed in the cab. When she's excited, she doesn't listen to a word I say. If I didn't have a shell on the back, she would be in a crate.

  3. rhikdavis

    rhikdavis U.S. Veteran

    Jul 22, 2002
    In Remembrance
    No, but sometimes i have a strong urge to crate my kids on long trips. ;f

    This reminds me of a fellow in my neighborhood that had two big dogs that he took everywhere....They weren't content to just lie in the back, oh no. They stood on the toolbox with their feet on the roof of the cab. And I don't care how fast he was going, and he drove normal street speeds....45 - 55 mph, that's where those dogs always were.
  4. Rich22


    Dec 10, 2001
    Orlando, Fl

    wife actually got a dog seatbelt/ harness that hooks into the regular seatbelt and keeps Chase (1.5 yr old Female GSD) belted in well enough to where she cant roam around the inside but still has enough to lay down sit up etc. And if she is in the front pass. seat it keeps her back far enough to where the air bag would work properly.

  5. glocknsail


    Mar 19, 2001
    We tried a crate (once) when she was young, but I don't know who whined about it more; my wife or my dog. Now she (the dog) has the whole back seat with a dog bed that I made. It was made from 1/2" plywood with a carpet cover. There are two table legs that can be removed for front support and another two legs that can be added on back so to use the dog bed as a "cover" for the stuff in back when Leeloo is not along. The seat covers are from Cabelas and are worth their weight in gold.


    "Buy me some fries, Daddy."
  6. Ender

    Ender ComfortablyNumb

    May 20, 2001
    nah, i just put her in the trunk.

    hehe...i just back seat her...
  7. Jaegergirl

    Jaegergirl Proud2BAmerican

    Apr 24, 2004
    the general consensus on a dog discussion forum i belong to is that dogs are safer when crated/secured somehow for several reasons: they are contained and cannot distract/bother you when you're driving, if you were in a crash, the animal would not become a projectile and injure you/your passengers, if you're unconscious and emergency workers are trying to help you, your dog is contained and not running about or able to bite them if he/she is scared, and finally, if you think it's important enough to buckle up yourself, you should extend that consideration to your pet.

    that being said.....

    when i had my camry, i tried one of those harnesses. my dog go so tangled up in that thing, it was a nightmare. so he sat in the back seat w/o anything (bad dog mom, i know). i eventually purchased an explorer and while he's not crated in the back, i have one of those dog barriers to keep him in the way back (i have children so they sit in the middle seat). when we go camping (the only time we take long trips), he is secured in a crate in the back of our truck.

    as with my children, i would never have him in the front because of the airbags. unless the crate is securely fastened to the car, if you get in a serious enough crash, what's the difference if a dog is a projectile or a dog is a crate is a projectile? it's still a dangerous situation all the same. that dog barrier i have would be pretty worthless in an accident as well. we go to training every week and one time i had to slam on the brakes. my dog hit the barrier and it fell over. ;Q luckily, i didn't hit the moron who pulled out in front of me but had something happened, that barrier wouldn't have kept my 100lb dog contained.

  8. toddman


    Sep 20, 2004
    As a long-term dog owner, I have developed considerable interest in this topic.
    MY answer is similar to Rich22's- I have always used a made-for-dogs harness. In the days before harnesses were available at Petco et al, I had one made by a local upholstery shop. 4-inch wide webbing, similar to what is used for seatbelts makes a very secure harness. Strong enough that when I rolled my CJ-3 in the eastern Sierras years ago, my dog emerged unhurt. Highly annoyed, but unhurt.
    Would I ever put them in the front seat or leave them loose? Not on your life!
    These two travel in harnesses all them time, and do it safely. It's all a matter of training.

    I hope this pic thing works!
  9. glocknsail


    Mar 19, 2001
    I can just imagine 75 lbs of fur, paws, and teeth rolling around in in accident. She has got hooked up a few times, but has since figured out to get herself out of the tangle. As you can see from the photos there is plenty of space to throw in a big pillow for long trips.
  10. ATL Peach Girl

    ATL Peach Girl ♥Meezers♥

    Apr 9, 2002
    The Peach State!!
    Oh yes I crate my cats!!!!

    Joshua was so young when I started him on car rides so he did not yowl as much as this current Siamese Max does......

    Cats in a car loose are a recipe for disaster.

    I like that dog seat belt Glocknsail!!!! That's an awesome idea and your pet stays safe and "confined" to one area, so everyone stays safe.
  11. SouthernGal

    SouthernGal What's Up Dox?

    Jun 18, 2004
    NW MS
    My dog weighs, at the most, 9 pounds.

    The crate I'm using now is actually meant for cats.

    Do they make these "harnesses" for extremely small dogs or (dare I say it) cats? I can't imagine a cat sitting still for this type of thing.
  12. knuckle dragger

    knuckle dragger NSAWC

    Jul 15, 2002
    Nevada elev 7800 ft
    I try too ..but the fish keep falling thru the slats in the crate..;g
  13. MrsKitty


    Mar 23, 2003
    Yes, they do. Good luck at getting your dog in one. A wiggling cat isn't fun to harness up ;g :)

    I got both my cats their harnesses at Wally World. Think they cost about $4-5 each.