Do I stay or go?

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  1. I have been going back and forth on this, and have planned for both, but have no one who will talk seriously with me regarding the times that lie ahead.

    I live in the high desert of WY. I live in a town of about 10k ppl. I do not trust these people. Shady at best would describe them. Nothing grows and game is scarce. My parents have a farm in Iowa. Lots of room, away from any population to speak of, and food is plentiful(wild game/long growing season), people there are used to being self-sufficient, have skill sets valuable in hard times, and they can be trusted.

    I read all the time it is best to hunker down, but my gut is telling me to go home, where a self-sustainable life is done everyday. It is 819mi. away. I have military/leo training, my wife has leo training, and we are avid outdoors"people".

    What are your thoughts on buggin'/hunkering with the facts I have given you? This won't be the end all be all discision, but value your opinion. I need to make more preps, but am at the point to where I need to pull the trigger on staying or going?
  2. Every crisis scenario of course requires an assessment of the specific details you might face in bugging out from WY to IA.

    It does sound to me like getting back to IA would be a good Plan A for you. However, 800+ miles IS a long way.

    Obviously, getting there BEFORE the worst happens would be the ideal (make the move now if possible). If and when things do start to unravel and you can see the need to go into survival mode, and IF it looks like you can make it to IA in a one-day drive and you can load up some extra gas, food, water, and other supplies, you could probably give it a go.

    However, if you know that there are roads that are out or blockaded, or shut-down along the way, that changes your odds considerably. Route blockages could happen due to natural or manmade disaster, military/LEO clampdown, local populations taking matters into their own hands, or criminal activity.

    I could go on and on with "what ifs" and "therefores" but again, trying to be well-informed and staying ahead of the curve is going to be key if you want to keep the odds in your favor.

  3. We're on the same page. The only obstacle I foresee is I-80. F-250 diesel with pedal/dirtbikes in back with supplies. This is my fiirst choice, but have a Suburu outback, Nissan Xterra, '76 Jeep J10(emp?) to choose from as well. Soon enough I will be able to carry all diesel I need for the trip(+extra). After diesel is all gone, many things can be used to fuel a diesel engine with a little know how, and a can-do attitude. Wish I wouldn't have been so cheap, and put a 4BT cummins in the Jeep.

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