Do Glocks Work When Wet?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Glocks n' Crocs, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Do Glocks work when wet? :dunno:
    And by "wet" I mean submerged in water and by "work" I mean go bang till the mag is depleted without a hiccup. I tried the search function with little success.

    The following videos show some crazy people who have conflicting information...

    Where the Glock failed...

    And where the Glock worked...

    Remember, if more people would tag their posts noobs like me would stop asking so many questions! :supergrin:

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  3. Only 1 way to find out.

    Go to the lake and report back. :cool:

  4. It would appear that it might fire and cycle underwater but I don't think it will replace the speargun.

  5. Bruce M

    Or even replace the bang stick.
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  6. For consistent cycling you will most likely need to buy Glock Maritime Cups.
  7. Bruce M

    I would guess that the only way for consistent cycling would be for the pistol to be out of water. I would guess that the water might slow the slide and slow an ejected shell casing enough to potentially cause issues.
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  8. I never quite understood why it mattered much to people, but I guess it's makes for good conversation.
  9. stolenphot0

    stolenphot0 RTF2 Addict

    But do they fire in space?
  10. It matters because its a tool that needs to work in whatever environment you may find yourself. The Navy Seals would greatly appreciate a gun that works when submerged in water, as well as anyone who would depend on their Glock.
  11. PolymerPride

    PolymerPride getcha suma dat

    I think it's just for a little more peace of mind. Just why doomsday preppers try to cover all bases in event the world goes to crap.

    Having marine spring cups in and knowing your gun will go off in event you're in some time of fire fight and somehow end up getting dunked in the water with your gun or something. Just another scenario that you're prepared for.
  12. As an average joe who carries a Glock on occasion, I never even thought about it. :dunno:

    I guess I'm in the minority...
  13. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  14. Yes they do! No additional oxygen or any other gases are needed to fire a conventional round. The bullet would reach speeds close to speed of the expanding gases in the cartridge. The bullet will still travel after we are long gone. Depending in which direction, and how far away from planets you are going to fire it.
  15. They work in pouring rain, modern ammo is very well sealed, even target ammo. I see no point in firing a gun under water, since the bullet travels only a few meters before it drops to the ground. It just doesn't do much damage if you get hit. The maritime cups are designed to let water drain out of the firing pin channel faster in case the gun gets submerged, and to avoid hydro shocks/ miss fires when the striker gets released (liquids can't be compressed).
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  16. I'm not interested in shooting a gun underwater. I was just wanting to know if the Glock will function when submerged in water, removed from said water, and then immediately fired without failure.
  17. The last match it was a steady rain and I don't mean a drizzle,the Glock ran fine and went bang each and every time. As I don't shoot under water much for my purposes it works when dripping wet wet. SJ 40
  18. Did other pistols in that match work as well?

  19. I wouldn't make a sound though. ;)
  20. I'm thinking guys that live in flood areas would want to know of their Glocks fired wet.
  21. Short answer is yes they will shoot fine.

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