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  1. Hello, to all that roll their own . I'm just getting into reloading again and would like to know your thoughts about the Dillon Presses and componets ? Do you have any experience with this stuff ?
    GHR1142 :dunno:

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  2. Well, as far as their presses.. Frankly I don't think there's any better. The 650 is an EXCELLENT machine. It simply "just works" and is a great machine.

    As for components (I'm assuming you mean scales, dies, etc.. and not primers and powder).. Again, Dillon stuff is top notch.

    While there's certainly stuff out there that is high quality that is not made by Dillon... You'd be hard pressed to find something with Dillon's name on it, that is not high quality.


  3. Dillon is the progressive bench mark everyone else tries to get to. Back that up with a lifetime no BS warranty, tough to beat. I've been loading on a 550 for 25yrs+ & a 650 for about 2yrs. If you must have a case feeder, the 650 is the tool. If you just want a good, simple progressive that does everything from 380 to 45-70, then the 550 is tough to beat.
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  4. You simply cannot go wrong with Dillon. Everything they make is quality.
  5. Thank's IGF, for your reply,
  6. we need a big blue Kool-Aid guy smiley ;) and I agree with Fred and Stevie... good stuff Maynard ;)
  7. CanMan

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    650 & 1050 here. Had them for a tad over 10 years now. Outside of a few routine adjustments they've run perfectly.
    Dillon is good stuff!
  8. You cannot go wrong with Dillon!
  9. If you can afford a Dillon................ BUY ONE !
  10. ron59

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    I started with the 550 in mid 2009. Have 2.5 years of loading with it (close to 40k rounds), I decided to get a 650 for the casefeeder and the extra station (might get a bullet feeder one day).

    Love the 650, it's all it's cracked up to be. I love not having to take my hand of the handle to insert a new piece of brass... I can just keep cranking the handle.

    I kept the 550, I have it dedicated to .45ACP. I may eventually sell it and just buy the conversion for the 650, but I like having the two presses setup, can just step up and load at either one.
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    Dillon is the stick by which all others are measured.
  12. 650 owner here...and like the others said...if you can afford one, get it.
  13. Bello

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    I have two go for it!

  14. 550b here...simply DA BEST.....:supergrin:
  15. Never tried any other. The 650 is a great press. Thought about buying another one, and having one set up for large primers and one for small primers. Just a matter of finding the money to do it. You can't go wrong.
  16. WiskyT

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    It's not kool-aid to say they are the best. They simply are. Up to this point in the thread, everything about Dillon products is true.

    It becomes kool-aid when people suggest that they never fail. The frequency is low, the support is unequaled, but they are not flawless.

    They are also expensive. Not over-priced, but expensive. Although the SDB is a very moderately priced machine for what it does.
  17. Like GLocks! I here all the time how reliable yet see a lot of failures @ the IDPA level.:dunno: Anything mechanical can fail, but better engineering & mat'ls. limits failure.:supergrin:
  18. Most failures of any good gun are ammo related. I hear the 1911 can I even be made reliable if you get lucky or spend enough.

  19. WiskyT

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    It's probably operator error at an IDPA match. Everybody ****ing around with their gun, even in a league where modifications aren't allowed, and then making 125.0001 PF to boot.

    Stock Glocks work perfectly until they break. Small parts do break and they cost $3.00 to replace. There are millions of Glocks in service, and I bet 90% of the malfuntions occur on an IDPA or similar range. Or when in the hands of middle aged, clandestine operating, Blackhawk Serpa wearing, coportate middle managers at gun clubs.

    But, this is true of any gun. I've seen revolvers lock up etc and I could tell just by looking at the guy holding it that it was not Smith and Wesson's fault.

  20. Ahh the 1911 myth continues. I have I think 6 diff 1911s, all slide lengths, steel & alloy, Springfield, Colt, S&W, none cost me more than $850. Amazingly, they all run 100% w/ good mags & decent ammo. Most 1911 problems are from guys screwing with them, like their GLock cousins, good mags & they run. Shoot the gun as designed, use good mags, it should work. The only other thing about 1911s, they like to run wetter than say a GLock. So a good gun grease & I have run mine 500rds in a single day w/ even thinking of cleaning it. Change the recoil spring mor often on the shorter slide guns, & away you go.
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