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Dillon mistake

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by shotgunred, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. shotgunred

    shotgunred local trouble maker

    Mar 1, 2008
    Washington (the state)
    I guess even Dillon makes mistakes. I went to switch my 650 from 9mm to 40SW for the first time today. The only problem is only two number 2 buttons. I have had that caliber conversion sitting on a shelf for well over a month and never opened it. I guess it serves me right for not inventorying it until I wanted to use it. I sure hope the local dealer has one I can buy. I know Dillon will send me one I just wanted to load up some ammo for the weekend.
  2. unclebob


    Oct 14, 2000
    Mary Esther FL
    Just leave the button out of station 3. I have been loading without the pin there for years and have not had a case fall out yet. Unless you load faster than 700rds an hour. Plus if something goes wrong there is no button to pull to check the case.

  3. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Apr 14, 2009
    Conifer, CO
    Obviously you a telling a deliberate falsehood or you are mistaken... Dillon never makes mistakes.

    The 1050 they delivered a few weeks ago didn't have a primer pick-up tube or the primer follower rod and the feed bowl micro switch was bad on this one also but I don't consider it a mistake... just an oversight. :whistling:

    One phone call corrected everything.

  4. bush pilot

    bush pilot

    Jan 29, 2004
    Dillon does make mistakes. I recently ordered some primer pick-up tubes and thought there should have been a 1050 in the box, there wasn't. When I called Dillon the rep said to go wait on the porch, the press would be along anytime. What service!!!
  5. Colorado4Wheel


    Nov 2, 2006
    You have a spare in your caliber conversion kit. So assuming your prepared you don't have a problem.
  6. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Mar 6, 2003
    Lynnwood, WA
    I think that was the point.... they only had 2 each of the buttons in the box. 650 they normally have 3... my .223 came with 4.