Dillon, Lee, Hornady Progressive Comparison

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  1. I have used Dillon presses since I was 13, when me an my Brother went in 50/50 on the $130 an SD cost.

    Got the LNL presses more or less for the free bullets but also to have an informed opinion vs internet flaming.

    I just don't understand why a company can't make a decent case feed. Hell, I through this one together in under 3 hours, once it was concluded on another form that a case fed SD was impossible.

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  2. Sure, this will work. However, putting about 20 empties in the tube and running the handle for about a minute sort of defeats the purpose.

    If it was a cashflow thing, like buying the case feeder the next month, then ok, manual feeding will work. As a long term solution, manual feeding is a waste of a very good press.

    I have heard that some people extend the feed tube in an attempt to load even more cases.


  3. Totally agree. While I have not owned all three, I have loaded on all three. You realy can not even compare the Lee regressive & the LNL in the same sentence & neither is even close to a 650. The priming feed on the 650 is so much better than either, that alone would be enough to warrant the slightly higher cost to a LNL. THe case feeder is also quite a bit better, a bonus.
    If you want 700-800rds/hr w/ as little drama as can be, you buy the 650. FUlly upgraded for one caliber, all the little goodies needed to reload, you are under $1200. Over 20yrs of reloading, that is $5/m. Really, for $5/m you would buy anything else?:dunno:
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    I can see that objectivity is overflowing - as usual.
  5. IT's just not twice as much. Equip them the same way, the 650 is about $75 more. The 650 comes with everything for the case feeder but the bowl, so price it all, add the early primer warning, about $75 diff. Yes a tool head cost more than the bushings but I have personally seen the bushings come loose when running the machine fast. Hornady will even provide you shims for the bushings, tells you something. You can certainly get a LNL to run, my machinist buddy has his puring like a kitten w/a bullet feeder, but then he has rebuilt about half of it.:dunno:
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    LOL.. No kidding.

    I've been working so much, etc.. just don't have much time for GT except really late at night/early AM.. and by then, it's pretty dead here, so I head to GNG... where something is always happening..lol.



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