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Digital camera recommendation?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by AJ Dual, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. AJ Dual

    AJ Dual

    Mar 16, 2004
    Mrs. Dual and I are looking to upgrade our digicam.

    We have a 4+ year old Fuji FinePix 5MP "Superzoom" it's ok, but it's SLOW, we miss all the smiles and spontanaiety with our two sets of twin girls.

    What we'd like:

    Wish List

    * Fast shutter speed/autofocus to catch that smile on the first snap
    * Good Zoom
    * No need for compact, anything great is worth the size
    * Can shoot video in a pinch, but not a primary function
    * A non propriety card (basically not Sony)
    * Handles like a DSLR but would like to keep it in the mid-range "superzoom" price.
    * Handles lowlight photos well
    * Primarily indoor shots
    * Trial modes for viewing the photos in different formats
    * DURABLE...

    We're not opposed to a DSLR if the camera and kit lens can be done for under $600, but the superzooms seem to be in the range we can afford.

    We've read tons of C-Net and PC Mag reviews, but wonder what we're missing. :headscratch:
  2. Mystic316

    Mystic316 Lighting Guru

    Nov 29, 2008
    The Canon Eos series is one of the finest cameras money can buy now days. I would start there. The base entry Eos is $600 I think.

  3. I have 3 digital cams:

    1. Kodak V1003 10mp ----- For everyday use/ebaying
    2. Canon Powershot 1IS--one step below true SLR, 10mp, 18x optical zoom, anti shaking, digic III processor--perfect for everyday and everything use. Can take fast frame photos up to 10 pics in 2 seconds.
    3. Nikon D90, 12.3mp SLR for nature photography and club pictures