Difference between a "Gun Belt" and a Dickies belt from Wal-Mart

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by wrangler_dave9, Jun 15, 2012.

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    I have always been able to find a decent "thick" or 2ply leather belt that will do the job just fine. I cant stand the belts with stiffeners sewn in between the leather... its is like wearing a metal barrel hoop. hahahah!

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  2. Louisville Glocker

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    If you compare a regular belt to a gun belt, you'll see the difference right away. In one word, stiffness. They simply don't flex like a normal belt does.

    For forty bucks your solution is right there (no need to spend a hundred bucks or more. Crazy...) http://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabe...=double-duty&WTz_l=Header;Search-All+Products

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  3. Thx-1138

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    I've got 3 beltman belts, two 1.25" and one 1.5", a Wilderness 1.25" Frequent Flyer (no kydex insert), and an Aker 1.5 inch gun belt.

    The Wilderness and Aker are fine for IWB; for OWB, thebeltman is the only thing I'd ever use, though I'd be willing to try a Wilderness with the Kydex insert.
  4. Clutch Cargo

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    I bought an elephant rig from D. M. Bullard. The combo is the most heavy duty gun rig I've ever worn. All my belts will be Bullard from now on. Besides, Bullard is a local guy. :wavey:
  5. Thx-1138

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    I totally understand finding something that works for you, is local, and sticking with it. Thebeltman, by the way, is local to me. :)
  6. My favorite gun belt is my ares ranger belt.
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    <--- Still rocking the Wilderness CSM.
  8. eb07

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    My wilderness original instructors belt was purchased in 1996. After 16 years of almost every day wear, it is just now showing signs of wear to the point I am considering replacement....
  9. I've got a custom belt from RG's leather belts. It's a great piece!
  10. I bought a bull hide belt.. its not glued together.. its 1/4" thick real leather single thickness leather bull hide gun belt.. it will last a lifetime... they are not cheap.. but worth the money
  11. I've had my belts made by saddle makers ever since I can remember.

    Always two layers of good leather, 1 3/4", double stiched.

    I wouldn't wear a store bought belt if someone gave it to me. Just like I won't drink gas station beer, eat hot dogs or smoke machine rolled cigars.

    When I carry a handgun I use a Wilderness 1 3/4" CSM.

    Some people just don't recognize or appreciate higher quality and functionality, and that's fine. That's why Wal-Mart exists.
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  12. NEOH212

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    What's the difference?

    Night and day.

    As different as a pillow and cement.

    Get yourself a good one and you won't ever want anything else. Furthermore, you won't be able to understand how you carried a gun without a good belt.

    Yes, there is that much of a difference. Especially if you carry a heavy gun.
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  13. I will be buying a gun belt soon not only for holster reasons, but because I've heard they will last a long time. I've had enough dress belts that were costly but fell apart after a year of use.
  14. :yawn:
  15. Bill Lumberg

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    The difference is night and day. Proper gunbelts support localized weight and torsion far better. This results in a lot more comfort and stability. No comparison.
  16. I picked up a leather double hole belt at Wal-Mart for $10 about five years ago and it secures my sub-compact pistol very well. No complaints.

    But for my heavier, higher quality pistols I was fortunate to discover that there's a store in the state capitol where prisoner-made products are for sale to the public. Some of these products are made for LEO and I was able to pick up a stiff nylon duty belt for $11 that I use for CCW. Sure beats the hell out of paying the big bucks for a duty belt and maybe your state also has these products available, eh?
  17. SCmasterblaster

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    What an odd coincidence, prisoner-made belts for your holster!
  18. What happened to their hats........turned sideways.:rofl:
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  19. Louisville Glocker

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    Exactly what I was going to say. Night and Day. When you look outside at night, do you notice a difference? You'll notice a similar amount of difference with a gun belt.

    They work. Get one.

    Cabela's still sells their double duty belts for under forty bucks. Sometimes on sale too. That's the best price I know of for a serious duty belt.

    Really, if you carry daily, then it is an absolute no-brainer. Why would you not be willing to spend a few extra bucks on something that lasts for years and makes your everyday life better? A belt isn't just another accessory. It is something you use constantly, day in and day out. If it lasts five years, you're talking 1825 days. Forty bucks means that for two cents a day you're more comfortable and have a gun that stays in the proper place. Yeah, some people are too cheap to spend two cents I guess.
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  20. As mentioned, the thickness counts, not the width.
    I've been carrying (OWB) for 12+ years with the same 1.25 inch dress belt (FIST Holster Co.) to include a Glock 21, 22, and 23 with zero issues.


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