Did I screw up sending my early prod. 19 in?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by FloorPoor, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. I recently acquired a very early production 2nd gen G19, in the original G17 box that said "best in the market 1987" or something like that. The serial #DVXXXUS was on the label on the box. The only wear the pistol shows is from the box. The date codes on the barrel indicates a nov 1988 test fire. It has Austrian proof marks, a non captured recoil spring and all that stuff. It does have some night sights that are pretty dim, but still work, but I haven't been able to determine if they came from the factory. Everything that came with the gun was in the box except for the manual. However, despite showing no wear from being inserted into the pistol, both first gen mags were cracked, I assume, from being left loaded in some safe for the last 25 years. I didn't notice this when making the purchase, stupid me.

    With G19 mags being in short supply (I way overpayed for the 3 spares I bought) I decided to send the gun and magazines in for the upgrades that have not been done, with the hopes that Glock will replace the mags.

    Did I screw up a collectable glock by sending it in? I plan on using it as a shooter and cooler weather carry gun, so I'm not to worried about collector value, but I was wondering if I had a rare gem, and screwed up the value. If I did screw the value, I might have it upgraded to a 3rd gen frame, I hear I'll still get the old frame back.

    This is only my second glock, but I'm pretty excited to have the older brother of my 'lil 26.

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  3. MakeMineA10mm

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    IMO, with the mags cracked, you did OK. You could've laboriously hunted down some early G19 mags and it would've been worth a small premium. But if you want a shooter, and considering the broke mags and what it would cost to replace them with originals, I'm not sure you'd have profited (although we don't know what you paid for it)...

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  4. It was $450 out the door, taxes included. Not the best deal for a 19, but I figured with the night sights I was gettin a steal....until I noticed the cracked mags.

    I put 15 rds through each of them, to see if they functioned, and they did, but I couldn't depend on them for carry, so I opted to send it in. The gun looked like it had a VERY low round count, and with the upgrade being done, it will be a brand new gun :)
  5. I don't think I screwed up. I got the pistol back today. Glock received it on 1/30, and I got it back today 2/13. They had it less then two weeks!

    It appears to have all new springs, the trigger is very crisp, not mushy like my 26, and I got 2 new mags :supergrin: (one appears to be a slightly used one with a new spring and follower, but it's NOT cracked, so I don't care, it's gonna be well used just as soon as I get a chance to go shoot it) I didn't get the original parts back, but it's a shooter/carry gun, that doesn't bother me either.

    It looks like they did a bit of light duty machining/polishing of the feed ramp, and removed a corner from the the upper barrel lug. I'm assuming this to have slightly more reliable feeding and ejection? Or was this the protrusion that could cause an out of battery detonation?
  6. MakeMineA10mm

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    I'm betting they completely replaced your barrel. I don't think Glock (US) is set up to do extensive milling/machining to convert that original barrel to a "9mm1" version. Switching out to an upgraded replacement barrel is a LOT easier than re-machining a barrel that's already been tennifered also...

    Sounds like you did very well. At the price you paid, there wasn't going to be any collector's premium if you sold it.

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  7. It's the same barrel with the Austrian proof marks and same date code it had before. They just polished it up a bit and removed one sharp corner. They also polished the parkerizing on the barrel (pre tenifer) The places they milled are bare metal.

    I put a few rounds through it on Saturday. It shoots pretty good, although I prefer a gen3 grip.
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  8. AgentM79

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    To the OP - Ya did good! It's a nice gun, now made nicer by a trip back to Glockland. You can't go wrong with a Gen2 G19, and these guns are made for SHOOTING, NOT COLLECTING. I, too, am a victim of many a cracked NFML magazine (both G17 and G19. I prefer mags that have to be pulled from the gun, and have paid a pre-ban premium for most that I have. I've had them crack while loading them, and crack after chambering a round (two rounds try to get out of the mag at the same time. I've also had them arrive that way from an auction purchase (usually a small crack coming from a round-count hole).

    Pre-Gen3 Glocking is fun. We all have our own idea of "Glock Perfection".
  9. AgentM79,

    Have you ever tried repairing the cracks? Until recently I had seen cracked mags but had never owned one. Bought a cracked 17 U notch mag for $10, thought I'd give a repair a try.

    Filled the crack with epoxy and let it dry for 24 hours. Looks good, so I loaded it and in six months I'll take it out and use it, see what happens.

    I too prefer the gen 1 or 2s and the NDF mags.

  10. I thought about trying to repair them, but once I figured out the upgrades hadn't been done I thought I'd try to get some new ones, and it worked :supergrin:

    With the price of g19 mags right now, what I paid for shipping (since when do guns have to ship over night? ouch) was probably less then I could have gotten two mags for, IF I could have found them, and my 19 got all new springs. I'm happy, but the wife was a little grumpy that I dropped a stack of bills that weren't in the budget. I had to tell her it was for her :upeyes:
  11. MakeMineA10mm

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    Huh! Learn something new daily! I know Smyrna has machining equipment to make the US-produced Glocks, but I didn't think they'd either interrupt production to do these kinds of jobs or have a machine dedicated to repairs/updates...

    As far as the finish - there's no "pre-tennifer". All Glocks have always had the tennifer (or melonite, as it's called in the US) finish. It's not visible-it's a treatment that surface-hardens the steel. The "finish" most of us think of is a grey-to-black (depending on what era the Glock was made) phosphate coating applied after the tennifer.

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  12. The machine work was pretty light duty, possibly could have been done with a Dremmel. It was just a bit of work on the feed ramp and one sharp corner removed. If I had a clue how to post pics on here I would.

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