Did Gen4 Convert u to .40cal Glocks?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by DaBurna, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. I must say the application of the dual-recoil springs made these pistols *****cats to shoot!! The reduced grip circumference and aggressive texturing sealed the deal for me!
    I own 9mm's in the platform as well (17,19,26,&34) but the Glock-Fawties Shine!!

    So much that I have an entire family of .40's
    22,23,27,35.... I've always liked the .40 even in Gen3.... But I sold & converted to Glock 40's before I bought my Glock 9's

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  3. I haven't tried a Gen-4 yet...been happy with my Gen-3's in .40S&W...but I do like the fact that there is a choice...choice is always good...must be getting old, not sure what a "*****cats" is? :supergrin:

  4. I couldn't agree more.
  5. Yes, I must admit that the dual RSA does make a difference, particularly with the .40 and .357SIG (I don't have a G20, yet). I was skeptical at first, but now that I've actually shot my Gen4 G22 (.357SIG), there is definitely less felt recoil, as contrasted with my old Gen3.

  6. They are definitely improved over my first Glock, which I bought new in 1993--it is a G23 Gen2, and it still runs like a champ! The newer .40 Glocks have less perceived recoil than that model, but it still fits like a glove and keeps going. My first Gen4 was actually a G27.
  7. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    No I got hooked with the Gen3's but the Gen4 is better for sure.
  8. 1eyedjack

    1eyedjack Old Pirate

    I have been a fan of the .40S&W Glocks since they were first introduced. Bought this G23 NIB and she is still one of my favorites.

  9. NICE! I would love to have a glock without dem finger grooves in my collection! :cool:
  10. Nope, I liked them before the introduction of the 4th generation.
  11. Always been a fan of the fourty cal, but you couldn't pay me to get a Gen 4 anything. The Gen 3 was made for my hands and I shoot them extremely well. I run 22 lb recoil springs in all 18 of my Glocks and because of that the felt recoil is less than a Gen 4 even in 357 sig. I have 9's, 40's, 357's and 45's but they are all Gen 3's and no desire at all to own a Gen 4. Like someone posted earlier, change is always good for others, just not for me. :supergrin:
  12. I was hooked with the Gen 3. SJ 40
  13. Yea my g23 gen4 is fun to.shoot and i.have no problem with.the grip texture
  14. Everyone I know has had Glocks in their collection since the mid-80's, except for me. A tour in the Corps had me convinced that a polymer pistol was inferior in all regards. Last year I saw a G23 Gen4 FDE and for some unexplainable reason I had to get it in my hand. Wow, I was sold on it immediately and haven't been let down with it since. Now I have the "Disease" and can't wait to scrape up the funds for a G19 Gen4 FDE. Undoubtedly followed by a .45 or two.
  15. MudMoccasin

    MudMoccasin Cottonmouth Kid

    Never fired a Gen 4 22 but can anyone here say from experience how it compares to a Gen 3 22C?

    OAN, if it does make a significant reduction, one can only imagine how soft the recoil would be if Glock made Gen 4 Compensated models and if there was a tungsten guide rod made available for their dual springs...(a man can dream, can't he?)
  16. We all have learned that resistance is futile.

  17. I used to have Gen 3 22C. I found out two things.
    1. I didn't like C guns
    2. the Gen 3 recoil had a sharpness to it I didn't like.
    Once I had the opportunity to shoot the Gen 4 side by side with the Gen 3, same ammo etc, I immediately dumped the Gen 3 and got a couple of Gen 4 G22s (consecutive numbers).
    It is not a secret, the Gen 4 G22 is softer and more pleasant to shoot.
    Recoil can be a personal perception based on many factors. When you hear so many people say the same thing about the Gen 4 G22, you know that there must be some truth to it.
  18. Also went and bought a Gen4 23 after I shot one. Even traded in my g17 for it. Absolutely love my 23.
  19. The noticeably softer recoil of the gen 4 23 played a large role in me picking up that model over a 19. I'm always baffled when I hear folks complain about the recoil of the 40 until I remember that not all 40 cal handguns are as soft shooting as the gen 4s!

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