Device for cleaning gas vent?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by peaceful_guy, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Anyone want to chime in with info on how to clean the gas vent on an AK? (Slit in the end of the barrel which vents into the gas tube).

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  3. I bought some really stiff pipe cleaners at my local indoor range/gun shop. Should probably do the trick. Unfortunately for me I am AK-less for now. Sold a Norinco I had for a tidy profit, regretted it ever since. Now my wife wants me to wait for another purchase. Anyway, you will have to check for yourself if it works. From what I remember, I could get the Army issued pipe cleaners to work on my Norinco a few years back when I was still in the Army.

  4. Ah, ok, that makes a lot of sense.
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  5. Cool, thanks for the tip on the gas port cleaners, never knew there was such a thing.
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  6. toshbar

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    It's an AK. Shoot it every once in a while and it'll blow itself clean.
  7. 12g bore brush - assuming you clean it at all....
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  8. Centerfire systems sells a little L shaped deal that's Chinese and is made for cleaning the gasport, I have one in my parts box but have never tried using it.
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    small allen wrench?
  10. Whoa, you know what? I think one of these came in the cleaning kit for my Saiga carbine. There is a brush with a a dogleg handle - I did not put two and two together. Outstanding.
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    Hum. I do not believe mine came with such tool. what caliber?
  12. This is why they always have a guy selling dental picks at gun shows.
  13. My mistake, it came with my GSG .22LR. Looks like it will work in a gas vent though...
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  14. CLP foaming bore cleaner works great.

    Spray down the chamber and make sure foam comes out the muzzle and the gas block. That way everything, including the vent hole, is cleaned.

    Wait 15min, clean the gas block, then clean the bore. Hard to beat that.
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