Detroit Police Glock and Washington DC Police Glock

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  3. I won mine on GB also.

    I find it odd that the most anti-gun cities allow their trade ins to be sold to criminals and drug dealers and at gun shows to the Mexican drug cartels or to terrorists around the world!! If only Obama knew about this travesty!

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  4. allot of those dpd glocks in new condition showed up in mass for sale in december.499.99-599.99 depending on your friendly firearm store.
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    What the Eff is that?
  6. Metropolitan Police District of Columbia
  7. I don't own any police trade-in Glocks, but I LOVE carrying my Atlanta PD-marked S&W 4003 around Atlanta. Considering the recently departed mayor's virulently anti-gun attitude it feels like sweet irony.
  8. Mark @ had a bunch of Virginia Beach Sheriff Dept G19s a while back and I kick myself in the arse for not buying one.
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    I have four of them, two are from my department though.....can you tell which one I carried? :)


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    My G23 is Ft Lauderdale PD marked.
  12. LMAO!! I just bought one of those. Had to search far and wide for one that didn't look like it had been used for a door/tire stop.
  13. Wish I would have known you were looking for one I have sets of consecutive sn#'s- 22,23,27. all NIB unissued. I do not know what they have left at this time. I have a number of pd marked glocks and always looking for others- specifically miami PD. I have a friend who has a few different ones for sale, MPDC, Frasier Mi, milwaukee,cedar rapids,La Cross,MSHP,BCP. If your interested I can put you in touch with him.

  14. Nice photos !!!
  15. The retired police marked glocks are very interesting. I check a few sites from time to time looking for them. Its hard to tell what they are worth, and the prices seem to vary.
  16. I just bought one of the Detroit Police department trade-ins from my favorite dealer, mine is still in great shape and shoots to the point of aim. The unusual serial number caused the clerk at the sheriff's department to take a second look, because it is so different than the typical Glock serial number format (since we have to register pistols here in Michigan, they also called the dealer up to make sure it was not a typo on the purchase form they and the state police get). My pistol had the NY 2 trigger installed and was full of lint and had very well worn plastic sights, but since the dealer did me a favor and sold me the gun at his cost *$299*, I immediately bought it. So far a great pistol with propably many stories from being used by somebody in that department. Does anybody know how old they are, by chance?
  17. I'm picking up one of the Detroit PD Glock 22s Monday. I don't want it as a shooter but as a collector piece. I have new Glocks for carry.
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    I have a Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office marked G22. I've often thought of collecting PD marked guns. I especially like it when depts take the trouble to put the badge on the gun.

    That Cleveland one takes the cake though. Runs halfway down the slide.

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