Detroit Chief Behaving Badly - Part Deux

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  1. WTF is going on with admin these days?

    I know thats kind of a loaded question, but good lord. Seems there has been way more stories of police admin getting caught with this kind of stuff lately.

    I guess professionalism from the top down is going the way of the buffalo even more than we all thought.

  2. Huh. Didn't know Detroit issued M&Ps.
  3. IGotIt

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    Doesn't surprise me a bit. Detroit is its' own third world country.
  4. razdog76

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    "Unfairly, her future is a little bit uncertain. She has to suffer the humiliation... Angelica Robinson has been reassigned from internal affairs to other duties." :rofl:
  5. steveksux

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    Pity. She seems to have a knack for affairs involving her internals. But she won't have to spend as much time/expense freshening up her lipstick, and SWAT will no longer be short a pair of kneepads.

    At least ex Chief Evans was single and cavorting around with single officers. Godbee was married. In his defense, Godbee is supposedly filed (ing?) for divorce and apparently separated since April.

    Depending on when the cavorting commenced, of course.

    Evans was probably ok on the cavorting but ended up showing favoritism, and retaliating against some officer who was spreading truth about the cavorting.

    The cavortee in that case was also romantically linked with Godbee as well, so at least Chief Evans wasn't afraid to delegate, apparently.


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    There is no defense for having a sexual relationship with a subordinate.
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  7. You guys are getting figuratively screwed for years, now literaly........

    Handle it like the MIlitary, no excuses, gone.
  8. The military has the UCMJ. The police have State and Federal employment law.

    She'll get a huge cash payout from beleaguered Detroit taxpayers. He'll get a nice 'retirement' payout for leaving from the same taxpayers and move on to be a five star general of police at some other liberal Hades or a CALEA executive.

    Guess who got screwed in this orgy?
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  10. Rollercoaster... of love... SAY WHAT?
  11. Each time I go to DPD for a warrant pick-up or otherwise police-related business trip I'm simply shocked, stunned and amazed that the department still exists on funding (or lack thereof) from the city. The buildings are a mess, the staff unprofessional and the overall demeanor and morale sucks. That being said, I'm not intimately (no pun intended) :rofl: familiar with the day-to-day operations of DPD but it seems that supervision is totally lacking all the way down the precinct level. I'm not going to Monday-morning quarterback the road cops...goodness knows they've got it tough, but there is just zero management and support from the bosses.

    Those poor folks always give us a hard time when we pull into their "garage" (I have yet to see a proper sallyport at a DPD precinct) to pick up a prisoner. Their officers will point and laugh at our shiny new cars with all of the wheel covers present, computers (not just bare docking stations), long guns, radar/Laser, doo-dads and tell us "oh, yeah! You guys really need all of that high tech crime fighting stuff out where you are, huh?" Kinda makes me feel bad that they have absolute crap to work with given the kind of challenges they face. That will never change, I'm afraid...(and Wayne Co. Sheriff isn't exactly up to the task of taking over either).

    Funny...we complain when we can't get batteries for our AR's or when we have to reboot the MDC's in the car at the beginning of a shift. DPD cops are lucky to get a car that runs...
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  12. Laughter often equals jealousy. Given an opportunity, many would lateral. It also means that your CLEO values proper equipment for the job, gets the job done and gets the support (personal, financial) from the citizens.

    Is the DOJ breathing down Detroit's neck like they are other places with less issues?
  13. steveksux

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    Consent agreement with the feds is years behind schedule, finally making progress last few years. Holding material witnesses in jail, otherwise accusations of excess force and the standard stuff.


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  14. Yep. A chief having an affair with a subordinate and he is a sex addict? Meh, happens all the time. Bunch of degenerates.

    Just fire him and be done with it. Of course Detroit is still burning down reagardless.
  15. Now THAT right there is some funny $&#*.
  16. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    I think she took the expression to "eat your gun" literally. That's not how you do it, if she was serious about it.
  17. That poor M&P . . .
  18. Kingarthurhk

    Kingarthurhk Isaiah 53:4-9

    True, that is more deserving of a charter arms revolver.:supergrin:
  19. razdog76

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    She was just removing excess LSA the way she instructed. :whistling:

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