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Demoted for being republican, eh?

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Morris, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Sharkey


    Nov 21, 2006
    DFW, TX
    Who knows but I can see it happening.

    I attribute my "separation" from my last agency as being political, at least partially. The other part was monetary. Why pay an Inv. that is topped out when you can get a new one of your same party affiliation for 20K less?

    I had no other way to explain it since I was there for 10years and had 9yrs prior LE experience. All my evaluations were positive except for that last one.

    Loyalty to an agency is long gone and mostly because agencies are quick to throw their people on the sword for political reasons or political correctness. I saw my first agency Chief send a buddy to the wolves on a clean shoot to avoid racial issues. The D.A. filed murdered charges on him after the GJ true billed him?!

    No good deed goes unpunished..............
    Hey, I'm not bitter......................:whistling:

  2. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Politics go beyond parties and philosophies... but we all knew that when we started finding out who's the brown noser and who's the golden boy because of relations or some affirmative action considerations.
  3. Companies and agencies are all buttheads now. They fire experienced people for any reason because they can hire new people at a fraction of the price. Kind of sad because the guys that know things get gone.
  4. Which will/has ultimately destroy a career field. Tragic that we have come so far to fail as a career field.
  5. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Politics have been part of the police department since its inception, just how much you let it run the joint is up to those in command.
  6. I suppose that I am lucky in my agency that despite our small size, politics is remote. My first agency, however? Sheesh. Who knew the hyper wealthy could be so petty, huge whiners and spiteful?
  7. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    The hyper wealthy can be as petty and vindictive as anyone else who is not. People are people after all. We are no different from one another at the core, regardless of wealth.