Democratic Strategy Uncovered!

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by ked, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. i posted this in Okie Corral, but thought the PI section would like to see it also.

    [ame=""]fake faint - YouTube[/ame]

    not convinced yet? try this!

    [ame=""]Obama's Staged Fainting Act Exposed - YouTube[/ame]

  2. Seems legit. :whistling:

  3. :rofl:

    it's like a show, like WWE. But there are people, most people even, that watch this whole production and think it's real
  4. I can guarantee that the majority of the left's followers have no clue as to the lowdown strategy their leaders are employing. Hell, most of us in the know had a hard time accepting it! This kind of stuff only happens in novels and movies! The community organizer and his brood of vipers are on their A game.
  5. vote Republican

    vote Republican White and nerdy

    Next time pick one forum you want to post something in.

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