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Dell C600 laptop on home wireless network?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Wayne02, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Wayne02


    Dec 13, 2001
    My wife has a C600 running win98 that currently has the xircom network adapter/modem pci card installed. We have DSL running through the modem, router (linksys), and a hub (linksys) feeding four points in the house that are hardwired with cat5 cable. The C600 works fine when we plug it into our hardwired home network.

    However, she would like to use the laptop while sitting in bed (no hardwired network connection in the bedroom), and I would like to not have to run anymore cable in this house.

    Can the C600 be used on a wireless home network? Is there a different card we can buy to replace the xircom network adapter card? If so, where can we buy it? Can this be done using win98 as the OS? Yeah, I know 98 is bad, but I'd really like to not have to buy a copy of XP if at all possible in this endeavor. But if I really need to, I guess I will.

    Finally, how can I piggyback a wireless system onto our existing hardwired home network system? I have an open port on the hub I could use. Is there some sort of wireless router I could buy that would just plug into this open port and be in business???


    PC Cards
    CardBus controller Texas Instruments PCI 1420 CardBus controller
    PC Card connectors two Type II cards in any combination;
    one Type III card used only in the lower connector

    The lower connector supports zoomed video (ZV) cards on computers running the Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 operating system. The Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 operating system does not support ZV.
    Cards supported 3.3-V and 5-V

    * Type II and Type III PC Cards (including memory cards)
    * ATA cards that emulate IDE hard-disk drives
    * I/O cards such as modems, LAN cards, wireless LAN cards, and SCSI cards

    PC Card connector size 68 pins
    Data width (maximum):


    16 bits


    32 bits

  3. Wayne02


    Dec 13, 2001

    Looks like I'll get the WG511 card, and WGR614 wireless router.

    Silly question I know, but I assume the antenna is in the card?

  4. MikeG22

    MikeG22 CLM

    Jun 24, 2002
    San Diego