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Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. The Godfather

    The Godfather The Godfather

    Aug 24, 2007
    BS, Missouri
    I started to carry because a couple of years ago, I was hanging out talking to some friends in a parking lot late at night. We were approached my a couple of guys, all was fine until they both pulled out there pistols (.38 snubbies, I think). The made us line up and lay on the ground. In my mind it was going to be execution style. The guys hands were shaking so much, I thought we were going to get shot because of an AD. Long story short, they just wanted our cars. Luckily they did not take mine (they could not drive a manual transmission). Sucked to be the friends who had automatics.

    Since then, my first wife was NOT for CCW. My new wife is all for it!!!! As a matter of fact she also has her CCW permit and carries a Beretta Tomcat. She thinks the Glock is to bulky for her. So, it took me awhile to get the CCW permit, but I have it now and I almost NEVER leave home without it.

    Before I get hammered on this..........I was alot younger then and I realize now that I should NEVER have put myself in that position. There was no reason to be hanging out in a parking lot late at night. NOTHING good every comes from stuff like that!!! I am just glad I am here telling my story.
  2. The Godfather

    The Godfather The Godfather

    Aug 24, 2007
    BS, Missouri
    By just up the road from the Bannister Mall. Maybe 1/2 mile or so. This was a couple years ago.

  3. Stupid


    Oct 26, 2005
    Hurricane Rita evacuation. First time i ever loaded my M4 in my house, then I realized that I couldn't carry - not the M4, but my handguns because I didn't have a carry permit, nor did TX allow car carry back then. Followed my wife all the way through the jam-packed traffic that moved at 1 mile/hour with all my guns locked in cases on my back seat - not a comforting thing, but luckily things did not turn bad.

    Got my CHL right after. Another reason was because I am not a citizen and i am always subject to checks when illegals could have just lied on the form.

    Didn't carry for a long time and only did some car carry. Then one day 4 of us went to a club which was located at a far end of a very dark and deserted parking lot, far away from all the traffic. The club was terrible - no customers, so we decided to leave. Once we got into my car, a black SUV pulled right behind me and blocked us in. I could only drive forward into the club. For a long time, the SUV just sat there with no light no movement. I went to my gun stored in my console, but realized that i had left it with a gunsmith. I was sweating and was fully expecting some guys to jump out and proceed to rob us. Should that happen, I decided to drive into the club. Luckily, it was a carload of some girls.

    Since then, always carried.
  4. passive101


    Nov 26, 2006
    My moment was while I still lived in WI. I'm not going to go into the details here, but since that day I always carried. You can draw your own conclusions.
  5. MTPD


    Nov 9, 2005
    I was almost murdered at a remote lovers lane by a gang of butcher knife wielding Mex adults when still a kid. By a stroke of accidental good luck I happened to have my rabbit gun and a few shells on the floor of the back seat when they blocked us in and attacked, and having it saved my life and my date's life. It turned out they had committed a rape/murder at the same lovers lane a few weeks earlier. Been carrying ever since.
  6. Jav21

    Jav21 NRA BTW ILA Silver Member

    Aug 21, 2006
    My friends had gotten me into shooting by taking me to the range. It was at that point I started doing my own research into the history of firearm ownership in this country and around the world and crime statistics. One of my friends got one and I followed suite soon after.

    I didn't wait for a 'bad' thing to happen to me or my friends/family to get one.

    I like CCW but dislike that I have to register with the .gov to get the permit. It really is an indirect form of firearm registration as you have a person, place of residence and at least evidence of ownership.
  7. JJ.45


    Oct 4, 2007

    Good GOD! ***EDITED***. If that happened to me, I'd be one of those guys carrying a full size gun, bug, OC, tazer, knife, 2 extra mags, kevlar vest, etc....
  8. Sucka


    Dec 8, 2007
    I decided to get mine when i moved to a state that allows it (moved from So-Cal to Colorado). I had never given it much thought in California because i knew it wasn't an option, but i figure if i can, i will carry.
  9. Wasatch

    Wasatch back again

    Mar 15, 2006
    If that had happened to me as a teenager, I'd have saved up and bought a Glock Seven long ago.

    Humor aside, I'm glad you lived to tell us about this. I'm also happy to see that this thread is still alive and kickin'.
  10. legend


    Jan 18, 2005
    Cypress, TX
    For me it was just a part of life :) My dad got his CHL when they first pased the law (1995 I think?). The day I turned 21 I bought my first Sig Sauer, and within 1month of turning 21 my brother and I took the CHL class together.

    I used to not carry very often, but after the birth of our daughter (5months today) I carry everywhere I go...
  11. 654Boomer


    Nov 6, 2004
    January 1982.

    I had just gotten off work and was walking up to my apartment door (2nd floor standing at my door entry) at about 1:00 AM. I had watched this suspicious looking vehicle driving up and down the road in front of my apartment with lights off after i had gotten off the bus. With street lights and a light snow falling, it was fairly "bright" outside for 1:00 AM. The car pulls up in front of my apartment, driver window opens, and a series of gun shots go off--with the brilliant flames! The "perp" emptied his pistol into the big living room window of the apartment across the street. Seems he didn't like his estranged wife living with her new boyfriend!. Car quietly drives off; no one injured but glass was all over her and in the living room. She was watching televison, and had fallen asleep on the sofa inches below the window and woke up with glass shattering all over her. Good thing she didn't pop up at the sound of the breaking glass until the weapon was unloaded.:wow:

    I called the police immediately and they met with me, took my statement, and picked up the empty casings from the light snow that had fallen. By my description of the car--and their interview with the estranged wife--they quickly located the perp, took him to jail, and confiscated his pistol. SHE REFUSED TO PRESS CHARGES and left the apartment within hours--for good! Never came back.

    I came home the next night believing that this perp is in jail. NO. He had been released--and while reading the newspaper in my apartment, I see MY FULL LEGAL NAME, AGE, and APARTMENT ADDRESS posted as the one who reported the shooting. They published the estranged wife's name and address in the article also, but DID NOT put the *@#%$!& perp's name in the paper. I have NO IDEA what the perp looks like, his name, or his address. I am sitting in my living room reading this and believe that I have just become the target for this nutcase--with no weapon at my disposal, not even a baseball bat. Maybe a kitchen butter knife and a half-empty mik jug. *@#%$!& INCREDIBLE.:steamed:

    I went to the newspaper when they opened in the morning and asked why MY NAME and ADDRESS were published? I was FURIOUS.:steamed: They said with the deer in the headlights look . . . "We just took the information from the police report and we just wanted to show what a GOOD CITIZEN I was. Everything will be OK.":steamed:

    I went to talk to the police. They were not much better--"You demonstrated that you were a "model citizen" to report the shooting.":shocked: I told them right there that this "model citizen" was going out to purchase a weapon and within one hour I would be armed to protect myself! Probably not the smartest thing I ever said, but I do believe that the police officer that I talked too was a little sympathetic. He read the article and appeared to be a little upset as well.

    I immediately went to my local gun store and bought a brand new royal blue Colt Python with 8 inch barrel (.357 Magnum), several hundred rounds of ammo, and stoked it with 158 grain hollow points after a day of shooting at the gun range.

    Never did hear from the perp or anyone else.
  12. orangedawg19


    Feb 1, 2006
    Nearly was a victim to a forced home invasion by 2 African-american individuals in a white suburban middle-class neighborhood when I was 10 years old with just my grandma at home. Almost busted down the door, but left after pleading with them to go and we werent going to open the door but call the cops. :rolleyes:

    A more recent event that happened right after I got my first handgun (no carry license yet) was I went to visit my mom who just moved up to a surrounding city near Atlanta, GA, pretty urban, malls, new construction, etc. Went to get some gas with her, fill up her tank, and a 82 busted darktint chrysler with out of state tags pulls up , 25 yr old white thug guy driving and same age african-american buddy in the passenger seat. They stop perpendicular right in front of my mom's car while I'm filling it up. Passenger smiling at us the whole time, white guy opens the door and starts to get out, but then 3 customers walk out of the store area and he just gets back in and drives off. They circle us and leave, but the whole time the hairs on back of my neck were up and i just had that gut feeling that I would of had to shoot and wished I had my gun on me instead of in my car in a holster.

    Carry at all times, be vigilant, don't care who ridicules you the fact you carry, what you carry, how much you carry, and anything involving your safety or self-defense. These people don't understand because they've never been in a situation where there was imminent grave danger to themselves or their family around them by others they do not know or even acquaintances.
  13. JMG22


    Dec 11, 2007
    L.I N.Y
    Basically, to have a real alternative as to being a victim or not. Do not take a knife to a gun fight.
  14. Can't CCW here.
    But if I could...the defining moment would have been...

    I was about 19 at the time...
    A woman my dad is currently about to marry and has loved for a while, when she was with her ex-husband he beat her severely. Her sons beat her too. And I think her daughter.
    So my dad took her in.

    Anyway ex-hubby didn't like that. Neither did abusive kids. So they started coming around. Yelling into the windows. Threatening to kill us, etc. Her ex-husband threatened to shoot my dad.

    We called the po-lice. What did they say?
    "Oh well...if someone threatens to kill you, they probably won't actually do it."
    I am not making it up, I heard it with my own two ears.

    It takes police 12 minutes or so to respond to the highest-priority call in my city. No lie.
    But they were just bored with the story and my dad and his girlfriend all upset and shaken up.

    I had people in my yard in the middle of the night who jumped the fence. The police didn't give a damn.

    If the cops are not gonna protect me, my own police officer is my 870. :)
  15. cloudbuster


    Mar 17, 2005
    I don't know if you're still reading this thread, but in hindsight, if you were in that situation again, would you have obeyed? You were lucky, but in general the thought of just laying there and letting myself be executed ... just, no.
  16. GLK38

    GLK38 ImRonBurgundy?

    Apr 6, 2007
    Orlando, FL
    VERY long story short. Some psycho shot out my back window as I was driving 70 mph on a highway. Recently turned 21 I was convinced to get my CCW before that but the shooting kinda gave me a kick in the arse to get it. That was 5 months ago.
  17. The Godfather

    The Godfather The Godfather

    Aug 24, 2007
    BS, Missouri
    Unfortunately, I do not know if I would of complied. Looking back on it, everytime I got a chance to look up, they were VERY pre-occupied with trying to get my car started. I would of had plenty of chances to "Draw" down on them. Hindsight tells me that I probably would not of complied and all HELL would of broken loose, because it was found out later that there were 5 other guys watching from the other side of the fench (probably armed as well) In reality, I am glad that everything worked out.
  18. CTW

    CTW Got Beer?

    Jul 26, 2007
    It was 14 years ago and I was standing in a friends front yard at about 10 PM one night chatting with a couple friends. We were just standing out there smoking a cigarette when a neighbor of his came down the road in a very nice camaro, so obviously we were checking out his car as any 20 year old kid would have done. So this guy pulls into the house about 5 houses down and gets out of his car and just stares at us for a couple of minutes like we had done something wrong to him and he was obviously very drunk. Finally he went in his house and we thought that was the end of it. about five minutes later he came walking down the sidewalk toward us with a pint of whiskey in his hand. When he walked up he was just talking to us and drinking the whiskey. This guy was really loaded. My one friend decided to leave and as he was pulling out of the driveway this guy pulled a S&W 10mm auto out of his waistband. My buddy drove away and I was not sure if he saw it or not. So about this time myself and my other buddy went to go inside and that is when he totally changed. He would not let us leave and he kept pointing his pistol at us threatening us and taunting us saying if I didnt have this you guys would kick my ass huh! Well at the time we were all 19 and 20 year old kids so none of us had a cell phone and it turned out my friend that left did see what happened and drove straight to the local police station which was about 10 blocks away. After about 40 minutes of being with this guy and not sure what to do we saw our friends car pull up down the road and a police car pull in behind it with their lights off. This idiot was getting crazier each time he took a swig from his bottle, he had almost finished a pint just standing there with us. I was hoping that the bad guy would not see it but he did and got real scared. He went and hid his pistol in the bushes and me and my buddy were getting ready to tear him apart when black clad figures started coming out of back yards all around us. They put us all on the ground until sorting it out. As soon as they let us up I showed one of the officers where the pistol was hidden. He picked it up, dropped the mag out, racked the slide and a hollowpoint came out of the chamber. That is when I asked him what caliber it was and he showed it to me. Any how the neighbor was charged with a concealed weapon charge and I think agg assault with a firearm, we had to all go down to the police station and make statements they recorded to use in court. Ever since that when I turned 21 I obtained a CWP and carried a weapon, it was a real eye opener.
  19. TacticalRecon


    Oct 11, 2007
    CTW: What caliber do you carry now because of that experience? 9mm, .45 or 10mm?
  20. CTW

    CTW Got Beer?

    Jul 26, 2007
    I carry a .40 glock 23 most of the time because the Sheriffs office I work for uses them and if I carry a dep approved weapon off duty they tend to like it better. In the summer here though I carry a 9mm pocket pistol alot of times, but am not sold on its reliability yet. I will see when it comes back from kel-tec from getting warranty work done. If I am not satisfied I am replacing it with a S&W .38 airweight. I used to carry a .45 at one time, it was a S&W 457 and I regret getting rid of it