Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. I don't feel like typing up the whole story, but basically I was robbed at gunpoint in 1995, including forcing me to my knees and putting a 1911 to the back of my head AFTER I had handed over all the money.

    For a couple years after that I have a little victim syndrome, wanting to cap a bad guy. Fortunately I am long over that, but still carry "just in case".

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  2. Well, let me start by saying that this is no way ment to bash/insult the fine men & women in LE. But my move to get a concealed weopons permit stemed from an encounter with 2 young inexperienced police officer.

    I was in my early 20's and had a gun in a zippered case in the glove box. Was comming back from a scuba diving trip in the keys when I noticed flshing lights.... pulled over and when prompted for reg, ins, and lic. I told the officer that they were in the glove box along with a gun. The guy freaked! asked me to step out put hands on the hood and called for back up. Dont know what he said but very quickly some other guy showed up and started to tell the other guy that I had committed a felony ( or something like was almost 20 years ago) was about to be cuffed when a sgt showed up. I asked him if I could ask him a question. This seemed to catch off guard ( guess because I was very polite and calm). Asked if it was against the law to have a cased gun in the glove box. he said not as long as it wasn't stolen... ( again details foggy) they checked out the gun and everythig tured out ok. and the sgt then suggested to get the CCW lic because this would avoid things like this from happening. They weren't jerks or nothing like that but other than the SGt. they seemed to be lacking knowledge ( and I mean alot) about how to clear a gun. the second on scence actually went to check the pistol (1911 which had a mag in it but didn't have 1 chambered) and ended up loading a round (never removed the mag) then didn't know how get the slide to stay open.:sad: I thought that he was going to have an AD. Worst part about it they let me go and I never found out why they pulled me over

  3. JASV.17

    JASV.17 Prime Example

    No defining moments. I'm just not interested in being a victim.
  4. Wasatch

    Wasatch back again

    I, too, have all the respect in the world for all LE professionals, and I've never had a negative experience with a "routine stop," and I've been pulled over 3-4 times while armed (registration--oops). All positive experiences, never disarmed, never asked to exit my vehicle, etc.

    That said, LEOs are not gods, and none are perfect. I've made it a short-term goal to speak with LEO friends about police protocol, etc, to have a basic understanding of my rights, just so I don't get walked all over by an ignorant LEO. I'd never be the mongrel idiot who gets in an officer's face and give him/her the ol' I-know-my-rights speech, but I'd like to know where to draw the line.
  5. I am bored, so why not.

    I was managing a Dominos Pizza in St. Louis city. Not a real bad neighborhood, but you knew you were in the city. There was a mag lock on the drivers door that secured the store. The front door for customers was locked. Anyway, I am doing food inventory about 11pm. Both drivers were on deliveries, and I was alone. I come around the oven towards the front of the store, and there is a kid, probably about 13 with a pubescent voice, wearing black "parachute" pants and jacket, with a white t-shirt wrapped around his face. But what I really noticed was the 1911 in .45. I did not own any guns at the time, but had grown up around them and knew what it was. Looking down the barrel is intimidating as it appears to be a sewer drain.

    He yelled that he wanted the money. I was a few feet away from the front till, which had probably $60 in it. I opened it up and stepped back. He cleaned it out, pointed the gun at me, and wanted more money. I took him into the back office, where a till drawer was on the counter with several hundred in it "pre-counted" to make closing easy. There was a clipboard over the cash, but the coin was exposed. I didn't think about it, and opened the back till drawer where most of the money was at this point (~$800 IIRC, including checks which the little bastard also took).

    While he was cleaning the drawer out, I tried to walk out. I was going to run to my car and just leave him there, calling 911 from my cell. He pointed the gun at me again, and made me come back in.

    At that point he told me to turn around, which I did. He put his knee into the back of mine and pushed me down to my knees. He put the muzzle right against my head, about where the spine goes into the bottom of the skull. That moment seemed like forever, at which point he jerked, then ran off. To this day I am not sure if he pulled the trigger, but it didn't go off. No idea.

    I didn't think to check to see that the hammer was cocked. If down, I could have shove it up his..... You can second guess that forever though, and just have to move on. The police never had a suspect, or contacted me after the initial report.

    Two other incidents happened after that. I started carrying a S&W 3913 shortly after the robbery, and until I left Dominos I never went to work without. Anyway one night a scruffy looking big guy comes in with a big green army duffel bag. My phone girl (16 y/o 100#) is going to wait on him, and I am making pizzas around the corner, but in sight if I look over my shoulder. The customer bends down behind the counter where we could not see him for several seconds. Phone girl looks terrified, so I reach down, flip the safety off, and acquire a full grip w/o pulling from the holster. The dude pops up over the counter, pointing his "hand gun" (finger barrel), the starts laughing. Turns out he was mildly retarded, and hungry. I talked to him while his food was cooking, and explained how close he came to getting his brains sprayed all over the wall.

    Yet another night I was delivering pizzas, with the 3913 in a shoulder holster under a jacket. Coming back to my car two thugs walking down the street say "hey pizza boy, what you gonna do if we decide to rob you?" As I reach in my jacket, break the thumb break, and flip off the safety I say "whatever the ____ I have to!". I did not remove the gun from under the jacket, and they decided to turn and walk away. Not sure if they knew I was armed, or if me knowing I was made me exude enough confidence that they decided to find something else to do.

    Since leaving Dominos in 1998, I have never had a need to reach for a gun.
  6. Defining moment:

    In 1999 I had seven Hispanics (I'm sure they were just hard working family oriented people looking for work) kick in my back door and proceed to rob my home with me, girl friend, and one other friend IN THE HOUSE.

    I purchased a S&W shortly after. Then I wised up and bought my Glock a year ago and joined the site.

    With my wife and child now with me I feel every home owner should own at least one firearm of any kind.
  7. ecmills

    ecmills I shoot guns.

    I turned 21.
  8. i had just got stationed in Montgomery AL, first day me and my wife moved in our new apartment someone came in and stole my wallet off the kitchen counter while me and my wife were in the bed room. constant shootings all over the city, city police or sheriffs making vists once or twice a day to my complex every day. and i live in the "nice" part of montgomery.
  9. SSG


    Talk to cops, the only real, uninterpreted way to carry a gun in your car, going to the range, ect, is to have a CCW. Forget what you heard, in a paper bag, in the trunk unloaded, on the dash, exposed on your hip...

    Walk down the street with a gun on your hip, except in some podunk town in AZ and the cops will show up, at gunpoint.

    A CCW allows you to carry and not be branded someone who is concealing a gun illegaly, it's $50 worth of insurance.

    I never carry a gun, but I drive to the range, gun stores afterworld with the gun in a bag, in my car, that's considered concealed by many.

    IMHO, having a CCW for all practical purposes is the only way to transport a gun without any issues.

    If I need to have a gun where I live, then it's time to move, not safe for me, or family. If I need it for work, then I made that decision to carry.

    If you get into a shooting, then having a CCW means you were atleast checked out, and you went through a class, that means you have some reasonable sense of training and that your somewhat upstanding, that helps you.
  10. No violent crime where you live or no chance of it!! WOW
    Where do you live so I can move.
  11. I turned 21. I had been waiting for years at that point.
  12. SSG


    Oregon - Pacific NW.

    Plenty of poeple carry up here, almost a given, but I still haven't heard of a mugging, car jacking, ...a few home invasions, but they were druggies on druggies....

    Low crime. Hey if you want to live in a high crime place, your choice, don't ***** about it.
  13. SSG


    I shoot three times a week +,

    carrying a gun is uncomfortable, a helluva responsibility in a place with little to no violent crime, don't need to.

    Guns aremt the only options for self's really a last resort, not a first resort...
  14. I moved from Allentown, Pa to N.E. Pa to get away from the "city" life. Since I moved I found there is crime no matter where you go.

    This weekend where I live.

    I'll continue to carry.
  15. Agreed, but when you at your last resort where will you gun be?
  16. Better to have a gun and not need it than need a gun and not have it. And that's my motto about carrying a gun. I figure, as a civilian, I am also a member of the N. Texas miltia.

    Also see the Second Amendment.

    And keep in mind, not only are we given the ability to protect ourselves from the BG's, the second amendment is also there for civilians to protect ourselves against our own government and LE agencies. :thumbsup:
  17. I live in a small town in NC with a low crime rate, but I also realize that crime has no boundaries. The BGs dont care how nice my community is or how comftorable I feel about where I live. I see in the news everyday and hear from my friends and family about the increasing violence all around the country and I feel that it is my resonsibility to protect my friends, family and loved ones.

    I grew up in a very pro gun family and have always had a huge intrest in firearms and hunting. I guess the defining moment actually took took place over 3 years of getting to know a lady that a have became very good friends with. Long story short she was beatin and abused by a former boyfriend many years ago and even raped in a parking lot in broad daylight. Since meeting her and learning her story and hearing just a fraction of some of the horrible things that have happined to her I decided I wanted to be prepaired to defend myself and my loved ones. That, along with my love for firearms and the right to keep and bear arms is the reason I carry.
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  19. Wasatch

    Wasatch back again

    Thanks for posting, r3dot. Here's to age 21. It sounds like you've had a few run-ins but have been lucky/smart enough to avoid making things worse. Armed or not, you're just trying to make it home at night. Good on you for making that happen many times over. Best of luck leading up to your 21st birthday.

    As for the crazy criminals, I'd hope they're in prison, but that's a false hope--they aren't. Sure, violent criminals do some minimal jail/prison time, where they're truly educated in criminal tactics and have little else to do than lift weights and "talk shop" in their free time. But then they're released on "good behavior," and they're back on the street to engage in more mayhem.

    So I'd add that another defining moment for me was when I learned about the revolving-door policies we currently have in the Dept. of Corrections throughout the nation.

    "I work in Corrections. I know evil, and evil people are released into society every Tuesday."
    -- Paraphrased from a member a few years back
  20. Because it's my right to do so. Rights are like muscles, You don't use them then you'll lose them! As a LEO I don't need a CHL but as a citizen I have exercised my right to get one. I am also in the process of getting my non-resident CCW's from Utah, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

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