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Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. ElectricZombie


    Sep 15, 2003
    I decided to carry for several reasons.

    1. It's the responsible thing to do.
    2. Only sheep run about unarmed.
    3. I've had a few occasions where I really wished I had a gun, but didn't. It's not a good feeling.
  2. ashecht


    Feb 10, 2010
    Charlotte NC
    I CCW because carrying a cop is TOO heavy. Because I have seen several friends become victims of random violence, in the nicest parts of town, in broad daylight. I CCW because I want the playing field to be even if it every comes down to it

  3. KTM950S


    Aug 22, 2007
    Defining moment that led me to CCW? Hmm, there never really was one.:headscratch:

    All I know is that I have deeply ingrained childhood memories of being taught that I was responsible for my own personal safety, and when I turned 18 my parents gave me an old Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380. They told me to carry it at all times and that's just the way it was.

    Although mom and dad were educated (mother was an academic), upstanding, law abiding citizens, I know they didn't pay much attention to whether or not the authorities gave me permission.

    Now what I can do is show you the defining moments when I discovered the importance of CCW.:supergrin:

    And here they are...the smug look at 2:42, and that stupid elitist smug smirk at 4:55.:steamed:
  4. bmylesk


    Jul 2, 2010
    SLC, UT
    Amen brother!
    1) also i was born in Alabama, so guns are a passion.
    2) if we don't exercise our freedoms and right, they'll be taken
    3) im a veteran of the Airforce, therefore i will protect my fellow citizens abroad and here as well. (cops cant be every where at once)
    4) when i was younger, my mother, sister, and grandmother were robber by ignorant "thugs" at gun point. thankfully they took off afterwords, and nothing else.
  5. RedRyder21


    Oct 26, 2004
    My first experience was when I was about 12. My parents and I were at my grandmothers house, which is very rural. My grandmother one day, while we were visiting, got a phone call from one of her old lady friends in town, who always had a scanner on.

    Her old lady friend told her the Sheriffs Departments was in pursuit of an inmate who had escaped the (po-dunk) county jail and was spotted near her house! A few minutes later she called back and told my grandmother the man had got a hold of a boat and was going down the river which is about 500 yards from the house.

    At this point my mother got a little worried, and woke up my father who was taking a nap. I remember we locked the doors, and later that evening heard they had caught the guy.

    I remember being worried because all we had in the house, was an ancient single shot .410. I will never forget the feeling of being that young, and worried about what might happen if the inmate had made it to the house and got inside. I will never forget standing at the windows and watching the fields for an inmate being chased by L.E. on foot coming up through the fields from the woodline where the river is.

    I have had very minor indent's since then, but that was the first time I truly thought about my safety and the fact L.E. was a long ways away. This was also in the days before 911.

    I now conceal carry EVERYWHERE!
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  6. homeyclaus


    Aug 1, 2007
    I carry because of how much I dread the idea of standing at the pearly gates with my family and having to explain why I did not defend them. I am glad to live in a country that allows me the reasonably effective means of doing so.
  7. heehaw


    Mar 31, 2010
    I don't drink so turning 21 wasn't a big deal. In missouri you must be 23 years of age to obtain the CCW permit, so that's what I did!
  8. cole9x19


    Apr 3, 2010
    I am new to glocktalk, but already a big fan.
    anyways, my defining moment came when I was around 16.
    Me and a friend were skateboarding in the parking lot of a local
    Tom Thumb grocery store. I wasnt paying much attention to traffic or
    anyone but my skating until I heard someone yell hey. I looked up to see
    about 4 guys in a car and the back drivers side passenger lifted up and pointed
    out the window at me what now I believe was at least a .45.. I remember looking right
    into the barrel and not knowing what to do.. he just laughed and they took off. but since then Ive wanted to carry. I own a g 19 I just havent had the opportunity to get my license yet.
  9. ImpactBlue


    Jul 10, 2010
    I'm also new to the forums, and shot a handgun (g17) for the first time last summer with a close friend of mine from high school. He got me hooked and I've been shooting glocks at the range ever since.

    I guess I've had a few defining moments.

    My best friend and team member (I race cars with a tight knit group of friends in the summer) lived in Minneapolis, MN back in late 2007 and 2008. It was in a pretty bad part of town. I heard gun shots more than my fair share of times sitting on the porch there.

    I went to the gas station one night to pick up some pop once at about 10pm only to almost get jumped over a quarter. He ripped my car door open and got in my face. Not that a gun would have helped me in such a situation...but it happened more than once, and I wasn't always in my car.

    My friend that owned the house was driving home and was shot at by people in another vehicle about 2 blocks from the house.

    I've just seen too much bad stuff happen to good people, and although my incidents aren't too exciting or dangerous per se', this thread has blown me away with some of the stories I've read. It's enough for me to smarten up and prepare myself.

    I pick up my gen 4 glock 19 tomorrow. Then it's off to the range to hone my skills before I sign up for my permit class.
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  10. Silver01


    Jul 28, 2009
    If I may break in here. I don't want to sound preachy, but I think it's always important to remind yourself and everyone else, that to keep and bear arms, is not allowed by the government. It's an inalienable right. Rights can't be allowed or forbidden. You just have them. If you get deprived of these rights, it's not because anyone was entitled to do so, but because someone stronger than you (for example because he/she is backed up by an army) is a criminal.
  11. I decided to carry simply because I can and make full use of this right! No defining momment just want to make sure I have the proper tools and training to protect my family and self if ever needed.
  12. Nope. I was a sheeple like most. Not antigun just indifferent. Then I had a gun shoved in my nose in Orlando FL in broad daylight in an attempted carjacking by a whacko as high as a kite and escaped with my life and those of my family members. I came straight home and applied for as many permits as I could get my hands on to permit me to carry in as many states as I possibly could. And I began my quest for the perfect carry piece and method.

    Two years ago we had an attempted home invasion and it was seconds between the perps getting taken down at gunpoint by LE and them getting in the house. I was on the phone with the 911 operator and had to put the phone on handsfree while she told me to gather my family in a safe place. You're ****tin' me, right? These guys have guns and if they get it there is no safe place. And they are going out feet first I assure you. And with that I had finished getting out my 12 guage, loading it to capacity with 00 self defense rounds and racked the first round. Cops showed up maybe fifteen seconds later and took the idiots down at gunpoint, waited several minutes to allow me to put my shotgun away and then knocked on the door. The rest, as they say, is history. NOT fast enough for me. Today I have a small safe in the bedroom and have cut the time to get armed from 5 or 10 seconds down to perhaps 2 seconds and I am still not happy but need to abide by the law. We also have a guard dog that is the sweetest early warning system you could want and if we push the panic button or the perimeter is breached two 125dB sirens go off, the police are called on landline (buried), and the downstairs and outside lights flash on and off to both alert the intruders and the police during the dark hours and permit us to take good aim and make sure we are not targetting the next door neighbor who has come home with a few too many in his tummy and picked the wrong house.

    And.... the next intruder, carjacker or assailant that places me in fear of imminent grievous bodily harm or death is going home feet first. Of that I can assure you. My rules of engagement are ingrained, trained, practiced on a regular basis and autopilot will engage. I also carry the phone numbers of two major legal firms in my wallet and know exactly what to do and say should I ever find myself in a lethal force encounter. And last but not least, I have no pride in turning and running from such an encounter to avoid the grief that such an encounter will most assuredly bring to many people, not the least of whom is myself.

    AVOID, but if you cannot avoid take the action that you must and do it without hesitation or thought. It must be reflexive lest the bad guy get the drop on you. Lest the bad guy prove a better shot than you. Lest your family wind up at the short end of the stick.

    I know why I carry 100% and I train and practice several times a year, knowing my rules of engagement and my actions following the encounter.

    I don't wish a lethal force encounter on anyone, but if you are left without choice walk tall and carry a big stick. Do not hesitate to use it. In a gunfight there is no second place.
  13. I carry a spare tire in my car in case of a flat.
    I wear my seat belt in case of an accident.
    I take vitamins in case of a cold.

    Why wouldn't I train and carry a concealed weapon in case of a life threatening situation.

    When I started to carry my wife used to ask me why am I putting that "thing" on. Since then, more than once when in a scary place or confronted with suspect individuals she has whispered to me "you have your gun, right?".

    Been carrying for 9 years. Constitutional carry starts next Friday in AZ. Guess who Wants a ccw purse next Friday?
  14. homeyclaus


    Aug 1, 2007
    Understood, and I thought for some time on how to word it. I guess "does not deny me the right" is a better phrase to use. This being said, this is a right denied to many who legally reside, work, and contribute to the USA while they live here. They may not intend to immigrate, but should be allowed the same protections everyone else is. Just my take. Other people may say that foreigners can FOAD.
  15. Van12


    Dec 31, 2008
    SE Michigan
    I decided to carry for a few reasons...luckily, none of which were a threat of violence to me or my family...

    After buying my first pistol (G19), conversations with some of my family and friends would of course turn to guns at some point. I discovered that 5-6 of my friends and family carried concealed and that it is not only legal, but fairly easy to get with a clean record and a little patience. I've lived in Michigan my whole life, and my father is a retired LEO...but I didn't know until recently that we're a SHALL ISSUE state, Open Carry is legal, etc!

    I also learned from my friends, family, and most of the posters on GT that it's not vigilantes and G.I. Joe wannabes that's NORMAL everyday people that choose to protect themselves this way. When I appeared before our county's gun board last week, there was one fellow in there just like me...and two other guys that brought their families! It was really cool to see that these were upstanding citizens protecting themselves and their families.

    It's been quite an education. I've learned a lot by reading up on the law, of course taking the NRA course, magazine/net articles, etc. I can honestly say that I've learned more by reading GlockTalk! The members here are generally very knowledgeable, and they've helped shape my understanding of not only the WHEN and HOW of carrying, but WHY. The amount of responsibility is awesome, but so is the responsibility of protecting my family.

    Bottom line, in my mind...I'll have a fighting chance if it hits the fan and I'm put in a life or death situation.

  16. vtbluegrass


    Dec 1, 2009
    Virginia Tech, I was at my office on the other side of campus oblivious to what was happening not far from where we sat.
    The August before that happened at the beginning of the fall semester some guy in jail got taken to the hospital and broke out from there killing police officers and was finally captured hours later on a trail just off campus. So twice in nine months there were heavily armed officers walking around campus. Kinda surreal.
  17. GeorgiaRedfish

    GeorgiaRedfish Senior Member

    Jun 29, 2010
    Right behind you...
    When I realized it was my responsibility to protect me and my girlfriend, and no one else was going to do it. Wasn't a moment i just realized one day before i was old enough and the day after my birthday i went to the Probate court.
  18. crsuribe

    crsuribe 10mm Auto

    Jul 3, 2010
    Oh man... I come from Colombia, South America. My dad is an American Citizen who lives there but it wasn't until I turned 24 that I moved to the U.S

    I can't even begin to describe all the horrible things I witnessed growing up in Colombia. I've seen random people being murdered, have had people I knew murdered, I was almost kidnapped when I was 3, mugged lots of times... hell I've even been mugged by the cops and so has my dad. In fact, crooked cops stole his BMW and almost killed him.

    I've always been into guns. When I was little I won medals shooting pneumatic pistols. My dad had a P7M8 given to him by H&K for helping them fix a problem they had with the military (my dad was friends with all the commanders of the Colombian armed forces back then). This gun, among a few others was stolen from us by my dad's lawyer.

    I always wished I could carry a weapon. Everytime I was mugged or assaulted or whenever I found myself in a dangerous situation, I dreamed about having a gun.

    So many times I've felt so helpless because I didn't have one... but in Colombia it's next to impossible to legally own, let alone carry a weapon. I mean, sure you can buy a .38spl snubby illegally for $100USD and they'll even give you a box of ammo, or a selective fire, full-auto capable Galil for $2500USD but there's just no way you'll get a permit from the GVT to buy a gun legally and even if you pull it off, a Glock 26 costs about $3500USD after taxes and the only ammo you'll be allowed to buy is their crappy 9mm NATO FMJ which seems way downgraded to me 'cause it kicks about as much as a .22lr should.

    It's just ridiculous. In that country only two kind of people are allowed to be armed: GVT officials (cops, Amry, etc) and criminals.

    Also goes to show how much gun control really works when there are people who don't give a damn about the law.

    Heh, and now I heard they're gonna ban knives and anybody carrying one will receive the same penalties they would if they were caught with an illegal firearm. What a madhouse.

    So yeah now I'm in the U.S and I feel lucky as hell that this is a country where people still get to enjoy freedom, at least to a certain extent, which is more than you can say about a lot (or most, or all) of places out there.

    I don't have a handgun yet. Only a 10/22 but I'm trying to find a good deal on a G.20 SF, which is my dream gun. I've only been here for a little less than 4 months, so my budget is pretty tight.

    After I get my gun, I will take the class and apply for an Ohio CHL and then try to invest in a G.29 for everyday carry.

    I've read EVERY post in this thread and several other threads and I refuse to live in fear now that I'm in a country that allows me to arm and protect myself. My wife, who is an American from a pretty traditional American family will do the same. We'll get her a G.26 and her license as soon as we get the chance.
  19. DasBulk


    Apr 11, 2009
    That's cool and all. Really good that you got yourself into a healthier enviroment. Welcome to America.
    But, 9mmNATO kicking like a 22?
    Respectfully, I don't belive you were being sold honest NATO ammunition.
  20. crsuribe

    crsuribe 10mm Auto

    Jul 3, 2010
    That's exactly my point. That ammo seemed 'watered down' to me. When I came to America and bought my 10/22 I went to a public range in my area where I met this really nice guy who offered to let me shoot his guns after he was impressed with my shooting. One of them was a 9mm and even though it was just loaded with white box ball ammo, the recoil and the loud bang took me by surprise. I had fired 9mm's a lot in Colombia and the recoil was always really light, and even back then I knew there had to be something wrong with that ammo. You would always get at least 1 dummy per box of 50. It was ridiculous. Still, it was hot enough for guns to cycle it. And that's all you're allowed to buy for your guns in Colombia, since imported ammo and hollow points are all banned there.

    Also, thanks for the Welcome to America.. I love this country and have been very happy since I arrived here.