Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. g23md

    I'm a pretty passive guy, and though I grew up hunting and can handle a rifle and shotgun as well as the next fellow, I had never owned a handgun. I recently built a car wash, and am often there late at night working (after my day job). There were just too many guys wandering around who looked like they had no business being there. My wife is no fan of guns, but she worried about me working late at the car wash, and when I told her I was thinking of getting a concealed carry permit she blew me away by essentially telling me to do it, and do it now. A Glock 23 and a Crossbreed IWB later I'm feeling much better. I've got the hardware, now I'm working hard on improving my skills. Maybe that's reverse order, but I'll get there.

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  2. Poppa Bear

    Poppa Bear Protective G'pa

    There is no wrong order, what is important is you recognizing that you need the extra training to better understand the legal issues and the skills issues of carrying a firearm. There are too many out there that carry with little or no training in the use of weapons either mentally or physically.

    Everyone does not need to drop a couple of grand on the premier schools just to become qualified, but taking the time to read up on the subject and take at least a couple of simple classes dealing with the legal issues or marksmanship training cannot hurt.

  3. ragu1macrider

    ragu1macrider Deceased

    Just turned 21, 42 years ago, Had my 1st really good job at WT Grant Dept Store. Manager and I used to take the deposit to the bank every nite, he carried, I didn't. Eventually he allowed me to take the deposit to the bank...told me to get a gun. I got an old German Luger 7.65 from my FIL and made a shoulder rig for it.
    I have carried every day that I lived in PA since then. I moved to OH for 2 years. didn't carry on my person for those 2 years but always hay a gun with me at home, in the car, or at work.
    In all these years I've only had 4 occasions where I felt threatened enough that I was happy to have my gun on me. 3 times with my wife present, multiple thugs acting foolishly, just had to show the gun holster and that deminished the threat. 1 time alone in the car a punk pulled up beside me and held up a 25 auto, the windows were down, I said "that's cute", and held up my 4516.:wow: and he peeled rubber. I turned in his license number but never heard anything.
  4. The two main reasons for me were the outcome of the Presidential election and that coupled with the tanking economy. Desperate times bring out desperate people that will do anything to survive.
  5. I grew up in an O.C. legal state.
    Then moved to Texas.
    In 1981, a recently paroled convict tried to kidnap me in Houston.
    By the grace of God and marathon training, I was able to get away.
    My first and main thought was "Where is my pistol; why don't I have a gun now?"
    I spoke with two career Houston P. D. officers. Both said to carry concealed, anyway, even thoughit was illegal at the time.
    When Texas offered CHL's, I signed up and got one.
    If you are ever threatened with your life while unarmed, you will see this issue differently, as I did. The old saying "Would you rather be judged by twelve or carried by six?" suddenly takes on a new, really personal, meaning.
    May God save America !
  6. Well said, Levieux! Another way that I have put it is: I would much rather be in a position of always carrying a gun and never needing to use it, than to be in the horrible position of needing a gun and not having one.
  7. Multiple factors compounded over time to lead me to CCW:

    1). Having grown up hunting and being pretty comfortable handling guns, I always had an affinity for them. That gave me a basic foundation.
    2). Later in life I simply became more aware of how easy it was for the bad guys to win.
    3). Lots of good input from folks like G. Gordon Liddy and Sean Hannity.
    4). Reflecting upon how my job takes me on the road frequently at odd hours.
    5). Some good conversations with friends who were cops and ex-cops.
    6). Reading David Klinger's recent book, Into the Kill Zone. As an ex-LA cop, he does an excellent job discussing multiple aspects of what it means to carry a weapon and using it when necessary. Although the book focuses on LEO situations, many of the principles apply to CCW for civilians.
    7). My normal manly desire to protect my castle and my family.
    8). A sense of ethical obligation---more than just the bad guys need to carry. If my carrying will some day save my life or another innocent person's life, than I say "Bravo!" [I'm sure there are many other reasons, but I think these are the main ones.]
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  8. Harley Rider 1955

    Harley Rider 1955 Senior Member

    The reason I got a permit?
    I got tired of trying to conceal (legally) a shotgun or carbine under a long coat. When my state allowed permits for concealed handguns, I got one.
  9. panzer1

    panzer1 NRA MEMBER

    I was always saying I was going to do it when I moved to P.A. from L.I. in 1996.I was always in to firearms & had rifles & did buy some hand guns to shoot at the range & for H/D but always said I was going to get my CCW.I will get it this week,this week,etc,etc. Then came 9/11/01-911. I got it as soon as I could. I can not even think of not having one now. I don't go anywhere with out my gun NO WHERE. Only the P/O & the P/R of NY or NJ or if the law won't let me. I can tell you this I don't like not having it not with me! That for sure.
    P.S. I do train & shoot a lot. I train not just at the range shooting but my mind as well. Train,Train & train some more.
  10. panzer1

    panzer1 NRA MEMBER

    I like #5
  11. bridros

    bridros VFW AMVET NRA

    I have always hunted and been around guns, always had a pistol next to my bed after returning from Vietnam. My wife to further her career took a job selling cars 80+ miles away from our home and we both had to travel long lonely roads driving back and forth on our days off. We both got our carry permits and she a .38 (S&W 442) and I a G27 10 years ago.

    Never had a situation in which either of us felt threatened but my old friend "Murphy'" always said being prepared means nothing will happen! I sure hope he is right.
  12. Personal/Home protection. I don't like being unarmed.
  13. ruger270man

    ruger270man Gun Nut

    No defining moments for me. I grew up using guns as a tool for hunting. Started hunting less, and simply target shooting more. Bought a pistol when I turned 21, because, I mean, its a gun, I like guns, and I couldn't have one prior to that. And I figure, if I have a pistol, I might as well carry it, amirite or amirite?
  14. keepup

    My first post....

    Pretty simple really. The Colorado Church Shootings in December 2007 were my defining moment. I figured if it can happen there, it can happen ANYWHERE!
  15. PriapismSD

    PriapismSD Free Sarcasm

    Thank you, I'm here all week. Tip your waitress.

    But seriously folks:
    I knew two people there at the San Ysidro McDonalds shooting. One of which had a CCW and later ran a gun store in town, but he wasn't carrying that day, so when he saw Huberty going in with the rifles, he had to turn and run. Nice to think 40 people would not have been shot that day, only one.

    Had a laser pointed at me one night on the freeway home, didn't dawn on me until shortly after it was likely attached to a weapon. The one night I didn't bring my gun since it was only a short trip to Sears...

    Was chased on that same freeway a few years later on another night, until he finally pulled off. Let's see, I had a Beretta 96 Centurion, spare mag, POS truck I didn't care about, and a full tank of gas. Yeah, go ahead and chase me buddy...
    It is nice knowing I can exhaust all other options until this guy does something that makes me take it to the next level, and I am confident I will prevail

    Counting the register alone one night after closing, a guy gives me the eye when he passes the dark front door. Hear gouging on a back window, the same day someone tried to break into the service dept and didn't complete the mission. This guy got a G26 in his face through the plateglass, and found out he was just scratching his name in the storefront. Funny how he ran like a little be-otch when I went to the door to go out and stop him.

    Other than that, just a general disgust at the response time for local PD when really needed (ever seen how long it takes to even answer the phone when you call 911 on your cell?), so I just decided to acquire the training and equipment needed to be self-sufficient
  16. I started carrying for several reasons. I have had my permit for years but only recently started to carry.
    1. I think the country is going into the tank so I feel much less safe than before.
    2. Got my first handgun at age 12 and have shot for 51 years. I am competent. Like any tool as a weapon is, if you know how to use it and someday you need it and don't have it, and if I or someone close to me died as a result of my not having it, I would never forgive myself. I chose not to live with that possibility. So I carry. Now the legal aspects of carrying and using scare the hell out of me so I am studying hard of when and how to use, and how to best survive the legal experience.
  17. I like that!!
  18. I got mine because I could, thats about it...
  19. I have had a few incidents which gave rise for CCW consideration but the straw that broke the camels back came Thanksgiving day just past. I was invited to attend dinner with a friend, who has no family here in Orlando, at the home of one of his coworkers parents, where he is always a Thanksgiving guest. I had to decline the invitation to dine with my immediate family who all live here in Orlando.

    During their dinner, 3 masked gunmen burst in and robbed the holiday guests, pistol whipping 6 of them. I could have easily been one of those victims. On December 17th I took the CCW course and submitted my application materials the following day.

    I've had enough close calls and am looking forward to being dressed for personal protection. I guess after years of deliberation I've finally made a decision before it might have been too late!
  20. MoMo

    I did it for self protection. A certain percentage of the population will kill a person without giving it a second thought. It has always been that way and it will never change.

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