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Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. broncobilly_69


    Apr 9, 2008
    Lebanon, OR
    Same for me. I've never needed it but have been carrying religiously since I turned 21.
  2. MongoZO6


    Apr 20, 2008
    Jax, FL
    CaspianHG just said what my thoughts were on CCW.
    People out there are getting crazy and at the same time brave... we have people getting robbed at Walmart, people getting beat up and mugged in the complex I live in... when I turn on the news it's always something as well.
    I don't ever plan on being a "victim"

  3. kis1975


    Apr 16, 2008
    Joining the military, coming home from combat deployments, and coming to the realization that I'm more at risk of losing life, limb, and/or property on home soil than I am in combat! White supremists tried to assualt me and my caucasian GF at knife point in Boston and between Boston PD and Mass state troopers nothing was done, the assailants were told to "get out of here" and we were told "you should know better than to go where you're not welcome". This was also the finalizing incident that brought on my complete contempt for city, county, and state LE agencies. And before you decide to try and flame, I was also federal LE!
  4. Do not EVER EVER EVER allow your semi auto to be touched by anything or anyone as most will be made unworkable by simply having the slide pushed 1/16" back from fully 'locked' and in battery.

    Point was made to me during a lethal force self defence class when I was called upon to draw and shoot the instructor as he came from 21 feet to disarm me. Guess who won? He disarmed me. Gently without busting any of my fingers off. All he did was grip the pistol so as to push the slide back a wee bit and it was useless.

    And guess what guys and gals? Same deal with revolvers too! If that cylinder will not turn most revolver designs prevent them from firing. So if you have no other choices in life but to attempt to disarm an assailant; part of the drill is going to be to grab the cylinder tightly and get a finger or thumb under the hammer if there is one. (That's why the best self defense revolvers are hammerless... has nothing to do with 'snagging' guys. Has everything to do with ensuring the gun works when needed).

    Why do I carry? My defining moments? Two home invasions (one successful); one attempted carjacking or perhaps it was just a whacko putting a bigass revolver in my face in Orlando.... but that was it guys. No more. And since I live in Toronto although we have residences in FLA, NJ, NY, PA with relatives... I cannot get a non res FLA permit. Even as a US citizen. So I don't go there any more. I only go where I can protect my family. ANd I have taken some serious self defense training along with my 14 year old son... so he knows when trouble is happening and how to deal with it rather than dealing with teenage testosterone.

    Protect yourself and go in peace.
  5. Meman5150

    Meman5150 Senior Member

    May 6, 2005
    Reno, NV
    The above post is amazing.
  6. October 18th 1999
    I was riding a bicycle down the street when a guy pulled up and said he didn't agree with my Christian t-shirt and that I should turn it wrong side out. I said it sounded like he was just looking for something to be offended by..

    Next thing you know I'm trying to outrun a SUV, one of them is on foot (and must of been on the track team) because I was doing 28+mph, emptied a can of pepper spray on him, so it was possibly worse when his 4 friends cut me off. I was wearing lock-in pedals so I couldn't get off the bike because of the way I landed. 5 guys kicked me as hard as they could for about an hour (no body called the cops) then some pest-control guy drove past and started to back up - they split. I called the cops, they said to look around for anyone who might have seen something. When I climbed out of the ditch (literally) I noticed that a person sitting on their front porch in plain view the whole time as it was in front of their property, had been sitting there the watching. I was pissed! its a good thing the cops showed up. The witness said he thought I was being jumped into a gang. I was so messed up it took me 3 1/2 hours to walk home (2-miles) and what seemed like forever to put the key in the door.

    I already had a bunch of rifles and shotguns as my grandfather was a gun dealer, 3 months later I had my CWP... So I really had planned on getting it anyway but with that stuff happening I had taken my course early so that I could file for it as soon as I turned 21...

    I carry a gun as often as my wallet.

    Later On:
    Sense then several individuals have attempted to deprive me of life and limb.
    3 or 4 attempted carjackings, at least 40 attempted robberies (I worked at a stop & rob) in a bad part of town, and delivered pizza. After hurricane Katrina, several people attempted to break in, one guy almost succeeded in raping my mom, shortly there after she decided that guns might be a good thing after all. Had people put guns to my head a couple of times, 1 gang fight in the store, called the cops gave them the address and they said weren't we just there? I said yeah come back!! There was a pregnant woman hiding behind the counter with her daughter, etc.
  7. :wow::yourock: looks like you were one of the lucky ones.

  8. I didn't feel lucky with all that extra attention, but yeah I'm glad to still be here
  9. Several years ago as I was leaving a friend's house a guy popped out of the darkness weilding a knife and demanded the keys of my car. I gave him the keys and watched him drive away. The car ended up being used in a armed robbery and was recovered by the Police few days later in some shady neighbourhood of L.A.

    My ex wife was opposed in me owning a gun so I never bought one, but guess what? I'm divorced now :tongueout: and the first thing I did was going out and get me G19.
    Unfortunately I live in California and it's nearly impossible to get a CCW here... so for a start I'm going to Nevada ( I have friends living there) and get one there (which I believe is valid in 24 states) then try my home state ... cross your fingers for me guys.

    PS... forgive my bad English I wasn't born in this country.

  10. thank you....I live in Canyon Country, ..basically the Valencia, Santa Clarita area near 6 flags Magic Mountains.

    I also have to find out if I can have a CCW in the first place since I'm just a "Permanent Resident" and I do not have a Citizenship yet (gotta wait few more years before I can apply for one.. which I will).
  11. certifiedfunds

    certifiedfunds Tewwowist

    Apr 23, 2008
    I personally know 2 women who were abducted and raped. One was a relative of mine and the movie "Dead Man Walking" was made about it.

    Then, last week while mowing a vacant lot I own, I witnessed an armed robbery in a neighborhood of $500M to $1MM G23 was in the truck about 50 yards away. The robbery started at a convenience store I frequent just outside the entrance to my neighborhood, the gun was pulled and shot fired near my lot. The chase took the BGs to my culdesac.

    To quote the detectives who took my statement "You simply cannot predict when or where this type of stuff will happen......the gangbangers have 'em so you should too."

    My application is in process now with the state.
  12. Zeker


    Oct 18, 2001
    Northern Va
    My real estate agent wife asked me to accompany her to meet a client who said he could only meet at property after dark at a vacant house.
    As it turned out, nothing out of the ordinary happened but I did have a handgun in my pocket just in case. When CCW laws were passed a few years later I received my concealed permit I carried only when out late at night.

    As a result of increased gang and drug activity in the area, the horrible shootings at my alma mater Va Tech, and daily news reports of unprovoked violent attacks, I now carry a gun at all times.
  13. Turbodreams


    Oct 15, 2006
    Defining moment? None really, Ive wanted to carry since I was a kid. I was raised shooting with my father(rip) and my uncle. My uncle carried, my father being an ex-marine always taught me to defend myself and be prepared.

    Defining moments that make the people around me feel more comfortable with it-still living at home with my mother and sister mom wasnt so comfortable with the idea at first. At the time she was working for the next town overs PD as a phone operator. In 6 months in that town there were 13 murders. In that same year, there were 2 in my town. The first 2 in many many years. That more then justified my CCW for her and my woman.

    Now this spring my gf, my mother and my sister will all be taking their permit courses. Whether or not theyll carry is up to them but Im sure theyll all buy their own pistols.
  14. Solid


    Jul 17, 2007
    My reason to carry:

    Lower my risk of becoming a victim or statistic. Plain and simple

    Sure sometimes I feel an area is unsafe or have feared for my safety, but those are not "defining" moments to me.

    The realization, after attempted usage of law enforcement services, that you have to take car of yourself was my "moment".
    -No one is coming in time to save you
  15. gretske


    Apr 11, 2008
    Ballentine, SC
    I was raised on a farm in KY and we nearly always ”carried.“ Usually a .22 rifle. It was a tool, like any other farm tool, used for a variety of purposes, including, but not exclusively, for defense. Then, I lived in urban and suburban areas for almost 30 years. Because my employer for most of those years forbid any carry, it did not dawn on me.

    Now, I am living in a rural area of SC, and am older than I was 30 years ago (brilliant, huh?) and do not feel as capable of defending myself physically as I was. So, I decided to get a CWP. My wife, also in her 60s, took the SLED course, passed it and is also applying for a permit to carry.
  16. rally


    Feb 8, 2005
    I used to hate fact the first time I fired a handgun was when I was 24. I thought that they were useless and only criminals and cowboys carried, then I releized that if I could pilot a airplane responsibly and train people how to fly that with proper training it is no problem carrying and being a gun owner. I also woke up one day and thought only you can protect yourself, I have nothing against LEOs but they are often late to the scene.
  17. spotco2


    Sep 11, 2005
    I was sitting at a red light and a guy jumped in the passenger side of my truck. I was around 22 or 23 and it scared me to death. I just froze and remember him going through my glove box and console and kept threatening to kill me if I moved. He said he had a gun, but I never saw it. It seemed like he as there for ever. He finally took off with some junk/trash shoved in his pockets.

    The entire time, I kept thinking that if I would have had something to protect myself with, I could because he was paying me very little attention. Besides the fact that I was scared, I was buckled in and really couldn't do much.

    I stopped at a pawn shop that afternoon and picked up a cheap .380 and duct taped a holster under my steering column so I could reach it easily. I also started locking my doors and stopped wearing a seat belt. I applied for my first permit that week.

    I work alone usually and drive 200-300 miles each day in different area's. If I have my pants on, I have a gun on.
  18. I work in the mental health field and have people threaten to kill me all the time. I didn't like the idea of a pissed of psychotic individual coming to my house and stabbing me to death. I bought a pistol for the house. I live in Michigan (we have the worst economy in the union) and poverty breeds crime. We have several shootings a year in my city, and I don't live in the greatest part of town (not that there is a GREAT part of town anymore) so I decided to carry CCW. We had a robbery of a video store a few years ago right next to where I grew up where all the employees were put on their knees and executed one by one. I believe it is my responsibility as a person who is willing and able to carry a firearm to stop things like that from happening to me and those around me.
  19. desco20


    May 5, 2008
    New Hampshire
    I WILL carry because when I was 15 a friend and I decided to go hang out at a Little League ballpark at night. What we didn't know was that late at night this ballpark is the hangout for local gang members. As we walked across one of the fields on our way out of the park, we heard some yelling, followed by loud popping noises. When I realized they weren't fireworks (dumb I know) and that they were actually gun shots, my friend and I ran faster than we ever ran before. Luckily for us, my grandmother's house was located near by, and we went in and called the police. Neither of us were hurt, but unfortunately, the perpetrators were never caught. Fast forward to 2008, I watched a program titled "15 Most Violent Acts" where one man went into a cafeteria style restaurant and began shooting for no apparent reason. It detailed a woman who's parents were shot and killed right in front of her. I thought to myself that I will never be caught in that situation unarmed. That's why when I get my Glock :) I will get my CCW license ASAP.
  20. ICARRY2

    ICARRY2 NRA Life Member

    Dec 22, 2007
    I obtained my permit because I used to ccw without a permit! Arizona finally passed a ccw law in 1994. I used to work at night in a less than desireable part of town and although Arizona is an open carry state, open carry would not have worked for me due to job policy. So I just carried a small .25 (better than nothing) in my back jeans pocket prior to ccw permit. After obtaining ccw permit I could carry a larger gun in a fanny pack and nobody was the wiser. :)