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Defining Moment(s) that led to your decision to CCW

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Wasatch, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Chuckdaman24/7


    Dec 31, 2005
    I was in a car wreck in November 98 and sustained a C-6/C-7 Spinal cord injury which has left me in a wheelchair. I now have had my ccp for two years because the bad guys look at me as an easy mark.
  2. bigtoe4u

    bigtoe4u NRA Member

    Jan 14, 2008
    Middle of Nowhere, VA
    my wife is filipina. even though we have been married for 4 years, I sometimes have diffuculty understanding what she is saying. saying that, me and my wife had an argument in the car on the way home from wally-world. me being upset, stomped the gas, stupid idea in the first place. the guy behind me took it as a sign i wanted to race him. he had a brand new dodge truck, i have a fairly new pontiac sunfire 4 cylinder. i'm sure everyone knows which one would have won in a race. he followed me all the way to my home. all i could think is "how can I occupy him until I get my gun?", luckily with some choice words he thought better of the situation. me, my wife, and infant son where in the car. Next day, applied for CCW.

  3. Fixxer

    Fixxer Got ointment?

    Dec 10, 2004
    I stopped reading at about post #200.

    My 1-word answer (why I carry)? Meth.

    I decided to carry after having several hair-raising events happening to me, but probably the big one was, me, my wife, and her sister went to a club to see a band play. Because I was driving, I wasn't drinking. After closing time, we hung around and talked to the band for a little while.

    I was sober, my wife had a few, and Sis was kinda tanked. As we were walking to the car, a car pulled up to Sis (3 guys inside) and the passenger grabbed her and tried to pull her into the front seat. I WAS SHOCKED. Anyway, I threw the keys to my wife and said "get the car ready", and grabbed Sis from behind (my arms around her waist). My wife performed exceptionally well- she opened both driver-side doors, got in the passenger seat, and started the car. The guy wouldn't let her go. I VERY DISTINCTLY remember thinking that if I was armed, I would have at least screwed my gun into his ear, and quite possibly shot him. All I know is that there was no way that they were getting her into that car. I was worried that the driver would just punch it and we would be in trouble if he did.

    Anyway, I felt the guy's grip relax, and with everything I had left, I heaved her out of the window. In one move, I pulled her from his grip, carried her to the car, threw her into the backseat, got in, and took off.

    Well, this apparently irritated the guys, because they came after us. I got on the freeway, and tried to get pulled over. We were going 105 MPh for probably 15 miles at 2:30 AM, and never saw a cop. My wife dialed 911 way back at the bar, and was on the phone with them pretty much the whole time. Funny thing, the 911 person was more interested in telling my wife to make me stop, as if that was going to happen. I never spoke to a police officer that night.

    I knew there was a sharp curve ahead, and we couldn't make it at that speed, so I went from the left lane to an exit ramp on the right (I almost didn't make it), and he couldn't react fast enough.

    I have read about women getting abducted before, but NOTHING prepared me for having it happen while I was right there.

    A couple years later, we were talking about the incident over Thanksgiving dinner, and Sis not only didn't remember it, she was saying "You're crazy" and "That did NOT happen" and things like that.

    Here I had a life-changing event, and she didn't even remember it.

    Haven't been to a bar since.
  4. Lone Wolf8634

    Lone Wolf8634 :):

    Dec 23, 2007
    Under the bus
    I've had a couple of bad experiences in the last 15 years of driving a truck, Not anything major, just the typical "I sure wish I wasnt here" type of stuff. Homeless people are, for the most part, harmless enough. Lot lizzards tend to be a little phsycotic but they dont really confront you.

    I live in what used to be a pretty safe state, but with the meth problem in the country it seems that our wide open spaces are attracting a new kind of critter, they just keep busting meth labs in the town I live in and its starting to make me nervous.

    I'm gonna start carrying all the time when I'm at home on time off, more crime in our area now than anytime since I've lived there. Ironicly, the place where I'm most likely to need the protection is the one place I'll probly never be able to carry.
  5. Jack Greenwell

    Jack Greenwell

    Dec 7, 2007
    While working for a rental real estate firm I was mowing a tenants lawn when a Pitbull that I didn't know came into the yard, the Pitbull was very playfull and loving but the owner did not like me playing with his dog. I had never met the owner before that day, the dog lived just next door and the owner came out the back door carrying a snubnose revolver. Several times he pointed the gun at me and kept yelling. Later that day I quit my job, now looking back I'm glad I had the chance, if he had decided to fire I would have been defenseless. I cannot desribe the feeling of vulnerability, and I will do my best to never feel it again.
  6. Iguana


    Nov 21, 2007
    Florida Keys
    +1 ...
  7. grit


    Jan 10, 2008
    North Carolina
    Why did I decide to CCW? Because I now live in a state where I can.

    I grew up from the earliest age owning and using firearms and am very familiar with them but until a few years ago never had carrying one for self defense as on option, because the states where I lived prohibited it.

    But even after moving to a concealed carry state and getting my CCW several years ago, I didn't carry on a lot of occaisions for various reasons (most of them poor ones, I now admit). But, twice in the past year I have been confronted with dangerous situations where I wished I had been armed and I wasn't. In one of them, I count myself very fortunate to escape with both life and limb intact and only a quick and correct reaction to the situation saved my neck.

    Trouble can lurk anywhere, even when you least expect it, as in my two recent encounters. I no longer assume there are "safe" and "unsafe" places and while in the "safe" place I don't have to worry about carrying protection. Now I carry everywhere I legally can.

    My wife used to think I was being paranoid when I carried. But she was with me on one of the above encounters and was frightened. She wasn't with me on the second but saw how shook I was immediately after it happened (and I don't usually "shake" easily). She is now my greatest cheerleader on being armed and ready. She neither wants to be a widow nor a victim and now sees how easily it can happen in our everyday affairs even being in a supposedly "safe" area.

    Bad people can be anywhere, even when and where you least expect them. If you can be there, so can they. And usually a cop isn't.
  8. JonShoup


    Jan 11, 2006
    S.W. Michigan
    I work in Community Corrections where they've been dumping mentally unstable felons for years (no funding left for psych facilities). Not to mention we've housed folks who had big prices on their heads from gangs, dealers and even the Russian Mafia. It only took a few death threats from bi-polar, manic depressive, schizophrenics to make me realize I needed protection. Being as my employer is not DOC, just a DOC contractor, we had no right to carry legally. The day the CCW law passed, I got legally armed.
  9. motorpycho95


    May 28, 2006
    I watched the local news.
  10. McLovin


    Dec 30, 2007
    Central VA.
    Also, because I can.
  11. coachg


    Dec 7, 2007
    I decided to carry when I finally accepted that society is going in the wrong direction and i learned that it really doesn't matter who is pretending to run the country. When the SHTF in the next few years after the economy collapses and the NAU comes online I decided I better be prepared.

    In PA it's a no-brainer. Walked into the Sheriff's office. Put down $46 and within 1/2 hour was walking out with my laminated CCW.
  12. melbourneman400


    Jun 21, 2006
    I live in sunny Fl and it can be dangerous here at night.

    I drive this:


    I don't want to be carjacked at night so I got my CCW as extra insurance that I may have a chance should I be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  13. glockpacker

    glockpacker 600 yd shooter CLM

    May 30, 2004
    Fort Lauderdale
    Late 90's in Virginia... Someone said, Virginia is now a shall-issue state. I said, "WHAT??" They said if you apply for a carry permit, they have to give it to you if you're clean. I drove to the courthouse and got the application.
  14. Reasons why I started carrying:

    1. I watch the news
    2. I live in the city - Philadelphia(plenty of crime to go around)
    3. When I lived in a apartment complex, a woman was robbed at gunpoint.
    4. I want to have the tools to defend my family and myself against a bad guy who would not hesitate to take our lives. I want to be able to respond to such a person with equal violence. I will shoot them to the ground if the opportunity presents itself.
  15. ChukGlk19


    Jan 29, 2008
    I was actually robbed and then had a guy get of his car in traffic and try to beat me with it. I had had enough. I bought a Glock 19 and took the CCW.
  16. Glock1911

    Glock1911 Jackson Wagoner

    Dec 28, 2007
    Inside your head
    I like the idea of being able to legally carry for protection, but to me this is a form of registration, which I oppose.
    I'm disabled and know that I could be an easy target for those who would do me and my loved ones harm. Perhaps I'm being delusional in fearing CCW as a form of registration. Perhaps those that would take my guns already know what kind and how many I already have, and not getting a CCW because of my resistance to a form of registration is futile.
    My wife thinks that my acquisition of firearms and ammo is not warranted because we live in a rural area that is relatively devoid of crime. I disagree and will continue to acquire, possess and practice with those firearms that I own and those that I will acquire in the future for as long as I am able.
    I live in a state where it is legal to "open carry" and legal to carry concealed with the ammo (mag or speed loader) removed and in separate pocket(better than a rock or knife). I've legally packed a gun for years. CCW? :dunno: I don't know.
  17. Glock1911

    Glock1911 Jackson Wagoner

    Dec 28, 2007
    Inside your head
    I don't consider a fear of the government to be irrational.
  18. Glock1911

    Glock1911 Jackson Wagoner

    Dec 28, 2007
    Inside your head
    My sincere apologies.
  19. TuppyFinn


    Nov 18, 2007
    About 15 years ago I got into a confrontation with someone who, I have reason to believe, was a cocaine addict. I decided to start carrying a .32 in my back pocket and a .45 in a range bag.

    About five years ago, I was paying a cashier at a convenience store and she asked me for help. She thought the only other patron was going to rob her, and I have to admit she had good reason for believing this. I didn't think my .32 was up to the challenge so I told her I'd be right back. Sounds like Arnold doesn't it? Anyway it took a couple of minutes for me to get my .45 and holster. When I returned to the store the presumed BG had left. Since then I decided to carry something more powerful.
  20. Laminated? Laminated?!!?
    All I got from PA was a small piece of paper with my photograph scotch taped to it and my particulars on it. Looks more like a coat check stub than anything else. Guess they are laminating them now... mine is about a year old and I love PA and its AG... a guy with bazongas. Still, Phily can be some scarey place especially after dark.

    All I want for Christmas now is a nationwide recognized reciprocity law. You got a PA CCW license? Good in ALL states of the union, like your driver's license. Make sense?

    And to the fellow posting about the .32? First, I would be very careful about getting in the way of someone who might be having a domestic and I would be very careful about "brandishing". However, you have the right idea about guns for self defense... come big or don't come at all. I carry 9mm at a bare minimum but much prefer to carry a .45 with at least 8 - 10 rounds of fast, light JHP. And the fact is that I do unless circumstances dictate otherwise... it depends on my dress code for the moment; my cover garment really dictates what I carry. If I am wearing a jacket I will be carrying a .45 for sure. Otherwise it's a 9mm with Gold Dots or Federal Hydra Shock Law Enforcement Self Defense whatever. The best possible tools for the job always. And leave the policing to the police if possible.... it is a tough call but training is a big help. Plenty of training. Don't get yourself in the middle of something that is not what you think it is.... and if you do happen to get yourself in the middle of something, be trained. At the very least do you know the best ways to avoid taking a hit yourself? Always move sideways if possible. Always increase distance if possible. Always play for cover if possible. The BG's plans get all messed up. Just don't let a lucky shot take off the top of your head like my friend's dad did some 45 years ago by a prominent local bandit. He had the drop on the BG but was a nice guy and hollered something at him... like "stop or I'll shoot". The BG swung around, shooting from the hip and planted a big one right between his eyes taking the top of his skull right off. It landed two stories up on the balcony of an apartment building that ANOTHER friend lived in. You cannot make sXXt like this up. I was about ten years old at the time. I was playing in the park across the street when it all took place in an otherwise quiet uneventful neighborhood. There has not been a shooting in the neighborhood since with the exception of a fellow who shot his wife in a domestic about 30 years ago. Nuff said here. Sorry to babble along. Mr. Blanc, BTW, did not carry a gun. He was in the bank manager's office and bank managers at that time all had revolvers .38/.357's. He didn't stand a chance at that range. The "Beatle Bandit" was using a sawed off something.