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Defense against a dog

Discussion in 'The Martial Arts Forum' started by USPMAN, Apr 7, 2005.



    Mar 6, 2001
    With all the pit bull debates in GNG, what would you do if a pit bull charged you, your child, or even your pet? My thoughts are to grab a weapon (such as a nearby rock or stick), and if that doesn't work, kick the hell out of him. Just stay on your feet.
  2. Roundeyesamurai

    Roundeyesamurai Sensei Member

    Jul 15, 2004
    Upstate New York
    Same as being attacked by a person- move off the line and avoid the mouth.

  3. sensei

    sensei Deceased

    May 16, 2003
    Friendswood, Tx.
    I used to work for the Phone Company. I have seen two serious dog attacks. (one took 300 stitches) I also saw the aftermath of a couple while in Viet Nam.

    If you have a dog that is intent on killing you or your family you better pull out your gun, stick it in his ear, and pull the trigger severeal times. A good size, serious dog is not easy to stop. At least not without sustaining some serious damage.

  4. BlackBelt


    Aug 23, 2000
    Years ago trained w/some SAS spec-op guys who used this method. I'm NOT giving it a reccomendation, but I'm just throwing it out there for your consideration.
    The SAS instructor said, that while wearing a heavy jacket or wrapping your arm in your shirt or other cloth, present your non-shooting arm to the dog with the arm bent at a 90 degree angle across the front of your body. Make sure that arm is what the dog bites. Then pull the dog in close to your body, and place your other arm across the back of it's neck. Give it a hard 'scissor motion' with your arms to break the dogs neck. In other words, pull the arm to you that's on the outside of the dogs neck, while pushing the arm he's biting outward, breaking the neck.
    Sounds like it could work 'in theory'. I don't know...
  5. Joshua M. Smith

    Joshua M. Smith Shootist

    Mar 17, 2005
    Wabash IN
    A dog will go into submission if you grab the throat and hold on, hard, and twist. Snake, tiger, whatever. Same thing dogs do when they fight. I had a dog that liked to wrestle and I practiced all sorts of moves on her.

    That being said, I was once charged by two attacking dogs. I pulled my pistol and fired three rounds. This is my preference.

    Josh <><
  6. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    I was once attacked by a very large pit bull.

    I was armed with a pistol, but this mutt came at me while I was drunk and taking a leak in an alley. I did not know he was vicious until he came at me low from about five feet away and I heard the growling low in his chest.

    I was surprised but didn't have time to panic. I waited until he got close and then I took a half-step back. This provoked a lunging leap for my throat.

    I then pivoted to the side, out of his line of momentum, and stepped to his rear and back in after the white razorblades were past me a little ways.

    He began to turn in my direction as his jump carried him through my previous location.

    I managed to grab his right rear leg and ran backwards with it, snapping him out straight, and as soon as he was ass-to I started to spin him around rapidly (like you do when you're playing with kids--this kept his sharp-n-pointies at the other end.)

    He was growling and barking like mad and I could feel him repeatedly trying to tuck in so as to get his teeth on me. So I just spun faster to keep him stretched out.

    I then moved in the direction of a handy utility pole, still spinning him around, and proceeded to bash his head against it as hard as I could on every revolution at an estimated 40MPH.

    I kept this up until he quit kiyi-ing there were no more signs of struggle. Must have blasted his thick skull on that pole two dozen times before he went limp.

    I tossed him aside, fell to the ground because I was drunk (and EXTREMELY dizzy from spinning around like a dervish), and promptly puked my guts out.

    The doggie was DOA. He was an incredible mess.

    This dog weighed in at over 100 pounds, with a beautiful black and brown brindled coat. And, unfortunately for him, half a head.

    He surely would have crippled or killed me if I hadn't gotten lucky with that drunken excuse for a leg grab.

    Oh, and BTW I had >>just<< zipped up when I noticed the dog stalking in from a yard that opened on the alley, and I had no idea it was vicious until just milliseconds before it attacked me.

    So, no, I didn't get any on me!! And I never had a chance to draw; had I tried I might be called Lefty now...or not writing this at all.

    And that's the story of the night I prevailed in a hand-to-hand toe-to-toe with an adversary far more deadly than I while armed with a .45 pistol that I didn't have the chance to use.

    Not surprisingly, no one at the party believed that I had killed a full-grown attack dog with my bare hands while drunk--until we all went out back and checked out the corpse, that is!

    Then I had to tell the story four dozen times in the course of the next month or so....

    To this day I can't think of anything other than 'a bad case of lead poisoning' that would have allowed me to kill that pit before he got to chomp on me. I haven't had to do anything like that since but I will do the same damn thing should I be forced to, it just worked so slick.

    Maybe this trick will help keep someone here unchewed someday.

    Anyone have a better defense strategy against bad dogs?
  7. Millsy

    Millsy DE = Love

    Sep 22, 2002
    Canada EH!
    drinking while you had a gun on you?
  8. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    Anytime I have pants on, I have a pistol somewhere, too.

    And I never drink naked, soooo...
  9. el_jewapo


    Feb 1, 2005
    i was thinking about this the other day. i'm a big guy. about 6'6 or 7 and weigh about 250. my friend has several pits. his biggest male weighs over 100 lbs i'd say, and he is massive. his head is bigger than a basket ball. i really don't think there would be much i could do about him being on me if i didn't have a weapon. i think it would take a pretty powerful pistol to punch through his skull even. with a knife i guess the best thing to do would be to stab it in the spine.

    another one of his pits, about a 9 month old female got on his moms chiuaua the other day and was shaking it. he said he stomped her head as hard as he could and she was pushing his foot in the air shaking the dog. his uncle grabbed the dogs wind pipe and choked it. he said it took a minute or 2 of that before the dog let go. amazing it didn't kill the chiuaua.

    pit bulls are powerful animals.
  10. Allegra


    Mar 16, 2003
    Are you sure the dog was a pitbull? or just an oversized mongrel
    I've watched a couple of dog fights , and you would need double O buck to pry one off you
  11. TED

    TED Millennium Member

    Jun 2, 1999
    Anchorage, AK, USA
    A pitbull with a bad record belonging to a neighbor with a bad record...anyways...came home one night, mom and I pulled up in the drive way and got out to see the neighbors pitbull stalking up on our dog, who was tied out, just like a cat. Suddenly he attacked out dog and proceeded to tear its throat out. This pitbull had attacked me in the past and killed or injured several other pets in the neighborhood, the owner just let it run loose sometimes. Anyways, its attention shifted to me and mom. I was 17. I fired a few rounds tryig to scare it off. Didn't work, dog charged and leaped at mom. I fired a single round through its heart. It died instantly without so much as a wimper. LOTS of blood on the ground from it bleeding out. Called the State Troopers, reported the incident. They said the neighbor is known to them, if any problems, call them right back. Then I cried like a child. It is the only living thing I have ever deliberatly hurt or killed.

  12. Fedaykin


    May 5, 2005
    OC (pepper) spray works quite well (provided you are outdoors, of course). The mucous membranes in a dog’s nose are much more sensitive than they are in a human’s, so dogs feel the oleoresin capsicum to greater degree than we do. My grandfather, father, and I have all sprayed attacking dogs (a common problem if you jog regularly), and they have all had the same reaction: the dog practically back-flips away from you and begins rolling and yelping. It makes you feel terrible to do that do a dog, but it’s better than getting stitches (and, of course, the OC wears of on the dog in a few hours time). The dog I used it on was a Great Dane; not as fierce as a pit bull, but plenty big.

    Temet nosce,
  13. bunkerbuster


    Mar 22, 2005
    omg ppl....

    let me tell you a story that ppl can't believe....

    When I was 16, I saw my aunt who was 10yrs older than me getting bitten by Dobermann. First, My aunt did not took any martial arts, nor in a shape that can wrestle anyone.

    WHen she got bitten by dobermann, she grab the arm/leg of the dog and twisted it to the back of the dog. She almost broke the dogs arm/leg.

    OMG, i never seen a dog's mouth move that fast. It isn't like a movie. Dogs mouth is probably faster than human hand.

    So, from the observations, I would say go for the arm/leg. Break em.
  14. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    I am positive.

    It was owned by my buddy's crackhead neighbors.

    I'm quite sure that, had that beast not missed with its initial lunge...had I not sidestepped far enough...and it had gotten its fangs into me I would have been in very serious trouble. I've seen pitbulls fight before too, and they are brutal as hell.

    And it was HUGE. I mean, I had to lean backwards hard to spin with that stupid thing, it was so heavy, and there were at least a couple of times where I thought that its attempts to crawfish around and bite me were going to allow it to pull its leg free. Just a really powerful animal.

    BTW, I wasn't really all THAT drunk. I just wasn't sure I was up to driving; probably around 4-5 beers and two shots of Jack is all I'd had at that point, in four hours or so of attendance. Maybe 0.08 BAC.

    I never let myself get really drunk anyway. I'm the president of the Hangover Hater's Club, you see. And I intensely hate barfing booze.

    Besides, if I HAD been really blotto, I would not have had the coordination to carry off that defense.

    Stupid dog. It got what was coming to it, IMHO.

    Stupid crackheads. Hope they didn't get another pit anytime soon, since they couldn't/didn't train it to be anything other than a nuisance and a menace.

    +1 on the OC pepper spray, but a well-placed .45 slug from a G30 is what I would use these days, and what I had planned as soon as it got loose...but it didn't.

    I hate to think of just how much luck I used up that night...and you never know just how much luck you have left until it runs out, do you?
  15. antipop


    Mar 13, 2003
    where exactly in SW oregon are you? i want to know what places to avoid passing through.
  16. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    No, no...this took place several years ago in Iowa.
  17. loandr.


    May 13, 2002
    Most dog attacks stem for various aspects of BAD ownership! I could go on w/ this topic all day BUT wont and will TRY to keep it short as poss. If faced with the "wrong" breed of dog(ie. ones mentioned + :) and all you had was you hands/feet...your skill level, speed, size, NOR religion would matter ...Game over! seriously. Offering him your left arm, would be JUST that, it would be snapped/torn off quickly(either tossed off or eaten) At least if eaten you have time to retreat :) or attack would continue accordingly. I dont say this to be a wise ass its the cold truth. Impact tactics will be worthless, all will go down to quicky and will do you NO good. I have broken up fights in my living room w/ an aluminum Bat(my kids weigh more than I) to NO availe ,Im talking didnt even get their attention AT ALL (Ive learned to stay out of the middle the HARD way, I hit from the perimeter now :) This only happens 1 or 2 times a yr. (and usually over the Mrs. affection/Jealously issues) BUT when it does it needs to be shut down fast! best results have been from fire Extingusher or a cold glass of water tossed(They are really babies BUT watch for the RED ZONE). OK w/ that said Id let the dog commit to a foward strike( he will be pushing foward hard, count on it BE smarter than HIM) crouching slightly to get him to post up a bit and expose the UNDERSIDE, Cut straight in the Belly and pull upwards. slim I know, but short of that your F--ked sorry.
    If the "wrong" breed is allowed to bear down on your arm...your next confrontation(IF ever) will be "one armed". Seek a soft target and REACH vitals....where or how you can do it best will be secondary...all will be over in a matter of seconds . NOW imagine that pitbull at 150lbs++.!!! with almost twice his PSI's in jaw strength.....STAY away from the truly LARGE breeds (pits are just cuties IMHO) in any aggressive standoff, DO NOT "F" around with this please.....if unavoidable, Treat as a deadly confrontation and handle accordingly(ie. transition to firearm). Chances are all will be over prior to you doing so, Hence reaction time is paramount, moral of the story.....BE SMARTER and aware and if applicable a responsible pet owner so others may admire and adore your pets as oppossed to fearing them . For the most part a well cared for and loved pet will be a loving animal to all ,BUT just as with people, there can be exceptions. Stay aware, and enjoy our 4-legged friends.

    FYI- "Red Zone" is a Mindset that takes place shortly after a confrontation w/ canines has begun, Its an Super intense focus on ONE purpose alone, total tunnel vision to destruction and it is very hard to shake a dog out of it!!! impact wont work , distractions are a better choice ( for the record I view offering ones arm as a poor choice of distraction :) You have a few seconds after conflict has begun to shut it down BEFORE THAT mindset kicks in......THAT is your best bet. Sorry again to sound so dismal BUT that is how it is in Puppy world. I dont claim to know many things :) BUT trust me when i say, this topic I know well, first hand! NOW Go home and hug your pooch

  18. loandr.


    May 13, 2002
    If faced with the truly large breeds(150-200lbs.) situational awareness and NOT being there in the first place is ones BEST DEFENSE.
    Below are "Shombay" and "Luma"