Decisions, Decisions: XS Big Dots, XS Standard, or Other night sights?

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by JCROWNII, Jan 17, 2010.

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    I have the same Dawson set up on my G21sf and they are the best sights I have ever experienced.

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    I've been using Big Dot sights on my G23 for over a year now. Best sight I've ever used, hands down. It's fast, accurate, and precise. You have to know how to use them. A lot of people claim that they are hitting high, when they fail to read the directions. After 15 yards, use the top of the dot to aim, not the center. I find it easy to make COM hits at 25 yards with them.

    I don't know if I need the Big Dot, because the standard dot isn't small by any means. I have been thinking about getting a standard dot set and trying to see what the difference is. Overall the express style sight on a combat handgun is a great idea. We aren't going to engage targets beyond 25 yards, and that is even a stretch. Most encounters are 7 yards or less. They are accurate sights. See my pics. Those shots were rapid fire too.
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    I'm with Racer88

    Big Dots are the quickest sights to get on target with.
    I've hit targets consistantly out to 50 yards with a G19
    XS Sight Systems Big Dots, works for me,...................:supergrin:
  5. +1

    i went with Big Dots on my 23....
  6. I put the XS big dots on my g23 last month. Have over 700 rounds through them and they are fantastic. Took me 2 boxes of ammo to get used to them but then it just clicked and I am shooting them better than any other sight I have used. I would give them a try. All sights are subjective and only the end user can decide if they work for them. As far as big or small, I don't think it really matters as your mind starts to compensate for where the middle of the dot is anyway.

    As far as the other poster. When you install them you DO NOT back out the set screws. They are tough sights and have handled the recoil of the .40 with no issues.
  7. Thats wonderful. I guess the XS people lied to me then. As this is what they told me to do after the rear ampule broke. So either they ommited that instruction in the manual or they lied to me. Either way I am done with the product.

  8. See above post.
  9. faawrenchbndr

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    I never removed the set screws after installing Big Dots.
    I have only had one problem with a set and that was an install
    error on my first set. I called XS, explained what I did, they told
    me to install them per the directiosn and they replaced my rear sight
  10. I am very glad that the sights worked for the people that got them and said they worked.

    I posted my experience with the sights and the problems that I had. I really wanted the sights to work and they did for about 1,500 rounds. The concept is great. I just had some issues with the sights functioning.

    No one spends $100 bucks on sights and wishes that they not work. They just did not hold up with the initial install or the one that I did to repair them.

    Good luck to all and I hope that everyone has continued good experience with XS. Again no complaints with the company itself. I had great service from them.
  11. Something to bear in mind regarding the XS Big Dots is that you can use them without focusing on the front sight. With traditional sized front sights, the general consensus is that you focus on the front sight until it's clear, which causes the target to blur. With the XS Big Dots, you can keep your focus on the target and the dot is big enough that it doesn't blur out to the point of not being able to keep shots on target.

    Yeah, you don't back the screws out. They're not supposed to come out (so you don't lose them). You just make sure they're not tightened down when you slide the rear sight in, snug them up (just a little), and use the included loctite. Seriously, it's not that hard. If you can't install them without instructions and without breaking something, you shouldn't be installing sights, period. Let a gunsmith do it.

    I think a lot of people who don't like the XS Big Dots (and who have actually used them) focus entirely too much on "bullseye" shooting. While that's fine for target shooting and hunting, it's completely pointless in close range defensive shooting. If you're ever involved in a self defense shootout, there's about a .01% chance you'll be shooting beyond 10 yards, and a 1% chance you'll be shooting behind 5 yards. The Big Dots are for up close and personal encounters that will cause you to ***** your pants, fumble your gun out of its holster, and have trouble getting the sights lined up. When that happens, you want a big, fat front sight that's easy to find and easy to put on the BG's chest. If the front sight can be hidden behind any part of the rear sight, then the front sight is too small or the rear sight is too big. With the XS Big Dots, none of that is an issue.

    They're not precision target sights. They're reliable and FAST combat sights. If you have a fighting pistol, equip it with fighting sights.
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  12. Well said, and I agree!
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    That's the very reason Big Dots are pointless for many people. (me included!)
    At spitting range, sights are pretty irrelevant. I can point shoot much faster and just as accurately (combat accuracy) inside of 5 yards. At ranges/situations where I'll NEED the sights, I want something more precise than a single large dot.
    The Ameriglo Pro Operators are a great option for me. The front sight is much more visible for speed shooting, and they're precise enough for longer ranges.
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    I had the XS Big Dot on the Glock 20. With my old eyes worked as advertised. Remember they are combat sights NOT target sights. They worked real good for combat distances. Great nights sights.
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  16. Why get two different sights? Most of us find it hard enough to get proficient with one platform, with one model of sights. You're trying to make this even harder than it is. How do you figure HD and CCW are that different?

    I use the XS 24/7 Express big dots on my CCW. I used to use Trijicon and Meprolight 3 dot and liked them (and still have them on other guns, I'm not spending more cash for sights), but find the Big Dots faster and at least as accurate.

    Buy something, get some training, and buy a pile of ammo and practice. The rest is just overthinking for the vast majority of us who are not Delta operators or serious competitive shooters.
  17. thegriz18

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    I've been good with them too at distance. The only thing I don't like about them is the change in POI after 12-15 yards. Having to use the top of the dot instead of just putting the dot on the target is a PITA. I have never experienced this with 3 dots.
  18. I can hit soup cans with 100% accuracy from 25 yards with the XS Big Dots. That's accurate enough for me. If it's beyond that range, there's no way I'm taking a shot with any handgun in a fighting situation. I totally see your point though.
  19. Pic looks great! How does this appear in total darkness or low light? Is the front brighter? I have three handguns I would like to put sights on, XS decided to play games with me so they will get little to none of my business ever again!

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