Dear Glock: Give all the .45s the 30s treatment!!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Thekat, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Thekat

    Millennium Member

    They need a commander single stack for sure. But the thinner slide translates to a lighter weapon for easier carrying.

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  2. ...except for the G30 Gen4...:supergrin:

    its the slide...the frames are the same... for the accuracy thing...many people have claimed that the G30 is far more accurate than they would have guessed...some who have compared the G30 and the G36 in the past have found the G30 more accurate than the G36...Mas Ayoob is one who has reported this finding over and over in several articles...


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  3. AgentM79

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    I wonder what would happen if they applied an "S" slide to the .45GAP G37/G38/G39. Would it hold up with a Gen4 recoil spring system? In my last Glock AC they told us that slide fractures sidelined G37's with 9mm/.40-width slides. BUT, that was prior to Gen4. Agencies looking to transition from 9mm/.40/.357 to a .45 could use their existing leather gear, but would still have the benefit of a 9mm-sized grip frame.

    Of course, the lighter slide would rob the G37/G38/G39 of their soft-shooting characteristcs relative to the .40S&W. :dunno:

    It has possibilities........
  4. Congrats Silver...that is a sharp looking piece! I'd love to bring one those home. Would make a great companion for my Gen4 G21! I'm just not attracted to the 30S...especially if it means more recoil and less accuracy.
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  5. G26S239

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    I like my 21 as is except the night sights need replaced soon. I can shoot 45 Super with a 19# recoil spring. With standard or +P 45 ACP it is very soft on recoil. It is a thick heavy slide but I like it. It is purpose built to handle any amount of +P someone might put through it. I do like the slim slide and frame of the 36, that is why I no longer have the G30 that said the 30 is softer shooting.
  6. The 30sf does have an equal.

    The 29sf :supergrin:
  7. You can't put 20# in a 5# sack. The 45 GAP was designed, from the ground up, to be a 45 caliber, in a smaller frame. It won't fit in anything smaller.

    The same reason you can't put a thin slide, on a 21. Does anyone read any of this stuff about wanting a .45 in a .25 size gun?
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  8. pmer

    Yep my G30 is chunky but I lovingly call it my wide slide.
  9. RPVG

    I just call mine... my EDC. I love it!
  10. ImpeachObama

    ImpeachObama Fuhgettaboutit

    The G38 is narrower and shorter than the 30S already.

  11. Well the thing about the G30 is that it somehow became the most accurate Glock in the entire lineup. It really hasn't been explained, but the thing can get high end 1911 accuracy out of it's 3.5" bbl, which is amazing.
  12. Ranger357

    Ranger357 Just pixels

    It just does not make sense that the Glock 30 can be made with the "thin" slide, but the Glock 21 cannot. I see nothing about that request breaking the laws of physics.

    All irrelevent anyway. Glock has more orders than it can fill running at full capacity for a very ,very, long time. I would expect no new models in the near future, even the 30S was just a cobble together of existing parts.
  13. They can do what they want with the 30S, but since I've no plans to tote my 21 in my pants like ever, I like my chunky, soft shooting, slide just the way it is.

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