Dear Glock: Give all the .45s the 30s treatment!!!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by Thekat, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Thekat

    Millennium Member

    That sums it up. Now that years later, Glock realized they don't need a 10mm slide on a .45, and have put a 36 width slide on their 30. The thing is actually nicer in its lighter version. I don't like the clunky lookin extension though, it would be soooo much better if it had a G19 like grip, where you could get a full hand on it and flush fit mag.

    I hope they put a thin slide on the 21, 38, and 37.

    I think the GAPs would move alot better if they had a thinner slide, cause at that point it would be like you had a true G19 in .45!!!

    I still want a single stack commander size.


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  3. Glock30Eric

    Glock30Eric .45 ACP

    What made you think Glock will read this message in this place? Send it to Glock Corporate in letter or email.

  4. I totally agree. The .45's have a redicilously thick and heavy slide. The GAP prototypes had a thin slide like 9/40 versions.
  5. he probably wanted feedback from us...

    I passed on the G30S that I had coveted since I started reading about it as the "G30 Recon" years ago...many who have shot the G30's claim slightly more recoil and a shade less accuracy out of the 30S...maybe just hype but I went G30 Gen4 with Trijicon Night Sights yesterday...


  6. I just purchased a used G30 and am amazed at the accuracy!
  7. HEXE9

    HEXE9 Shootin' Fool

    I currently own two 30 SFs and have had a 30s and 30 GEN4 on order for a while.

    After shooting a friend's 30s over the weekend, It took less than 400rds to decide I prefer the 30SF / 30 GEN4.

    The lighter slide has changed the recoil impulse. IMO the 30s is snappier to shoot and less accurate.

    I've cancelled my order for the 30s and added a second 30 GEN4.
  8. After thinking about it more I am leaning toward the Gen 4 30. I was also initially all fired up about the 30s, but want to keep the soft feel I have in my 21 in the smaller package. I also like the capability of playing with 10mm or .460 Rowland for fun.

    Where are you guys finding the Gen 4 30? LGS or online? Shops around here are dry of any Glocks.
  9. HKLovingIT

    HKLovingIT Resident Evil


    Nice. I too want the Gen 4 30. I have Gen 4 G21. I like the way it shoots.
  10. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    HEXE9, that's very interesting feedback, thanks for posting your results. Your findings square with a growing consensus among early reviewers of the G30S.

    I have a hunch that the G30S will be very popular with new buyers attracted to the G36 or current G36 owners looking for greater mag capacity options, but few G30/G30SF owners will switch entirely. We are upgrading from Gen3 G30SF to G30 Gen4 in our household because we require support for caliber conversions we already own.
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  11. Someone explain to me how the 30S is less accurate...

    If it's snappier, and affecting your shooting, that's one thing. But I think that if there's a genuine accuracy issue, then Glock should get on that.
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  12. Some of the "less accurate" talk about the G30S may be my fault for an earlier post on another thread. I stated that my shots tended to scatter more than with the G30SF......

    but I tried to make it clear that it was my doing by letting the muzzle move too much. When I concentrate, I can hit as well with the 30S as with the 30SF. It's just that the heavier G30SF (or regular G30) helps the shooter to stabilize the muzzle more.

    If they come out with a G21S, now that will get my attention! :wow:
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  13. Well damn you and your rumor spreading. :rofl:

    But yeah, I can certainly see a 30S being less shootable, but I couldn't really imagine it being less accurate.

    I would also absolutely love a G21S, as well as a G30 or G30S with a grip the length of a 19/23/32.
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  14. GRT45

    GRT45 Transform & Win

    Don't be too hard on yourself about others misinterpreting your meaning. From all the comments I've read from Mas Ayoob, after thoroughly wringing out the G30S in live-fire testing, he isn't inclined to give up his G30 for a G30S. When a shooter with his skill and experience notes some difference in accuracy, I'm inclined to believe it's real, however small.
  15. About the same chance that they actually listen to what people want.....Zero.

    Actually, there is no doubt they have staff that monitor these boards and others.
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  16. a 21s woudl be cool but even better if that silde could be swapped to the 30 and the 36 giving a long slide option
  17. I would never give up my G30 (SF) for a G30S, either. I have shot some of my best GSSF scores with a G30 & give the pistol most of the credit for that. I have one of each & feel that the 30S serves a purpose the 30SF doesn't... & vice versa.

    I have owned a few G21's & finally gave up my last one for a G30... even though I already had one!
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  18. I see no point of the 30s. If you can't handle the grip of the 30sf, the 30s is no improvement. I find little difference between my 23 vs 30 with IWB. 30sf has no equal.
  19. Interesting note
    177 mm / 6.97 in

    32.5 mm / 1.28 in.

    G30 Gen 4-
    172 mm / 6.77 in.

    32.5 mm / 1.28 in.

    175 mm / 6.88 in.

    32.50 mm / 1.27 in.

    177 mm / 6.96 in.

    32.50 mm / 1.27 in.
  20. Why are people so hung up on this? What would it matter if the slide were a little thinner? You still have a thinner slide riding on the same fat frame. I just dont understand why this would ever be a benefit.

    FYI I ccw the 21sf daily and have no issues with it. I love Gen3 and have 2 to hold me over. I can care less if they made a thinner slide for it. A single stack would be awesome and the entire gun being thinner would be an advantage but I fail to see how a slightly thinner slide would do anything for function/comfort.
  21. Thekat

    Millennium Member

    Yeah, how do you think Glock came up with the 30s concept in the first place? A bunch of Glock Talkheads putting 36 slides on the 30.

    I realize they don't listen anyway.

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