Deals on ammo?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by tripp2953, Mar 7, 2012.


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  2. Speaking of ammo for a GLOCK 19, a local retailer is offering WWB 9mm 100-rd box for $21.89 or CCI Blazer 9mm 50-rd box for $9.99, both Full Metal Jacket. Chose the Winchester (instead of two of the Blazer despite them being a better value) because that's mostly what I've shot and because somebody said Winchesters would shoot cleaner anyway. Which would you guys have chosen?


  3. Pn2


    I will chose Blazer cos it runs good in my G 19 than the win wwb, there may be others who chose otherwise.

    Blazer is aluminium, win is brass, so some can chose based on that.
  4. After I posted this, my concealed carry course instructor who's in law enforcement responded that for practice, what's most important is to buy whichever round your weapon will eat consistently as long as they're US-made and not reloads.

    Self/home defense is another story, though. He recommended 9mm Speer Gold Dot 124 Grain 23618. Searched online and found that these cost a lot more than either Winchester or Blazer: 20 round box of Speer costs about the same as 100 round box of W or B. Price difference makes sense considering application. Saving lives makes them worth it.
  5. frontier2011

    frontier2011 Give Me Brass

    I dont think it would make a difference using the expensive speer when you apply the 21 foot rule. If you dont know what the 21 foot rule is then you can google it.
  6. My LGS has 400 rounds of Federal 9mm 115 fmjs in a MTM dry box for $96. I grabbed 2 of them.
  7. Deals? What deals?

    Just bought 150 rounds of Winchester Super-X 2-3/4" 00 Buck XB1200 for $100 from private party via for Mossberg. Found this a competitive price compared to even a couple of years ago.

    Became curious about 9mm FMJ prices for Glock so checked same site and found prices double and sometimes even triple what they were only a year ago. For instance, 9mm Winchester 50-round for $30/box and 250 rd bricks for $100. I mean, c'mon.

    I pity those currently in the market for FMJ.

    Have noticed prices stabilizing recently for everything firearm related, though and am still hoping for better in the next couple of months.
  8. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    Sounds good! :cool:
  9. That post is a year old.
  10. A year old indeed. My point was that unless you have connections, there are no deals on 9mm FMJ even apparently from private parties. Shotgun round deals, on the other hand, aren't difficult to find. The guy I bought from still had another 150 rounds for sale but was a local seller only.
  11. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    What a difference a year makes!!!
  12. Kalmah

    Kalmah Supreme Member

    Unlikely you'll find any deals on the popular calibers (.22, 9mm, .223, etc) on Armslist right now. That's where the scalpers go to sell for twice the price what they just bought at Walmart.
  13. punkglock

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    You're welcome. :supergrin:
  14. NEOH212

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    Right now? With the way things are?

    A deal on ammo?

    You funny!

  15. Ammo deal has become an oxymoron but trees don't grow to the sky.

  16. this is exactly what I had to do, but been having a lot of luck with gunbroker

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