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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by tripp2953, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. I have been shopping online for ammo and I cannot find good deals when you add in shipping.

    50rds - 9mm Federal Champion 115gr. FMJ RN Ammo
    [WM5199] $11.95 (plus $10.14 shipping).

    Not much difference when you buy in bulk.

    So where are the good deals online?

    Any ideas or websites you can recommend?

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  3. You forgot to add the word Glock into your post. Otherwise you risk getting locked down by higher powers. I have found that I can get good ammo for my GLOCK at The key is to have a bunch of sites that you look at and watch for sales.

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  4. Key to looking on line is a site that lets you get shipping charge before ordering. I found one placed with great price but shipping was crazy.
    Cheaperthandirt is usually best deal for what i have looked for, luckygunner was been best a couple of times. Just go to all and sign up for the emails, they will send you something when they put ammo on sale.
  5. I am lucky to get good prices on FMJ ammo at my local Wal-Mart ($20 for 100 9mm and ~$23 for 100 .40 both before tax). They also have no limit on how much I can buy...I asked. However, I have been able to buy in bulk from SG Ammo for right around the same price. .380 ammo and .40 HPJ ammo is cheaper than I can buy locally though. Just placed an order for 200 rounds of .380 ammo for my Mom and 100 rounds of .40 HPJ ammo for myself and spent $100 OTD.
  6. Thanks.
    For my G19 and G20
  7. price u can't beat wally world, but has 5.50 shipping you can't beat that unless you can afford to buy in bulk.
  8. Academy is pretty good too. I bounce back and forth between Walmart and Academy.

    9mm wwb 100 rounds is generally $21.99 at Academy or I get the Remington UMC 250 rounds for $55 at Walmart
  9. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    $110 per 1000 rounds of 9mm 147gr ammo (That's $11.00 per 100).

    From my garage off my Dillon 650.

    Can you say BOOYAH !??!
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  10. Falcon5269

    Falcon5269 NRA LIFE MEMBER

    All good advice when buying ammo online FOR YOUR GLOCK!! lol

    Lucky Gunner is not too bad on S&H but you really have to price around. Some have deals at different times.

    One thing I latched onto a few years ago was a state and ffl dealer in my area who shot alot. He created a list of other shooters in the most popular calibers and would look out for BULK orders on special. He would put out a red flag contact email when a good deal came up and get enough buyers each time to cut the cost.

    Fed 9mm 115 gr FMJ 50 rd box $12 OTD, 40's-155gr FMJ $15 OTD etc. No signing for UPS delivery, tax etc. Not great, but not bad.
  11. What?

    LOL, nevermind. Just googled Dillon 650.
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  12. my local wally world has federal 230 gr fmj 45 acp for 17.97, local gs has some for 18 a box but i can't remember the brand
  13. I've had good luck with
  14. stolenphot0

    stolenphot0 RTF2 Addict

    I picked up Blazer Brass 9mm 124gr for $10.99/50 plus tax. Deal? I dunno, but it was cheaper than Walmart or having some shipped.
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  15. smokintonye

    smokintonye Instructor

    I just got 1,000 rounds of 115gr 9mm FMJ Independance ammo from a local FFL dealer. I walked out paying $9.99 per box of 50/ $213.00 OTD after tax for 1,000.
  16. Fugger... lol :rofl:
  17. I can get 1000 rounds of WWB at my local Academy for $216. Good deal?
  18. smokintonye

    smokintonye Instructor

    $10.99 for 100 rounds? Of brass? Is that a typo?
  19. i got some GLock munchys for my 9mm at bi mart 1000 for 179 umc and 250 45acp for 99
  20. Not bad. I consider $200 and lower to be a good deal for 1000rds of 9mm...
  21. Timing is evrything. I tend to load HEAVILY during the holidays. During Christmas I picked up 2000 rounds of S&B 9mm for 9.99 per 50 count with free shipping. Grabbed some other good deals as well, you just have to look around and be ready to buy when a good deal comes along.

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