Dawsonville money

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Noponer, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Has anyone received his/her random award check yet for Dawsonville?

    It's been a month since the finals & it doesn't usually take this long. I hope there has not been a problem with my mail. :dunno:

    I do not want to call or email them to find out... that would only add to their work.

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  2. They mailed out my montana prize yesterday. If that helps.

  3. Njanear

    Njanear Nagant-ophile

    I did get my 2 year extension card on Monday (random from Dawsonville) but have not seen the $50 check.
  4. I guess the membership extensions are handled by GSSF & the checks come from the accounting department.

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  5. I'm still waiting on my Dawsonville money.
  6. Have not received my D'ville pistol cert yet.
  7. I've gotten nothing yet either..
  8. VJ- I take it you received my e-mail a couple of days ago?
  9. hey, yeah I did, I'm going to visit Glock (once I decide on some NS) and see if they will swap trigger bars. And I'm on the hunt for a reasonable priced '-' connector... Thanks!
  10. I'm still waiting on Marietta. The cert that is. I supplied my social a week ago, shouldn't be much longer.

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  11. yep still waiting on Dawsonville. think they are pretty behind on mailing out prizes for lots of matches. I'll just try not to think about it, it'll get here when it gets here.
  12. Oh, I forgot all about it......
    then I remembered again! :supergrin:

    I'm not desperate - or worried about GSSF; I just wanted to make sure it was not just my mail service. The USPS rarely fails me, but the local carriers can do odd things, sometimes. However, once I did send a priority mail to my in-laws 100 miles away & it arrived about a week later... had been sent to KY for some reason! :dunno:
  13. Roadkill_751

    Roadkill_751 5 or 6 rounds?

    Brittany is still waiting on her check for High Junior Female placement.

    Update: Brittany received her check yesterday.
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  14. My checks arrived today. :supergrin:
  15. Our checks came in today too!
  16. Still waiting on my Pistol Certificates; but it gives me hope that the checks were sent out.
    I guess they will get here when they get here.
  17. I never knew they sent out cards, My son won a 2 year renew at the Jackson NJ event in June of this year. We never got a card in the mail. Should I be worried ?
  18. Njanear

    Njanear Nagant-ophile

    You may want to ask them about it. What you get is an envelope with a GSSF membership letter inside, with the member card at the bottom (with the new expiration date on it) along with another GSSF pistol purchase certificate.
  19. Got my 2 random $50 award checks yesterday (Friday, 10/12/12) for the Dawsonville match.

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