Dawsonville, GA 2013

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Roadkill_751, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Roadkill_751

    Roadkill_751 5 or 6 rounds?

    Well we are less than an month away, so I figure I will start on "Who is going to Dawsonville?" thread.

    So who is going?

    I will be there all weekend, as I will be setting up and tearing down.

    We will have plenty of stages set up. Hopefully things will run smoothly and we have great shooting weather.

    If you wish to RO, please PM me and I will see that you get too.

    Hope to see all of you there!:wavey:


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  3. I'll be there shooting and working. Hope Brittany will feel like giving it a shot?

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  4. GSD17

    GSD17 Thread Killer

    I will be there. I will have my dad with me and possibly another new member in tow.
  5. What kind of event is it? I've never been. I'm not too far away.
  6. I've got a USPSA match on Saturday, so I'll be there Sunday.
  7. It's a GSSF Match check out the info on http://www.gssfonline.com

    It's fun, easy and you'll meet some good people. GSSF also awards random free prizes just for showing up!!!!:wavey:
  8. I'll be there! It's match #2 for me :supergrin:.

    I will be showing up on Friday afternoon in my RV and I hope to meet some of you at the match!

  9. Dr. Rod

    Millennium Member

    Match hotel??
  10. Don At PC

    Don At PC Senior Member
    Millennium Member

    Six of us that are traveling together are staying at the Hampton Inn here:710 Transit Avenue | Canton | GA | United States 30114

    T: 1-770-345-7400 | F: 1-770-345-7401

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  11. I'll be there from set up to tearing down as well on Sunday afternoon, and shooting in sometime in between.

    Match T-shirt design is at Glock for approval, so hopefully we'll have shirts this year, $15 each, so bring some extra cash :supergrin:
  12. Happiness is a T-Shirt! Will be there with another new shooter. Have another obligation and will have to miss Sunday. Look forward to seeing everyone.
  13. I'll leave work Friday and spend night in Commerce Ga. Will drive last little bit Saturday morning, shoot and return home that night. (Will carry all my gear into room Friday night.)

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  14. I will be spending my extra cash at Gibbs Gardens! :tongueout: :rofl:
  15. Ha ha! $15 won't even get you in the door. Or so I'm told

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  16. wlkjr

    I'm a member but have never been to a match. What all's involved?
  17. Roadkill_751

    Roadkill_751 5 or 6 rounds?

    She has been dry firing for practice. Hopefully, after tomorrow the Doctor will lessen the restrictions on he recovery.

    She wants to shoot the match, so that is good!!!!
  18. Dr. Rod

    Millennium Member

    Thanks Don.

  19. If you wish to RO, please PM me and I will see that you get too.

    PM Sent.

  20. Well, Justin, it's only $18 for seniors, so maybe Bryan can find an extra $3! :rofl: :outtahere:

    Sorry, Bryan... I couldn't resist. (I got in for $18.)

    I will not make it to Dawsonville this year... 1st one I have missed there.
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  21. That's an incredibly broad question, but:

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