Dark earth!!

Discussion in 'Update/Upgrade Info Forum' started by 74flatfender, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Got mine yesterday! What about u?

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  4. Can not find any around west palm :-(
    A dealer still looking a Gen4 G23 for me:)
  5. hoghunter82

    hoghunter82 FL Glocker #182

    Shooters Jax (Jacksonville) had a ton of them if you are willing to drive. Saw a LGS in Plant City, FL had some listed on Florida Gun Trader, but he jacked up the price of course.

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  6. 649!!!! I find this alittle Pricy. Why do they want soo much more for colored frames? Im about ready to just get mine duracoated instead.
  7. I paid $520 for a gen 3 G19 in FDE...I know gen 4's might cost a bit more, good grief..
  8. I want one but not that bad--I can wait or not have one honestly. for an almost 33% increase what I can buy gen 3 G19 black in.
    I don't understand why glock is not selling them mainstream though, they are the ones actually making them right?
    Glock was making the OD as well--I would think there is still a market for them.
  9. I was looking all over for a FDE Gen4 G21. Could not find it online. I got lucky and found one at Cabela's in PA. Since I am in NY, I had to ship it to my FFL. Best part was that since NY doesnt have a Cabela's, they did not charge me sales tax.

    But good to know that there are more out there.
  10. Tavman

    Been looking for a gen4 G 17 for over a month. Everyone is sold out!

  11. Check your local Cabela's. The one in Hamburg PA had the G21 and all the other ones as well. Gunbroker has like 5-6 of them.
  12. I just picked up a G23 in FDE. The FDE in Gen 4 is the same as standard Gen4. Should be the same everywhere. THE MSRP is the same for both. As for Gen 4 costing more than a Gen 3, I believe it is because Gen 4 comes standard with 3 Magazines as opposed to only 2 for Gen 3. Now I realize that just because he MSRP's are the same sellers won't try and sell the FDE for more. Was at gun show a few weeks back and several seller's were doing just that. Have patience and look around and you should be able to locate FDE same price as a standard color.
  13. Tavman

    I can get the Gen 4 FDE at Cabellas for $647 or the Standard Gen 4 G17 for $539. I'm not willing to pay Cabella's price just for the FDE frame.
  14. My point was that you should be paying same price for either standard color or FDE. My FDE G23 also cost me 539+tax, same as a standard black at the same shop. Once again though I am not saying a seller won't try to charge a premium if they do look elsewhere.
  15. I paid $549.00 plus tax for my FDE Gen4 G19 a few weeks back. Local FunShop had 3 in stock but no other FDE's at all.
  16. I got my gen 4 g19 on a trade for a gen 4 g17, I think I came out ahead!
  17. I got my FDE Gen 4 17 today for 549. They have gen 3s and 4s in 6 different models. GT Distributors has them and they will ship to your local gun store if you are looking for one.
  18. just got a gen3 23 FDE off gunbroker for 499

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