Dan Wesson RZ-45 Heritage

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Forgoten214, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Whats your guys opinions on this new pistol? This model has everything I am looking for in my next 1911 purchase. I am excited about this pistol. Its a simple design. No front serrations or mag wells or an overload of trademarks to boot. Stainless with nights. Here is the problem, Dan Wesson is only making 200 of them :wow: :crying:. So finding one will be well, NOT easy. The price for one should be around 1 grand give or take. So thats pretty good if you ask me.

    Any thoughts or comments would be gladly appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Loki99

    Loki99 Thats a new one

    Go for it.

    I have a PM-7, Its a great shooter, and the company's service is top notch. If you can find one jump on it. DW 1911s are becoming very popular, and from what I'm hearing don't last long in stock.

  4. It would look better with a rail.

    Lol, now that the blasphemous joke came out, it is seriously on nice looking pistol. I think that DW's 1911's are definitely top tier when it comes to looks. Good luck on finding onw though!
  5. Not sure about the caliber?

    The paragraph refers it to being a 10mm, while the specs by the picture say .45 acp?

    Anyone know for sure which caliber it is going to be?
  6. Its going to be a .45. It says it in the specifications. :wavey:
  7. Read this quote from right under the gun. Maybe someone should proof read these first?

    Due to overwhelming customer demand, the Dan Wesson Firearms Razorback 1911 is returning in one of its most popular confi gurations. The Razorback gets it’s name from the serrated Clark style target rib machined on the top of the slide. Chambered in the powerful 10mm cartridge, the RZ-10 is a very versatile 1911 package suitable for target shooting and handgun hunting of medium sized game such as boar and deer.
  8. Krigloch

    Krigloch BACONEER

    very simple looking. good stuff
  9. Yeah I read that. My guess is that quote is from the RZ-10 series hence they mention RZ-10. I believe it was a comparison to the Heritage. Not an actual description of it. Maybe since the RZ-45 is pretty much the same as the RZ-10 except change in sights and caliber, They where just lazy and copy and pasted the descriptions. Who knows I guess but I would be 99% sure its a 45 ACP. My theorys of course :whistling:
  10. It is indeed a .45. their webpage is wrong.
  11. I have a PM7 and love it. These are some of the best values in 1911 on the market today!
  12. For those that are uninformed:

    This model comes in both 10mm and .45, but if I may give the OP some advice, MAKE SURE YOU you are getting the .45 version as I have heard of people buying what they thought was the .45 version and receiving the 10mm (this was done on purpose by the vendor for the reason described below) - and the unscrupulous vendor not wanting to take the pistol back - "Buyer Beware"

    You will have a terrible time trying to unload the 10mm version of that pistol when you get sick of it - and you will eventually ...
  13. Cobra, what was happening with the 10mm version of the Heritage; did it have reliability issues? Just curious as all I can find are 45 versions.
  14. It is a beautiful and well made pistol, my local dealer has one in .45 for approx $1080.00. Well at least he did a couple of weeks ago.

    Had I not traded one of my SiGs for a Colt Combat Elite, I would have sold the SiG and bought the Heritage.
  15. I own a RZ-45 which is very well fitted, tight, reliable, and nicely finished. I'm quite happy with the RZ-45; it's not my only Dan Wesson pistol, and I will be buying more.
  16. ALL 10mm, with the exception of the PM-7 have been discontinued for 2010. There will be no Heritage 10mm, no CBOBs (or VBOBs), ONLY PM-7 and to California only (off course one get outside of CA - see budsgunshop)
  17. If anyone has a 10mm that they want to unload shoot me the info; thanks!
  18. I have a 2009 Heritage and I love it. It has understated elegance and flawless performance! I use mine for steels, and it has never had a problem, and is quite accurate.

    The 2010 model is even better as it now has a forged frame (for those who care), and much nicer tool steel fire control parts, and DW made small parts machined from barstock.

    I would highly recommend one to you. Also, just to clarify, I thought Keith said that there would be NO 10mm guns made in 2010, not even the PM-7.
  19. Like some on this thread, also have a PM7. Got it used and it was worked on by a well-known local smith who is an artist with 1911's. Its my sweetest shooting .45, but it did have a fantastic trigger job done.
    Aside from putting away the hard-earned cash for reloading supplies to feed the hungry .45's, once the stash gets healthier, am looking at the DW Valor. DW models don't only look good, they shoot even better.
  20. You are correct, 10mm's are unfortunately discontinued; I'm keeping a look out for a good used model.

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